Monday, May 13, 2013

Gothenburg GAA March Newsletter 2013

Hello all and welcome to this months newsletter
St Patricks Night Party 
What a night!!Thanks to all who contributed on the night and made it such a memorable occasion and a great success.Big thanks goes out to Kevin ( organising the whole event and cooking a feast), Declan and David for printing the fliers and all the advertising stuff ,Niall for doing the door,Daniel/Jessica/Paul / Stina / Malin / Madde for doing trojan work cleaning and washing up & Eoin for co-ordinating the musicians.It was a great night so much so that the Portugese club want us to do an end-of-year party as well ( Halloween or something)Might be a nice tie in with a successful 2013 season .... anyway , thanks again .
Now the fun stuff is over, the serious stuff begins.We have around 8 weeks to Malmo.We have to start coming together more.Attendance has been truly awful.The indoor training day does nt suit everybody but nothing we can do about that now.With this long winter, we may not even get to an outside pitch until May so we have to put it in now.
Training is booked for next Saturday 23rd March in Valhamra but I think we should have an additional session Thursday 21 st at 7pm -  either in Slottskogen or Skatas.( interval session so we can get some cardio done.Please indicate your location preference by texting me ( 0723704037 ) or replying to this mail.
We have to start putting it in - sure the other teams are doing more than we are,......
Malmo Tournament May 25th 
As this is not too far away now, we need to start getting numbers together and seeing who is intent on going.If nobody has any objection, we will book the same place in Malmo that we ve always stayed in( Rut and Ragnars ) .. its cheap and cheerful and close to town.Please let me know by return of this mail what your intention is.
GIG Events
Irish Comhra event this Thursday in Språkcafe at 5.30pm with Joe Egan .. go on in and practice the cupla focal!!!
Keep an eye on the GIG facebook page  - they always have interesting events coming up...
ECB Referees course 
I have circulated a mail about ECB referees course.Please reply directly to ECB contacts as per mail - this is done by participants themselves and not through Gothenburg GAA.
Is mise le meas
Billy Finn
Gothenburg GAA

Gothenburg GAA February 2013 Newsletter

Hello all and welcome to the February edition of the Gothenburg GAA newsletter .Please see below information on current happenings and events :
Training continues for the month of February every saturday at 3pm in Valhamra Stativshall.Attendance has been sporadic but there is a good vibe and now we need to increase numbers and get some good sessions all together.The sessions are varied , interesting , purposeful and great for conditioning which is what we need.Our first tournament is not for away and we need to get better numbers both for mens and ladies.We have done a great job of recruiting new players but we even need to do more to get more attending.When the weather allows, we can move outside for individual ladies and mens training.
We will get out what we put in and we have to start putting our tournament heads on soon.The year starts now ,not in Malmo on May 25tth and we have to see who is willing to put it in from now on.Lets get the lead out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Viking Gaels hurling
The first European hurling tournament is down for April 6th in The Hague Netherlands.This is a 7's tournament and the Viking Gaels management committee are considering sending a squad to this for their first ever event .Let Billy know if you are interested in attending.
Ladies Football
The structure of the ladies football Pan Euro system has been agreed.It will be different to the mens structure this year with 3 Pan Euro rounds.
On the homefront, Stina ,Josefin and Malin have created a new facebook and information forum Gothenburg GAA girls to attract new players and more information about current events etc..Great stuff and keep it up !!
June 15 Tournament
Our ground deal with Spartacus has fallen through which means we need two pitches for our tourmanent.We are in discussion with Kviberg/Goteborg idrottallians to rent the fields for for our tournament with a backup of Goteberg Rugby club in Frolunda.If we could be on the lookout for any other place through any of your contacts, please let us the meantime , we need to appoint a Tournament comittee to delegate who is doing what for the tournament so nothing is left to chance.Please put your name against the action item that you wish to be considered for ..
Action                                                                                                                                                     Owner
1. Advertising ( posters/leaflets/fliers/meal vouchers  )
2. Facilities( pitch rental / goalposts/ pitch lining etc )
3.Catering (lunch packs /pitchside snacks/beverages )
4.Tournament requiremets ( referees / registration / info pack / hotel deals)
5.Financial ( tournament fees - collection / invoice payment / meal payment )
6.Team Liason officers - appointed person to look after each team etc
7.Miscellaneous ( evening entertainment / drink vouchers )
St.Patricks weekend party March 15th
Likewise, preparations need to be put in place rather quickly for the party on March 15th ... the following action items need to be allotted and actioned
Action                                                                                                                                                        Owner
1.Advertising ( posters / ticket printing / fliers )
2.Music & entertainment ( set dancing / ceili / ice - breakers / games )
3.Logistics ( food plan / seating plan / food co-ordination / how to get there info )
4. Spot prizes ( raffle )
5.Financial mgt ( collection of monies )
We have a meeting with Gerry from the Portugese club on Feb 22nd to go through plans etc.On initial planning , the Portugese club will sponsor food for the night.They have asked us to do some desert treats / fika for afters.They will be running the bar that night with beer priced at 20 sek and a bottle of wine 100 sek ( decent brands).Our money maker will be tickets ( to be sold before then - even if people dont show up we have the money ) and the raffle.This depends on you getting the spot prizes.
It promises to be a great night and if we all contribute in some small way , it 'll be even a better night!!!
European GAA 5 Year Vision Plan
As a member of ECB , I have been asked to sit on a steering commitee to implement a 5 year vision plan for European GAA and where it wants to be in 5 years.With emigration so prevalent now and clubs popping over all over the place, its more imperative that European GAA stays strong , viable and self-supportive.To this end, they are asking all grass roots players to think about where they want European GAA to be in 5 years and what their concerns are and how they will be addressed and fixed.A forum / questionnaire will be sent out soon but in the meantime , start thinking about where you want European GAA to go and what you would like different or the same ....
Is mise le meas
Billy Finn
Gothenburg GAA Club