Wednesday, December 8, 2010

GAA Christmas Night Out - 18th December - Update

Hello again
just to let you know that beach volleyball has been booked for the 18th December between 16:00 & 18:00. We have booked 2 courts for 2 hours. Most of the cost will be covered by the club so the more people that come, the cheaper it is. So please let me know if you are coming. Need to tell them the day before if we have to cancel.
A few bevvies, a good workout, then straight onto a session.
Details on where it is ( in Hogsbo ) to follow later

Monday, December 6, 2010

GAA Christmas Night Out - 18th December

Hey all,
just a quick one to say that Christmas GAA night out is planned for 18th December - most people went for this date. How about playing beach volleyball in the afternoon followed by a themed night of " The 12 pubs of Christmas " ..let me know soonest if you are interested in the volleyball .... any other suggestions? Please let other people know that i may have missed on the mailing list

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gothenburg GAA Newsletter November 2010

Hello all
Just a quick update on current GAA happenings and other stuff :

Guys and gals - I know it is cold but training continues in Slottskogen every Tuesday evening with Caz. Meeting at car park at 6:15 p.m.. There are a few things are in the pipelines for training in January and February: a boot camp weekend to build up our fitness. We will resume our timed runs like last year when we resume training in Skatas in the New Year.

Euro GAA Convention
The Euro GAA convention is on in Stockholm on Dec 4th. Before that there will be a conference call with all the Nordic clubs to see what agenda items can be put forward which are in the best interests of Scandinavian GAA. Likewise, it would be great if we had Gothenburg GAA represented at the conference. I need to submit names by next Wed as to who or how many are going (its usually 2 per club). Let me know if you 'd like to go. If you feel like adding an agenda item, please feel free

GAA Christmas night out
Its that time of year again. Our annual Christmas night out. There was not much of a turn out for the last one so lets have a bit of a hooly for this one. The suggested dates are Dec 3rd or 4th or Dec 17/18. Dec 10th/11th seem to be a no-go for some people. Let us know what dates suit and we'll go with the one that suits best .

New members
Gotheburg GAA would like to welcome new member Colm Keller to the Club. A native of Westport, Mayo. Colm has played inter-county hurling for Mayo so will be a great addition to the proposed Viking Gaels panel for next year as well as the football panel. Welcome, big man!

Irish Society
We are still looking for a venue for the Irish Society but in the meantime, we should appoint an Irish society committee and see will how we propose to get things off the ground. We have musicians, we have the GAA and we have Paddy's Day next year. Wouldn't that be a great day to launch the society. Lets see if its something we can work on, get our heads together and see what we can come up with - any dates for a planned meeting? Lets have something before we all break for the Christmas.

Is mise le meas
Billy Finn
Gothenburg GAA club

Monthly Gothenburg GAA Newsletter - Oct 2010

Just a quick newsflash on current happenings going on in the world of Gothneburg GAA.

ECB Convention 2010
Tomorrow Monday we will know whether we have been awarded the convention for European GAA this year. If we have been, it will mean help with some volunteers on the weekend of Dec 4th and 5th. This will mean all European GAA officials will visit our city. A great showcase for Nordic GAA.Fingers crossed!

Maastricht Championship Nov 6th 2010
The final Pan-European shield competition takes place in Maastricht on Nov 6th. This promises to be a huge affair with action taking place over 6 pitches on Maastrichts own GAA pitch complex. The president of the GAA will also be in attendance. As we did not attend Budapest, are we in a position to attend Maastricht? If we did attend we would fly to Amsterdam and drive down to Maastricht. Let us know what you think and then we can make a decision.

Physical training will continue with Caz every Tuesday. Time is dependent on Caz so contact her directly if attending. This is not part of Gothenburg GAA, just for people who want to get fit and stay fit.

However, we will have hurling training this thursday evening at 6:15 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. out in Partille or if it is more convenient we can meet in Slottskogen in the big green area for 6 p.m.. I'll bring the hurleys. Let me know who wants to attend!

New club in Scandinavia
Its looking very likely now that there will be a new club joining the Scandinavian championship next year. Helsinki look set to join the fray. All going well they will be set to be ratified at the ECB convention. Another place to visit!

Annual Scandinavian championship
With the onset of more clubs now in Scandinavia , it has been decided that there there will be a trophy for the Scandinavian championship that we can all play for every year. Gothenburg GAA will contribute to the cost of the trophy and as the idea was mooted by Stockholm GAA, a decision was taken to call it the Aherne trophy, in memory of John Aherne.

John passed away tragically whilst visiting his friend and Stockholm Gaels corner-back Karl Lambert in Stockholm around St Patrick’s Day 2008. They have contacted his family and they are delighted that we would choose to remember John in this way.

Stockholm Hurling exhibition
Gothenburg GAA are also planning to close out the season in style and introduce the game of hurling to the unsuspecting Stockholm public on October 30th at Östermalms IP. As is normal in Europe, we will play 11 v 11, most likely a Gaels side taking on a Rest of Scandinavia XI. If there is enough interest from the ladies sections, there will also be an exhibition game for them at half-time.

This will be hopefully be followed by a reception hosted by the Ambassador to Sweden Mr Donal Hamill. The reception is planned for the new embassy here in Stockholm, should that not be available, alternative arrangements will be made. At the reception, Mr Hamill will present the medals and trophies for the Scandinavian Championship and the Ambassador Cup.

Stockholm GAA have also said that if cost is an issue for anyone , their members will provide a couch or spare bed for those travelling. Otherwise, we can stay in the hostel that we stayed in last time.

Please let me know ASAP whether you intend to go or not so we can make arrangements. For those travelling , we have loads of hurleys to break.

Alliance with Swedish Landhockey Federation
Gothenburg GAA is pleased to announce an alliance with the Swedish Ladies Landhockey association. This is part of the Idrottsforbundet and as an affiliation to them, it increases both our chances and their chances for getting funding from the government for our respective organisations. It also opens up the avenue for both them and us to try our respective sports.

Other events
If you would like to contribute with any news or other social events that you think members of Gothenburg GAA would like to know about, please let me or Declan know and we can include in the monthly newsletter

Thanking you
Billy Finn
Gothenburg GAA Club

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Training Tonight

Due to snow and darkness we will meet a little earlier. Please meet me at the car park at 18.15 to start! We will be finished by 1915. Please contact Caz if you are coming, before 17:00 so she knows who to expect and to also know to text if it is canceled due to weather.

Tack. Enjoy the first day of snow! :-)

P.S. It was a great session last week with Caz, Peter, Eoin and Catherine. Come along tonight as it will be just as much fun, even if it is snowing! :-)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tournament Update & Other Info.

A quick mail just to thank you all for your participation and effort at last Saturdays Gothenburg tournament which was a resounding success. Huge thanks goes out to the following people for all their help:

Declan Redmond - for coordination of the task list, collecting referees and helping everywhere he could.
Kevin Moorhouse - the brilliant MC, getting the BBQ organised and generally being the go to guy, a great end to his retirement from Gothenburg GAA.
Catherine Hayes - for getting loads of men off their asses and helping with the tent, benches, goalposts, doing the blind date (which was a huge success) AND playing a great game of football in the mixed games.
Niall O Connor - for doing all the paperwork and Jakey Prentice for helping with the goalposts (and eating the burgers).

It showed that with a good framework and good people anything is possible and that we all need to help and contribute to make this club a continued success.

Match reports and photos from the day will go up on the club website shortly but in short a great day of heart and determination from a great group of lads. We just couldn't keep it going in the final...

The future: next stop now is the Europeans rounds. Budapest in September and Munich in October. We need to decide which we are going to and what our plans are for the future. Can we have a meeting in the next 3 weeks (possibly at a licensed premises??)

Training: irrespective of our future plans, we still need to train. No training this Tuesday or Thursday - need a chance for the sore muscles to recover but training will resume with physical training next Tuesday 23rd August in Slottskogen with Caz and training that Thursday 25th in Partille ....

Irish Society: we need to start getting some ideas in about the proposed Irish Society of Gothenburg and how we 'll get by the winter months without the GAA!!! ALL ideas welcome ------ !!!!

Stockholm Gaels win 4th round of the Scandinavian Championship

Congratulations to Stockholm Gaels on winning the 4th round of the Scandinavian Championship.

More to follow.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Training Update

There will be Football training this evening in Partille @ 19:00.

Nils Ericson Terminalen -> Fjällbo (Buss 59)
Avgång Ankomst
18:15 18:37
18:45 19:07

14th August - TimeTable for Bus

Linje Från/Till Tid Information
Buss 59
Nils Ericson Terminalen Avg: 08:17 Mot: Jonsered
Fjällbo Läge B Ank: 08:37

Buss 59
Nils Ericson Terminalen Avg: 09:17 Mot: Jonsered
Fjällbo Läge B Ank: 09:37

Spårvagn 7
Centralstationen Läge B Avg: 09:40 Mot: Bergsjön
Bellevue Läge B Ank: 09:49
Buss 59
Bellevue Läge D Avg: 09:59 Mot: Jonsered
Fjällbo Läge B Ank: 10:07

Buss 59
Nils Ericson Terminalen Avg: 10:15 Mot: Jonsered
Fjällbo Läge B Ank: 10:37

14th August - Transport to the Venue

From Centralstationen: Bus number 59, towards Jonsered. Get off at stop “Fjällbo” and follow the bus. You should see the pitch on your right.

From Partille Centrum: Bus number 59, towards Centralstationen or 514 towards Bergsjön. Get off at stop “Jennyhill”, and follow the bus. You should see the pitch on your left.
See for further information.

By car: Take the E20 towards Partille, just outside Gothenburg. Take off against Partille Center. The first roundabout towards Bergsjön/Utby. In the second roundabout continue left towards Bergsjön/Utby. Continue straight ahead in the third. On the left side is Mellby industrial area. Take off the field direction Mellby left in the fourth roundabout. Follow the road to recovery facility. Turn right onto the gravel and follow the fence until you see a järnbom. From here you can see the clubhouse and rugby plan.

2010 Scandinavian Championships, Round 4, Gothenburg, 14th August

Schedule for Saturday
10.30 Gothenburg -v- Stockholm
11.00 Malmo -v- Oslo
11.30 Copenhagen -v- Gothenburg
12.00 Stockholm -v- Malmo
12.30 Oslo -v- Copenhagen
13.00 Gothenburg -v- Malmo
13.30 Stockholm -v- Oslo
14:00 Malmo -v- Copenhagen
14.30 Oslo -v- Gothenburg
15.00 Copenhagen -v- Stockholm
15.30 Mixed Game
16.15 Champ Final

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Training Update

Training has been ongoing throughout July. I know its the holiday season etc. but the turnout has been abysmal. It is the same few showing up all the time. The tournament is on August 14th and we have all yet to get together for one session. The schedule of training is as follows:

Tuesday 27th July (Physical training) Slottskogen 6.45pm
Thursday 29th July (Skills and Practice) Spartacus /Partille 7pm
Wed August 4th (Physical training) Slottskogen 6.45pm
Thursday 5th August (Skills and Practice) Spartacus/Partille 7pm
Tuesday 10th August (Skills/Practice/Physical) Slottskogen 6.45pm

Please make and effort to attend!

Tournament August 14th

Plans are moving along nicely for the tournament behind the scenes. A mail with all the information will go out later next week with all the relevant info. If you could all do a small favour and look out for small prizes. We hope to hold a raffle on the night to raise funds for the club so any small donation (bottle of wine/food) anything from your company or yourselves would be greatly appreciated. More details to follow and all help on the day would be greatly appreciated.

4 ladies have confirmed from Gothenburg for August 14th. Please confirm as soon as you can whether you will attend as there is a need to confirm numbers for catering/lunch packs etc. Same for the lads, can you confirm your attendance or otherwise to Billy or Declan as soon as you can. The following people have confirmed : Niall/David Burke/Peter Baston/Moises/Billy/Declan/

2 sanctioned GAA referees will be travelling to our tournament (Martin O Donnell & Mick Cryan).

Guys, a reason we need to get together and train is a review of the standings as they are after the Oslo round. We are plum last on 29pts - we are tied with Copenhagen but they have won more head to heads. Despite heroic efforts at all the tournaments so far, we find ourselves trailing. A good Gothenburg tournament and we can find ourselves right back in the mix. Come on lets put in the effort!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Training Update

There will be Football training this evening in Partille @ 19:00. After training there will be a short meeting in the club house to go through the task list for our home tournament on August 14th.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Training Update

There will be physical training in Slottskogen this evening (Tuesday). Meet in usual car park at 18:50, ready to go for 19:00.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Other news

All, we need another fund-raising event and I mean immediately. If we are travelling to Budapest and for other events, we need funding immediately. We had a meeting some weeks back where this was discussed but nothing really has come about.

Club news
Newcomers - Well done to James Prentice and Mezzam Farazeh who played in their first tournament last weekend in Malmö. Well done lads!!!!
Condolences - Our condolences from Gothenburg GAA to Catherine Hayes on the loss of her grandmother. Darbh bhreis ar a hainm.
New fathers - Congratulations to David Burke and Tom Lehane on becoming new fathers recently. Its all over now lads!!!

Oslo Round July 12th

Lads, if anyone is interested in travelling to Oslo for round 3 of the Scandinavian championship, please get in contact immediately. As a team, we are not attending based on discussions but Copenhagen said they will combine with us for the day. Looks like it will be a one day trip i.e. up and down same day and you could hook up with Copenhagen on their way through Gothenburg. Please let it be known by next Wednesday at the latest.

Gothenburg Tournament (Aug 14)

We need to have a meeting to discuss the plans for this tournament and what needs to be done.The pitch is booked but that s about it. We can discuss this at training next Thursday. 5 teams will be attending (based on discussions with all the other teams as of last Saturday). There will be a final draft of the information pack. Just waiting on final confirmation from the Dubliners that they can take the function afterwards. Tournament fee will be 250 SEK. Think we also need to add bank account details so we get money before the day.

There will also be a ladies game on the day so ladies, lets start turning up for training and have a good day. It will be a combined Gothenburg/Copenhagen/Malmo -v- Stockholm side.


Training recommences on Thursday July 1st at 7pm at Spartacus rugby grounds in Partille.We have 5/6 weeks to the Gothenburg round and we need to get it going again and put in a good effort.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tournament Update

Well done to Stockholm Gaels on winning Round 2 of the Scandinavian Gaelic Football Championship over the weekend and thanks to Malmö GAA Club for a well run tournament.

More information to follow.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Malmö Tournament Update

Below is the information document for the Malmö Tournament on Saturday. We should receive the draw later today to see who we are playing in first game. We will discuss it further at training tonight.

Round 2 Scandinavian Championship

Malmö – June 19th 2010

Welcome to the 2nd round of this years Scandinavian Championship in Malmö.

We hope the following information will be of help to you during your visit to Malmö!

  1. Weather

Previous forecasts have given sunny weather & 24 C for Saturday, this latest one give some rain during the day. We do hope it will improve.

  1. Cost & currency
    1. Tournament costs as follows:

i. 250 SEK (registration, lunch, dinner)

ii. 150 SEK (registration & lunch only)

iii. 150 SEK (lunch & dinner only)

Payment to be made in cash SEK on the day. If you wish to make a bank transfer in advance please contact the club directly.

    1. 1.00 SEK = 0.82 NOK & 0.78 DKK

  1. Transport & Venue

Our pitch (marked with O’Neills ball) is located beside last years pitch. Parking is available directly behind. Dressing rooms are located approx 500 metres from the pitch so please allow time to arrive, register and change. There are dug-outs available near the pitch in case of rain.

Malmö Maulers AFC are playing a game on Saturday morning on the adjacent pitch. The Maulers will operate a bar & BBQ on the day.

Transport – Bus number 32 serves Limhamnsvägen from Central Station.

Bus 32 goes in 2 directions from central station so please take the bus towards Ön (mot Ön) – there are 2 separate bus stops for 32 outside central station.

To the pitch: Buses run every 30 minutes on Saturday 12 & 42 minutes past the hour. The stop to get off is Norrdmannagatan – you will see pitches on right hand side.

To the Centre: Buses run every 30 minutes on Saturday 01 & 31 minutes past the hour.

Malmö buses operate a flat fare of 18 SEK per journey.

  1. Teams & Games
    1. The men’s sides are Malmö, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm & Oslo. Unfortunately there will be no ladies game.
    2. Please see email to follow for details of match draw & line/umpire duty.
    3. Poc Fada Competition - Malmö GAA Club is proud to announce Sweden’s first (we think) poc fada competition! Please bring your own hurls if you can.
    4. Match schedule will be similar to Copenhagen. The Poc Fada “Poc-off” will replace the ladies game as an interval before the final.
  2. Water

There is a public water point near the pitch. A 25 litre container will be in use on the day to have water at pitch side.

  1. Evening meal

The evening meal will be held at Harry’s pub @ 14 Storgatan. Approx 7 minutes walk from Central Station…. 10 with stiff legs J

The meal will consist of a buffet of Pasta, Salads, chicken wings etc.

The meal is at 19:00 approx.

Presentations / Awards after the meal.

  1. Contact: Your Malmö point-of-contact on the day will be our club treasurer Gavin Turley +46739437751

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Malmö Tournament Update

The following people have confirmed they will be travelling to the next round of the Scandinavian Tournament in Malmö on June 19th:
Billy/Declan/Adrian/Niall/David/Stephen/Jakey/Eoin/Keith (provisional)

Our goalie Phil from the last day will meet us down there, and we also hope to have Eamonn who played corner forward.
We need to aim to be down there for around 10:00 for registration; so we will meet outside the Dubliner at 07:15 and be on the road by 07:30 at the latest. It's starting earlier this year than last year because there are more teams in it. I know it's an early start for a Saturday morning but ye can sleep on the way down.

Two rooms have been booked in a hostel called STF Vandrarhem which is located in the the city centre. The price include bed linen but there is the option to bring your own. If you want to bring your own linen there will be a reduction off the above prices. Sleeping bags are not allowed though. More information about the hostel can be found at:
Click on 'Bilder' to see some photographs of the hostel.

Petrol costs:
150 SEK per person

Tournament Fees:
The tournament fees will be paid for by the club.

Finally, let's go down a show these guys what we're made of! We can be the best team in Scandinavia again if we put our minds to it. See you all at football training Thursday night, on the pitch for 19:00. And don't forget physical training this evening (tues) in Slottskogen, meet in same carpark at 19:00.

Away trip to Malmö Tournament

Gothenburg GAA will be away in Malmö the weekend of the 19th for the 2nd round of the Scandinavian GAA Football Championship.

The tournament kicks off @ 10:00 on 19th June 2010 in Ribban Pitches (Limhamnsfältet Idrottsplats, Grönvångsgatan, Malmö).
The Teams Competing are the following:
Mens: Copenhagen, Malmö, Gothenburg, Oslo, and Stockholm
Ladies: Copenhagen Vs Gothenburg/Stockholm (friendly)

If you are in Malmö that weekend, why not swing by and support your team.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Agenda for Meeting

General Meeting:
Due to unacceptable training attendances, poor commitment and general lack of interest we feel it is necessary for everyone to attend a meeting after training next Thursday evening June 3rd at 8pm in the club house at the Partille training facilities.

The Agenda topics that need to be discussed are:

1) Training Attendance & General Commitment by players
We need to determine if everyone is prepared to give a better commitment to ensure the survival of Gothenburg GAA club. There were only two male players at training on Thursday night last week and one on Tuesday night. We will not win anything, or even be competitive, if we continue like this.
We are all aware that we are struggling with numbers this year so it is even more important that the existing players we have give a better commitment to the team, the club, training and tournaments.
The time for excuses is over! It's now make or break time for the club. We are either going to pull together and make the remainder of this year a success or we can postpone all events and training sessions for this year and inform the European GAA board of our intentions.

2) Upcoming Scandinavian Tournament in Malmö
On Thursday night we need to decide who will be travelling to Malmö on June 19th and decide how many nights we will stay. We also need to decide the best method of collecting the required fees and costs for this and upcoming tournaments.

3)Fund-raising & Sponsorship
There were loads of ideas and enthusiasm about fund-raising when we had our last meeting at the beginning of the year. Apart from the St. Patrick's Day draw, we have not been very successful in raising funds and/or sponsorship for the club. Whatever the reasons are for this it is now in the past and we need to look forward. A fund-raising committee will be established during the meeting and a set of tasks drawn up with Due Dates and Persons Responsible. Some of the tasks will be as follows:

a) Hold a meeting with The Dubliner before June 19th to discuss the situation and obtain the funding that has been pledged.
b) Organise fund-raising social night in the Portuguese Club.
c) Plan fund-raising events for July and August (to assist with the payment of our own tournament in August and the proposed trip to Budapest later in the year).

4) Our own Tournament on August 15th
As this cannot be done by one person we need to select an organising committee to ensure this is will be a success. The elected committee will draw up a similar set of tasks to the fundraising tasks above, again with Due Dates and Responsible Persons for each task.

5) New Players
We need to discuss briefly what more can be done to get more players. All ideas are welcome.

6) AOB (any other business)
Here you will have the opportunity to air your views on any issues you have with the club, training, facilities, tournaments, fees & costs, fundraising, etc.

We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday evening.

Is mise le meas,
Billy Finn & Declan Redmond
Chairman & Secretary Gothenburg GAA

Meeting Tonight

Hi all,
there will be a meeting held on Thursday night June 3rd at 8pm, just after training, where a number of important items need to be discussed. Attached is the agenda. Please confirm your attendance.
Declan Redmond.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Other info

Other info to consider .

We need to establish a tournament organising committee for the hosting of round 4 of the Scandinavian Football Championship here in Gothenburg on August 15th. There is a lot of stuff to do to co-ordinate and we want to keep the standards we set last year. I suggest we hold a meeting in the next two weeks to discuss this and other items like sponsorship/fund-raising/future plans ...all date suggestions welcome !!

On other news, Declan Redmond has agreed to take over the duties of secretary of the club from Karol Mullally who has moved to Stockholm. Thanks Karol for all your hard work !!!

Malmö Tournament June 19th

As round 2 is not very far away , it would be appreciated it if you could let it be known as soon as possible of your intention to travel to the tournament. We need a bigger travelling squad as last Saturday illustrated. Hope to book accomodation soon and if anyone has no objections, I will see can I book the place we stayed in last year. I would suggest we travel down early on the Saturday morning this time and stay the Saturday night. We could leave around 07:00 and be there for 10:00.

Likewise, we need to get more girls out training and learning the game. Its a great chance to play two tournaments in the near future and keeping fit. We need at least 5 or 6 girls from Gothenburg GAA to field a combined Scandinavian team .... lets go, girls !!!!


No time to rest now though. Our stamina really kicked in in Match 3 and 4. We need to kick on from here and work even more on stamina . Therefore, I really would appreciate it now that as many people as possible attend training Tuesdays in Slottskogen (18:30 meet - 18:45 start as usual) to continue with our fitness. Malmö is less than 4 weeks away and all teams will be working now on their stamina. Football practice continues as normal on Thursday nights at 19:00 in Spartacus Rugby pitch .

Tournament Update

Want to say a big thank you to all the guys and girl who travelled for the 1st round of the Scandinavian Football Championship in Copenhagen last weekend. In a scorching hot day in energy-sapping conditions, we performed very well in 3 of our 4 games. For those who weren't there, the scores were as follows :

Match 1 - Gothenburg 1-6 Oslo 0-0
Match 2 - Gothenburg 0-2 Copenhagen 2-7
Match 3 - Gothenburg 0-4 Malmö 0-5
Match 4 - Gothenburg 1-1 Stockholm 1-8 .

We just didn't play for match 2 but overall, we put up a great show against eventual winners Malmö and Stockholm considering we had just 7 regular players and an Aussie who never played the game before!!

Full marks to Mia Bira who represented Gothenburg with pride in a Copenhagen -v- Gothenburg/Stockholm friendly match on the day. I also want to remind people of Catherine Hayes disappointment that she could not attend the tournament at the weekend. She sustained a heavy knock to the head in training last Thursday night and thank God, after a visit to the hospital, she was released and is now recovering.Hurry back ,Catherine !!

Full match reports will be put up shortly on the website!!

Is mise le meas
Liam O Finn
Gothenburg Cumainn Luachas Gaiel

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tournament Results

Well done to Copenhagen GAA on organising a good tournament and congratulations to Malmö GAA on winning the 1st round of the Scandinavian GAA Football Championship 2010. Here are the (provisional) results:

Malmö 0-05 - 0-04 Copenhagen
Gothenburg 1-06 - 0-00 Oslo
Stockholm 1-06 - 1-03 Malmö
Copenhagen 3-07 - 0-01 Gothenburg
Oslo 0-01 - 1-07 Stockholm
Malmö 0-5 - 0-4 Gothenburg
Copenhagen 3-04 - 0-00 Oslo
Gothenburg 1-01 - 1-09 Stockholm
Oslo 0-01 - 0-07 Malmö
Stockholm 0-06 - 0-03 Copenhagen
Malmö 0-06 - 0-02 Stockholm

Copenhagen Ladies 5-05 - 1-02 Sweden Ladies

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Training Update

Training continues outdoors Thursdays at Spartacus Rugby Pitch in Melbyfjaltet in Partille at 19:00 sharp. We need to be on the pitch ready to go for 19:00. The no 59 leaves from Nils Ericson Terminalen at 18.15 and gets to Fjällbo at 18.37 get this one if you can.

Avgång Ankomst Restid Trafikslag
17:44 18:07 00:23 Buss 59
18:15 18:37 00:22 Buss 59
18:45 19:07 00:22 Buss 59

Tournament Update

Hello all,
the tournament is finally upon us. Here below are the general details as regards the days events and other info.

Declan/Adrian/Keith/Stephen/Eoin/Victor/Billy/Ryan/Mia/Catherine/Jakey/Marcus is provisionally coming but wont know until tomorrow afternoon

We have the following accommodation booked for the Friday night only -
Hotel Jorgensen
Roemersgade 11
1362 Copenhagen

The accomodation works out thus:
3 double rooms with private/shower and toilet - 800 DKK per room (1000 SEK)
1 double room with extra bed private shower and toilet : 1000 DKK (1300 SEK)
1 triple room with external shower and toilet : 900 DKK (1170 SEK)

Other costs :
The Euro registration fee per person for the tournament is 260 SEK (as included in the attached file, this fee covers registration costs water, lunch - sandwich and drink & evening meal. The evening meal is set for 18:00 to 18:30, please advise by tomorrow evening if you won't stay for the meal. This will mean a reduction in costs per person.

Other costs to include unfortunately are the bridge (100 SEK per person one way so 200 SEK for the trip). This is based on 3 cars with 4 occupants - cost of the bridge is 400 SEK per car one way. Petrol costs per car also, I would say 200 SEK to be given to the driver before the trip commences.

The GAA club will attempt to subsidise some part of the trip either the registration fee or accomodation .

Other information :
Please note that we need to pay for the accomodation the morning after. Everyone pays per room so please note what room you are staying in. We had fierce problems last year with this hotel with people not paying and others were saddled with the debt. So, please pay the morning after.

We will leave Friday evening as soon as possible after 17:30 ( no later than 6pm)We will meet at/outside The Dubliner and proceed from there.

The pitch we are playing at is located in at
Arsenalvej 2
Holmens Idraet
1436 Kobenhavn K

It is very central and close to Kristiana (so stay off the spliffs) otherwise, lets HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND and Lets Compete !!!!!
PS Catherine and Mia , the ladies match is Gothenburg/Stockholm versus Copenhagen ....!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Copenhagen Tournament

The Copenhagen tournament is upcoming on 22nd May. Pending names, we need to book accommodation very soon. Suggestion is to stay in the same place (Hotel Jorgensen) as we did last year. However, due to financial constraints it now looks more likely we will travel down on the Friday night and just stay one night. We will leave then directly after the meal on Saturday evening. This is of course up to you. Pending conversations from Stockholm, the following people are more or less committed to travel:
Male : Billy/Declan/Keith/Adrian Kelly/Eoin O Broin/Victor/Stephen Gorman
Female : Mia/Catherine Hayes (possibly)

As you can see, we are struggling for numbers this season. For those of you who have not been around so far, please advise of your willingness or otherwise to attend. For the new guys, thanks so much for showing up.

On the ladies front, the good news is that there will definitely be a combined Nordics team in Copenhagen so there will be a separate ladies tournament. So come on ladies, what better motivation than your own tournament? We will go through basic skills and rules when you attend but now we need you to be there!!!

The fee for the tournament is expected to be around 30 Euro per person but this is subject to confirmation. This fee includes registration fee, isotonic drink, fruit and your evening meal. Will confirm when Copenhagen pass on the final details.

Membership Fees

Guys and gals, very few people have paid their membership so far this year. If you have not, please do so immediately. May 15th is now the deadline. Please pay as soon as you can. Bank details are on the website so please use this avenue and your name as reference so we can see who has paid. We need to pay Spartacus for use of their facilities this year out of the membership fee hence the urgency for payment.

Compromised Rules Match

There will be a compromised rules match against the Berserkers very soon. Details are being finalised but this will be a fund raising event also. The match will either be in Slottskogen or Partille so keep an eye out for details.

Training Update

Training recommences outdoors next Thursday 6th May at Spartacus Rugby Pitch in Melbyfjaltet in Partille at 19:00 sharp. We need to be on the pitch ready to go for 19:00. The no 59 leaves from Nils Ericson Terminalen at 18.15 and gets to Fjällbo at 18.37 get this one if you can.

Avgång Ankomst Restid Trafikslag
17:44 18:07 00:23 Buss 59
18:15 18:37 00:22 Buss 59
18:45 19:07 00:22 Buss 59

Physical Training

There is physical training tonight with Caz at 18.30 in Slottskogen. Meeting @ 18.30 and ready to go for 18.45.Your attendance is requested.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Training and Other News

Next session is this evening (Tuesday 27th) in Slottskogen. Meet at 18:30 @ Linneplatsen tramstop, ready to go for 18:45. More ball-work tomorrow night as I'm sure we all need it.

This will be one of our last sessions in Slottskogen. We resume field training on Thursday May 6th and every Thursday thereon in. This has been confirmed after a meeting we had with Spartacus rugby club this evening. Due to demands on the pitch, the only time we can train is 19:00 to 20.30. Therefore, its imperative that we are ready to go for 19:00 and on the pitch. The directions to Spartacus Rugby club in Partille are on the website.

On another point, we may have the possibility of having our own pitch by the end of the year. This is under discussion/investigation and we could have some news shortly.


We need more funds, there is no two ways about it. We need ideas and fast. A race night is still on the table, we are just waiting on a date which we hope will be before May 22nd (our next tournament date in Copenhagen). We need you, the players, to be proactive in getting funds into the club so every trip away is not expensive for you and to have a good financial base so we can do other stuff as well .....

New Players / Members

We are always on the lookout for new players. After Saturday's showing, it is vital we get some new blood otherwise it will be a tough year for us in Scandinavia and Europe. Please, please everyone make a concerted effort to recruit some new people. Its the best game in the world....!!!

Stockholm match / weekend

Just want to say a big thank you to everyone's efforts for the game last Saturday in Stockholm. Although the result didn't go our way, it has raised the level of exposure of GAA in Sweden. I'm sure you'll agree that Stockholm have a great set up and support base and by Saturdays efforts will be a serious force in the coming year. Tremendous praise to all our players (especially the girls!!) who contributed so handsomely to a memorable day. It was tough going out there especially in the first half but the second half was a much more truer reflection of what we re about, heart and pride. We'll discuss the game at training on Tuesday night.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stockholm Gaels -v- Gothenburg GAA Update

Stockholm Gaels won the game on Saturday, defeating Gothenburg GAA by 6-16 to 3-7.

Despite the scoreline, it wasn’t all one-way traffic and for long periods Gothenburg GAA made it very tough. Eventually the depth of the Stockholm bench paid dividends and saw the capital city’s team overcome their more experienced rivals.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Travel Reminder for tonight

Meet outside The Dubliner from 17.30 onwards.
Leaving Gothenburg no later than 18:00.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Paris Linesman Wittberg To Throw in Ball for Stockholm Gaels First Game

Stockholm Gaels are delighted to announce that Stefan Wittberg – the linesman that missed Thierry Henry’s handball in Paris during Ireland’s World Cup play-off in November – will throw the ball in to start the first-ever game of Gaelic Football in Östermalms IP, Stockholm on Saturday April 24 at 1230.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Stockholm GAA website

Link to Stockholm Gaels website.
There is a good write up about the upcoming match.

Training Tuesday 20 April @ 18.45 @ Slottskogen

Training Tuesday night in Slottskogen at the earlier time of 18.45.
Meet at the tramstop at Linneplatsen at 18.30 ready to go for 18.45.
Great session last Tuesday with Caz, lets keep it up.
Should be on grass by last week in April/first week in May.
See you all Tuesday.

Plans for Stockholm Trip

Hi all it all is. Below are the plans and information about the Stockholm trip next weekend.
Attendees : Caz/Eoin/Jakey/Dec/Stephen/Keith/Adrian/Victor/Mia/Niall

Friday 23rd
Leaving Gothenburg no later than 18:00.
We'll meet outside the Dubliners from 17.30 onwards.
We will be in 2 cars (the minibus is a 9 seater and Dec 's car).
If people with valid licenses can go in each car, it'll give the drivers a break on the way . We will go straight to the hostel. Expected ETA between 23:00-24:00. Hostels name is

If someone could do a map search from Gothenburg to hostel & hostel to Ostermalms IP, it would be great.

Saturday 24th
Saturday morning, we will leave from the hostel and go straight to the pitch to be there for round 11.30 to get settled and do a proper warm up. Match kicks off at 12:30 amid all the razzmatazz!!!
The match itself is 2 x 30 min halves, everybody will get a game (ladies included) and some of the Stockholm lads will be playing with us.
Thereafter, shower and change and id say drop the stuff back to the hostel and then re convene in the Dubliners for the match meal. Whatever happens after that is everyone 's business. Please make sure that when ye go your separate ways from the hostel, get that days key code as it changes everyday.

Sunday 25th
Check out is 12pm so I hope to be on the road by 1pm.

Things to remember :
  • as with all hostels, bring a sleeping bag/pillow/padlock.Check out the website yourself as per facilities they have
  • artificial turf so bring runners and blades/moulds if you have them

Accommodation and costs

The following has been booked.
Dorm with 6 and dorm with 4 people. They know we have 2 females staying. It was next to impossible to find rooms so unfortunately the weekend rate is a bit steep here. It works out at 300 SEK per night/600 sek for both nights. The club will give money towards this but it wont be much (maybe 100 sek per person). Because we are going up on Friday and the fact it is central Stockholm, it is a bit expensive. I just want to be upfront with the costs so people know and can plan. I have already paid the deposit to secure the accommodation and the booking ref is William Finn.

The minibus costs 1950 SEK but this will be covered by funds from the club. However, to cover petrol costs and help Dec out with the costs of his car, it would be great if everyone could give 100 sek (or more if they want) to cover petrol for both cars. Just to make it all good and people are not left out of pocket, this will have to be collected before we leave. It prevents hassle later.

The meal is being provided for us and I'm sure Stockholm will look after us throughout the night.

Finally, if you change your mind and stay with someone/alternative accommodation in Stockholm, tell me by latest next Tuesday. Do not tell me on the day of the match. If so, you will have to be charged the price of your accommodation, its only fair.

Thanks to all again. I know its tough having to spend money on trips like these but this is why we need to have more fund-raising to ease the burden on the pockets!!

Here's to a great weekend as I know we will have
Billy Finn
Gothenburg GAA club

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Training Update

Training TUESDAY night at 19:00 in Slottskogen. Meet @ tramstop @ Linneplatsen at 18:45. The plan is to do physical and ballwork.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Training Update

There will be training in Slottskogen today Thursday @ 19:00 with Caz

Turnout to training has improved but still is below where it needs to be. Thanks to everyone who keeps turning out week on week. Therefore, due to proximity of Stockholm trip and upcoming tournaments , I/we need everyone (no exceptions) to turn up to training next Tuesday night in Slottskogen @ 19:00 (meet at 18:45). We will do physical and ball work (ground pending).

Seriously, those who have not showed up at all this year need to question their commitment to the club. Lets get the ball rolling now! To give you an idea, Stockholm had 22 people training last week (and they re only starting up).

We need players, players, players!!!!

Details of Stockholm trip

Details of Stockholm trip are as follows :

Pitch : Östermalms IP - Central Stockholm.Changing facilities are there with covered stand.
Kick off : 12:30.
Pitch is booked from 12 to 2 pm.
Therefore, it will require an early start on Saturday morning. Alternatively, we travel up Friday evening. Transport - as it stands, we will be travelling up by minibus. However, we will also need 1 additional car (pending confirmation of numbers), any takers?
Billy will probably drive the minibus (8 people) but we will need one car. If you are making alternative arrangements to travel to Stockholm, please contact us. We do not want to be stuck with an empty car.

People who have confirmed so far :
Niall - Adrian- Keith (provisionally) - Declan - Eoin O Broin - Caz - Mia - Billy - Karol (meeting us up there) - anyone else who is travelling but has not confirmed, please confirm as soon as possible.

Food: The Dubliners in Stockholm have kindly offered to give us a meal after the match (no cost but drink is not included!!!). If you have dietary requirements, please contact with information as soon as possible. It looks like it will be steak and chips!!

Accommodation: If you are staying with someone in Stockholm , please let us know soonest. Otherwise, by next Wednesday, we will book accommodation in a hostel close to the Dubs for those who want it. After, this date, it is assumed that you have sorted out your accommodation.

That is it ..... Stockholm GAA are putting a big effort into this. There will be pitch-side food and entertainment and local press MIGHT be there. Noel Sheehy will be covering it for Stockholm... Lets get involved and make it a success!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Training Update

Training TUESDAY night at 18:00 in Slottskogen.
Meet at the tramstop at Linneplatsen at 17:45.
Please bring a spare towel with you on Tuesday.

Challenge Match in Stockholm - April 24th

Stockholm trip definitely on. Looks like the match will be held in Stockholm Universitet in Gamlestan. Will have the address by the end of next week. Plan is as follows:

Plan will be to leave around 08:00 Saturday morning, get up the Stockholm by 13:00 and go straight to the pitch. Afterwards,we would return to our accommodation and then meet up at Stockholm GAA's sponsors for steak and chips.

As per accommodation, please contact in relation to what your plans are i.e. staying with friends/family or otherwise. Can book accommodation in a hostel that the lads up in Stockholm suggested. However, if someone is really stuck, I'm sure a few of the Stockholm lads will have no trouble putting you up. Please contact regarding your intentions by April 7th.

The following people have confirmed:
Caz/Stephen Gorman/Niall O Connor/Dec Redmond/Adrian Kelly/Keith Creamer/Karol Mullally/Billy Finn/Eoin O Broin

Contact by latest April 7th if you intend to travel... the more the merrier.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Training Update

Training continues next Tuesday night again at 7 p.m. in Slottskogen.
Meet at the tram stop at Linneplatsen at 6.45 p.m..
The weather is getting better again so lets get out there.
Good turnouts so far but we need more and new members are always welcome !!!!

St. Patrick's Day Draw Update

A quick update from the draw on St. Patrick's Day.
We are still in the process of totting up but we made a good amount for the club - we will definitely have it again next year!!!
HUGE thanks to Kevin Moorhouse for the time and effort he put in to this.
Without him , it would not have been a success.
Next fund-raising event is Race night is association with the Portuguese club - date in April to be confirmed !

Monday, March 15, 2010

Training Update

Training continues next TUESDAY night in Slottskogen - meet at the tram stop at 18:45 (Linneplatsen).
Ready to go for 7 p.m.
The season is almost upon us so lets get cracking.
Those who have not been to training yet, please make the effort from here on in.
The same lads are turning up every night... May 22nd beckons!

St. Patrick's Day Draw

Please continue to support the clubs St. Patrick's Day draw for Wednesday.
There are still quite a few squares left and the St. Patrick's Day festivities in the Dubliner will be ongoing all day!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2010 International Rules Series


Limerick on the 23rd of October
Croke Park on the 30th of October

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Friday, March 5, 2010

General Updates

Next Monday 08 March, we will train indoors at Hvitfeldtska Gymnasium with the Gothenburg Berserkers. Closest tram stop is Kapellplatsen. (Take the road down towards the Avenyn and its at the end of the road when you take the first left at the back of ISGR ). Just to get some ball work going. Training starts at 8pm
We will then have outdoor training with Caz on Wednesday night at 7pm. (Meet at Linneplatsen tram stop at 18:45 - ready to go for 7pm). Please note there are no shower facilities at Slottskogen so be prepared.

The draw card for St.Patrick's Day is now up in the Dubliner. It is 50 SEK a square. Please tell your friends and get them to support generously. Prizes galore!!!!!

Need names for the Stockholm trip soon. Please let us know by March 20 if you can travel.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Training Updates

Training night is moving to Tuesday starting on the 2nd March at 7pm in Skatås (meeting at 6.30 under the clock, ready to go for 7pm)
There is a training run in Slottskogen starting on Wed 3rd (meet at the tram stop Linneplatsen at 6.45pm ready to go for 7pm)
** Please confirm by mail / text / Facebook which training night you will be attending **

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