Monday, August 16, 2010

Tournament Update & Other Info.

A quick mail just to thank you all for your participation and effort at last Saturdays Gothenburg tournament which was a resounding success. Huge thanks goes out to the following people for all their help:

Declan Redmond - for coordination of the task list, collecting referees and helping everywhere he could.
Kevin Moorhouse - the brilliant MC, getting the BBQ organised and generally being the go to guy, a great end to his retirement from Gothenburg GAA.
Catherine Hayes - for getting loads of men off their asses and helping with the tent, benches, goalposts, doing the blind date (which was a huge success) AND playing a great game of football in the mixed games.
Niall O Connor - for doing all the paperwork and Jakey Prentice for helping with the goalposts (and eating the burgers).

It showed that with a good framework and good people anything is possible and that we all need to help and contribute to make this club a continued success.

Match reports and photos from the day will go up on the club website shortly but in short a great day of heart and determination from a great group of lads. We just couldn't keep it going in the final...

The future: next stop now is the Europeans rounds. Budapest in September and Munich in October. We need to decide which we are going to and what our plans are for the future. Can we have a meeting in the next 3 weeks (possibly at a licensed premises??)

Training: irrespective of our future plans, we still need to train. No training this Tuesday or Thursday - need a chance for the sore muscles to recover but training will resume with physical training next Tuesday 23rd August in Slottskogen with Caz and training that Thursday 25th in Partille ....

Irish Society: we need to start getting some ideas in about the proposed Irish Society of Gothenburg and how we 'll get by the winter months without the GAA!!! ALL ideas welcome ------ !!!!

Stockholm Gaels win 4th round of the Scandinavian Championship

Congratulations to Stockholm Gaels on winning the 4th round of the Scandinavian Championship.

More to follow.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Training Update

There will be Football training this evening in Partille @ 19:00.

Nils Ericson Terminalen -> Fjällbo (Buss 59)
Avgång Ankomst
18:15 18:37
18:45 19:07

14th August - TimeTable for Bus

Linje Från/Till Tid Information
Buss 59
Nils Ericson Terminalen Avg: 08:17 Mot: Jonsered
Fjällbo Läge B Ank: 08:37

Buss 59
Nils Ericson Terminalen Avg: 09:17 Mot: Jonsered
Fjällbo Läge B Ank: 09:37

Spårvagn 7
Centralstationen Läge B Avg: 09:40 Mot: Bergsjön
Bellevue Läge B Ank: 09:49
Buss 59
Bellevue Läge D Avg: 09:59 Mot: Jonsered
Fjällbo Läge B Ank: 10:07

Buss 59
Nils Ericson Terminalen Avg: 10:15 Mot: Jonsered
Fjällbo Läge B Ank: 10:37

14th August - Transport to the Venue

From Centralstationen: Bus number 59, towards Jonsered. Get off at stop “Fjällbo” and follow the bus. You should see the pitch on your right.

From Partille Centrum: Bus number 59, towards Centralstationen or 514 towards Bergsjön. Get off at stop “Jennyhill”, and follow the bus. You should see the pitch on your left.
See for further information.

By car: Take the E20 towards Partille, just outside Gothenburg. Take off against Partille Center. The first roundabout towards Bergsjön/Utby. In the second roundabout continue left towards Bergsjön/Utby. Continue straight ahead in the third. On the left side is Mellby industrial area. Take off the field direction Mellby left in the fourth roundabout. Follow the road to recovery facility. Turn right onto the gravel and follow the fence until you see a järnbom. From here you can see the clubhouse and rugby plan.

2010 Scandinavian Championships, Round 4, Gothenburg, 14th August

Schedule for Saturday
10.30 Gothenburg -v- Stockholm
11.00 Malmo -v- Oslo
11.30 Copenhagen -v- Gothenburg
12.00 Stockholm -v- Malmo
12.30 Oslo -v- Copenhagen
13.00 Gothenburg -v- Malmo
13.30 Stockholm -v- Oslo
14:00 Malmo -v- Copenhagen
14.30 Oslo -v- Gothenburg
15.00 Copenhagen -v- Stockholm
15.30 Mixed Game
16.15 Champ Final