Wednesday, February 6, 2013

# 455 Olé! … Ovation for Eire Og Seville Gaelic football exhibition at La Liga game

GaelicSportsCast gets into a new season of worldwide Gaelic Sports coverage with a special report on Monday’s nights historic first ever exhibit of Gaelic football at a Spanish La Liga soccer game.
At the Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan in Seville, home side Seville FC were taking on Granada in this topflight Spanish soccer venue, however at half time it was the turn of Eire Og Seville playing a brand new game … Gaelic Football.
Spanish soccer supporters were enthused with what they witnessed, and Eire Og player and chairman Kevin Lenane takes us through the evening.

Gothenburg GAA Ladies - new FB page

Hello all wounderful members of this group!
We are happy so many are interested in our team.

Facebook is changing and this group will become a Page instead. So please like our new Page ( so that you do not miss out on any information about your favourite gaelic ladies team!!

Exhibition of Gaelic football at a La Liga soccer match

Exhibition of Gaelic football at a La Liga soccer match - for more info see the following link.

New indoor sessions planned

New indoor sessions on teamstuff - please update your attendance.
Note: If you didn't get the update from teamstuff - get in contact and I can resend your invite.

Gothenburg AGM Tuesday 29th January 7pm

Hello all
Please see below the agenda for the AGM next week .it will take place in Niall s apartment on Vasagatan 4 ( beside the New Delhi restaurant ) at 7pm ..
see u at training Saturday

Referee Training Courses 2013

Dear club officer,

Refereeing is an excellent way of staying involved in Gaelic games and contributing to the growth of Gaelic games in Europe. 

Please bring this mail to the attention of:

1. all club members - especially those who have finished playing or are approaching the end of their playing days! 
2. people who have been involved in playing in the past but may not have been in touch for a while
3. current players, who are prepared to commit extra weekends to refereeing outside of their playing commitments

Refereeing in Europe

The European Board strives to be self-sufficient and requires a panel of qualified referees to officiate at games (football, hurling, ladies football and camogie) across the continent. Without referees, no games can take place, and our existing panel of referees barely managed to cover all fixtures last year. Indeed as the number of teams grows, so will the number of referees required. 

We are also aware of the need to reduce the workload of referees at tournaments as we cannot expect a referee to be consistent and of a standard players expect if s/he has too many games on the day. Ideally a referee should not have to referee for more than 2-3 hours on one day but many of our referees frequently exceed this amount.

The European Board now has a team of recently qualified Referee Tutors who have been trained by top referees in the GAA and LGFA. In addition, we also have a team of mentors/assessors to support current and new referees and help to improve standards over time.

Initially, we try to appoint new referees to officiate at tournaments alongside experienced referees who can act as "mentors". Referees are normally appointed to tournaments based on expressing their interest in particular venues (often in their own region) and dates. Referees move on to refereeing outside their own region and depending upon progress may eventually be appointed to Pan-European Championships subject to assessment reports and gradings.

Referee travel costs are refunded (subject to certain limits) and they may also bring partners (travel expenses not covered) as host clubs are responsible for providing accommodation where necessary along with meals etc.

New Referees Training Courses

We will shortly be organising a number of training courses for new referees, which will also act as in-service "refresher" courses for existing referees (referees must attend such a "refresher" course every few years).

The courses will be organised in March/early April and we are now seeking expressions of interest from those who would like to referee and can commit to refereeing at least three tournaments per year (in order to ensure value for money and as you will need to referee regularly to improve)

Depending upon interest, it is hoped to organise courses as follows:-

1. Spain - aimed at recruiting referees for the Iberian region and in Galicia
2. France - a French language course for referees all areas of France
3. Benelux/or other location (dependent on applicants) - general course for all those in other regions

Each course will cover all codes over a weekend. Commencing with an Introduction on Friday night, common elements (all codes) on Saturday morning, GAA course on Saturday afternoon and LGFA on Sunday morning with a brief rules & short fitness test at the end.

The Board will meet reasonable travel expenses (refunded after a referee officiates at a specified number of tournaments), accommodation and meals and supply training materials and a referee starter pack of rules books, cards, whistle etc.

No commitment is required at this stage, just an expression of interest, and all you have to do is fill in this short form, simply click on this link:-

NB: Existing referees should also complete this form indicating when they attended their last referee training under the heading "Experience"

Yours in sport,

Tony Bass 

Training / Updates / News

Hello all


Thanks to all who turned up at the session last Saturday in Valhamra .It was a good session to get back into the swing of things.Over the next couple of weeks , we will be working on stamina and conditioning.The work starts now and not in the middle of March ! We will have a traning schedule so we know whats happening each week.

The following dates have been booked  - this will encourage new players to attend and for us to work on our physical fitness.I know some people cant make it every week but we need to be doing stuff independently as well.( running an easy 5km, interval training etc,)

19 January . 15:00 to 16:30pm - Valhamra Stativshall
26 January - 15:00 to 16:30pm - Valhamra Stativshall
2 February - 15:00 to 16:30 pm - Valhamra Stativshall.

i will try and put up on teamstuff and facebook but let us know either way if you plan to attend -


The dates for the Scandiniavian championship have been submitted to ECB for consideration.They will be confirmed by the 21st.I know the dates dont suit all but there s nothing I can do.Those are the dates available to us.I will keep you updated.

AGM will now take place tuesday 29 th Jan at 7pm .It will take place at Niall s place in Vasastan.I ll get the exact address later and pass it on.Full committee elections, financial report and strategies for the year will be discussed and an agenda will be sent out beforehand.Please bring some fika with you ( ill bring the teabags ) so we can have an ould cup of tae and a chat....

Im still doing the quiz down in the American Sportsbar on Viktoriagatan every Wednesday at 7pm.Pop along if you ve nothing better to do !!!

Gothenburg Irish Group
Please look up Eoin o Broin and the Gothenburg Irish group facebook page and mailing list.Lots of news and info on all things irish happening in the city ....

is mise le meas

Billy Finn
Gothenburg GAA club

Every bit to promote our game

An article on Tallinn GAA which is now in its second year of existence.

Building the GAA’s popularity in the Baltics

2013 Calendar

Hello all,
after receiving a draft of the 2013 ECB Calendar , we can perhaps highlight some possible dates that we can hold our championship on during this summer. The following dates are available for the Scandinavian Championship ( ladies and mens ) ( dates for the hurling /camogie rounds as well as the Pan Euros have already been decided.I can put these at the end of the mail)

Possible dates are 
11th May
8 June
15 June
3 August
10 August
17 August
24 Aug
31 August
The hurling and camogies rounds are on the following dates
 4 May
 1 June
Pan Euro dates are as follows ( venues to be decided later )
14 Sep
12 October
9 Nov
Some food for thought over ye re Christmas dinner !!!
God bless
On Mon, Dec 24, 2012:
Hello all
On behalf of Gothenburg GAA ,we just want to wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year..
As the dawn begins on another year in the Scandic region,we can reflect on a wonderful year that has just gone by.So that we are ready for the new year , i think it would be no harm to plan ahead for the new year as per dates for our mens and ladies championship.Our championship is getting bigger and bigger and we welcome our friends from Estonia and Helsinki into the fold.I also hear along the grapevine that Orebro in Sweden are planning to get a team together as well.
To that end , a Skype conference call to arrange dates for the 2013 championship can be arranged so we can have a chat,slag each other and generally get things sorted for next year ( if only at a preliminary stage )How does Thursday Jan 10 at 20.00 CET suit people ? Let me know and i can set it up.


Nollaig shona duitse

 Liam O Finn
Gothenburg CLG

Gothenburg GAA Newsletter December 2012

Hello all and welcome to Gothenburg GAA newsletter for December !!!

Just want to first wish everybody a great Christmas and a happy & prosperous & victorious New Year ...

Christmas Night Out
We also just want to thank all who showed up for our Xmas hooly on Nov 24th.It was a great night with a great atmosphere with a great bunch of people.We rightly celebrated our great year and recognised individuals who shone for us throughout the year with an awards ceremony.The deserved winners this year were :

Best Male Player - Adrian Kelly
Best Female Player - Madeline Mann
Most improved Male Player - Moses Rodriguez
Most improved Female Player - Malin Kentsdotter
Spirit of Gothenburg GAA Award - Mia Bira

Indoor winter training
And now the fun stuff is over, its down to the serious business of getting in shape for the year ahead.An indoor training session has been organised for this saturday ( 22nd ) at 15.30 at Valhamra Stativshall in Partille.I know its n the middle of last shopping saturday and there s no pressure to attend but let us know via facebook invite or this mail whether you intend to attend.However,early in the new year ,we need to start getting in shape so there will be a training schedule in place( be it outdoors weather permitting or indoors).For indoor training , please look around your area for open spots in gymhalls/ sportshalls.Everything is booked up and we are seriously disadvantaged now in trying to book a place.Otherwise, the only slot will be that 8pm to 9.30pm slot in Valhamra on friday nights which is not suitable to all.

I am very pleased to announce the procurement of a major sponsor for 2013.After much discussion,The Dubliner AB are pleased to sponsor us to the tune of 16000 sek.The money is in the process of being transferred to the club bank account.This alleviates some stress over funding for next year but if we managed to raise another 10000 sek through other means, then we will be in great shape.So get your thinking hats on and lets raise some more money.
The decision on the outlay of the money is ultimately with all club members so feel free to issue suggestions to myself or Jakey ( club treasurer )..More discussion and decisions will take place at AGM but at least we have some money in our account before we start the season.


Yearly AGM is due once again.I think it really worked well last year with having it at someone s house and we went through alot of work that night.Dates suggested are Thursday 17 does that suit people ? Let us know or is there another date suitable.Time and venue ? Who would like to host ? the others can bring the tae and ham sandwiches!!!!

Yearly plans
This can be discussed at the AGM but I think before the AGM we could have just a players meeting to decide our goals and strategies ( mens and ladies ) for the coming year.If that does nt suit we wíll just discuss at the AGM but I think a players meeting is a good idea.The schedule of events for the year are unpublished but they will run along the lines of
May ( 1st round of Scandinavian  football championship ( mens and ladies ) Venue - Gothenburg
June ( 2nd round of Scandinavian championship ( mens and ladies ) Venue - Copenhagen
August ( 3rd round ) Venue - either Stockholm/Helsinki/Tailinn
Plans are also afoot for Malmo to host a round of the European Hurling championship as well as hosting a regional football friendly in April.The Viking Gaels hurling is also expected to take off this year so there are other dates on the calendar.
All of the above have to be finalised but that is the general outline.

Items of note / Club news
The latest news to come to the fore in the last week is that last week at the ECB convention , a persons name from outside the central European bases was put forward to be the Hurling Officer for Europe.That person nominated was in fact , me ,.The formal ratification took place last Thursday night and I am the new Hurling Officer for Europe in charge of the promotion and administration of hurling in Europe.This is a major honour for me and Gothenburg GAA.This has come about on the back of my involvement in the course run by Leinster GAA at NUI Maynooth for Tutor Training of Coaches in conjunction with Coaching Ireland which I ´have just finished the practical and theory part of.The long and short of it is that when I am accredited , I will be able to carry out accredited foundation coaching courses  ( in hurling and football ) to interested coaches within the Nordic region.This is a huge first step in the active promotion and demonstration of our games in the Nordics.

2013 Vision
The committee feel that this is going to be a great year for us.The team spirit is great so lets
Looking forward to meeting you all in the new year
Is mise le meas
Billy Finn
Cathaoirleach Gothenburg GAA club