Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gothenburg GAA Newsletter January 2012

Hello all and Happy new year to you all !!!
It was a successful year for the Gothenburg GAA club with our mens team competing in the Scandinavian championship
Just a quick few messages to remind ye all that the new season is just around the corner.There 's lots of work to be done in the meantime so lets get cracking and get prepared for the new year ...
As with any club , we need to hold our AGM to get things in order for the new year.We need to select a new board and delegate duties for the new year .How does everyone feel about January 19th ( Thursday ) ? This year ,instead of decisions getting lost in translation in a pub,let 's hold it in someone's house ? This year,Catherine has said she 'll host the meeting.Ill even make a bit of bacon and cabbage on the night....
ill be sending a list of motions/topics to be discussed over the next few days so get your thinking caps on.there 's a lot to talk about.
Current news
Among the items to be discussed at the AGM ( and just to inform you of current developments ) is the possible amalgamation of Gothenburg with Helsinki for the 2012 championship.This motion had a lukewarm reception from Helsinki and currently the decision lies with them.We should have news of their intentions before our AGM.
New players
We are delighted to say that we will new players with us for the new season .
Emmet Mulholland hails from Castledawson in Co.Derry and is an active member of St.Malachis GAC.He will be here for 6 months as a student and is moving here on 16th January.We look forward to his arrival and welcoming him to the Irish scene here in Gothenburg.
Paul Curley will be moving to us from Kalmar in March.He has played Junior football back home and has played some Aussie rules with Kalmar.Paul could be here for the long haul with his job so we wasted no time signing him up.
Another possible player we may have this year is Dag Magnusson.Dag has played pro soccer in the States and here in Sweden with Gais up to a few years ago..He will be attending training sessions over the next few weeks to test the waters of Gaelic football..
Ladies football
There 's been quite a few developments on the ladies football side in the Nordics so these will be discussed at the AGM.
Tournament schedule
The tournament schedule for the Nordics has nt been completed yet but the likely dates and venues are as follows
Oslo ( early May )
Malmo ( middle of June )
Helsinki or Stockholm (mid August )
The European GAA calendar has to be completed also and soon we will know where we have to travel to this year for the Pan-Europeans.
Looking forward to seeing ye all at the AGM and remember to spread the word to all or anyone who might be interested.

Is mise le meas
Liam o Finn
Gothenburg GAC

Gothenburg GAA Xmas meet-up

Hello all
Just a quick mail to wish everyone a very happy Christmas to you and all your families and a bright and prosperous and successful 2012 for everyone.
Was just wondering if some people would like to meet up next week for a Christmas scoop or two.I know some people may be going away for Christmas but it might be nice to get together for the last time in 2011.Next Thursday 22nd seems to be a suitable date as people will normally leave on the 23rd.
Anyway,let me know if you re up for it.know people have plans - next Thursday 8.30pm in Lokal ? Otherwise,we 'll be having our AGM early in the new year ( 2nd or 3rd week in January )
La Nollaig shona duitse

Match reports Pan-European Shield Tournament November 5th 2011 (Kind Of)

As we all gathered in the early mornig frost and fog at the team hotel,little did we know what drama the day held in store for us.
The flights had arrived and landed, we came by planes,trains and automobiles to embark on our first ever trip abroad ( even though we were going home ) and play in the European shield competition.An early night was had by most people who arrived on the Friday and even though some of us went to the dogs ( literally )we were all in pensive mood .
With the jerseys handed out and the team decided upon with strategies planned out,we made our wayto the University of Limerick complex and the fun began immediately.No-one knew who was playing where but eventually we found our pitch and gathered in a huddle to begin our conquest for the European shield.
Team ..Micil " Packie Bonner " Lennon , Paul " Roundie " Delahunty,Billy"Kid " Finn , Ian " Mike Tyson " McLoughlin , Shane " Ole Gunnar" Edgeworth , Adrian " the Engine " Kelly,Adrian " the Powerhouse " Keogh , Moses " Escobar " Rodriguez , Owen " Joe O Reilly " Finn , Eoin " the Vegan volcano " O Bhriain , Declan " the Stretcher " Redmond.,Niall " Maradonna " O Connor ...
Game 1 .... Gothenburg vs Belgium B
With the draw made from the night before, we knew our first opponents would be Belgium B.A good side on reputation,it turned out that they had most of their A team playing with the B team,a fact we found out after the fact.Anyhow,this was our first outing against this side who,as it turned out,won the overall shield tournament.Anyhow,we started as we meant to go on with the match starting in freezing foggy conditions at the ungodly hour of 09:30am.With our stall set out,we took an early lead through a point from Adrian Kelly,but Belgium replied in kind with a point of their own.This was always going to be a tight nervy affair but had Gothenburg made the most of their oppurtunities ,the story may have been different.With roving runs from Shane and Ian from the half-back line,ably supported by the two Adrians,Niall and Owen Finn and Eoin , we put the Belgium backs under pressure and we suitably went in at the break all square at 0-1 a piece.
The 2nd half resumed with both teams struggling to get a foothold but a series of wides for Gothenburg proved costly in the end as Belgium stormed upfield and took the lead.Billy " what was i doing up there " replied with a point and with a minute to go,it looked like the spoils were set to be shared.However, a speculative ball into the Gothenburg backline turned into a simple tap-over point for the Belgians and this proved a pivotal winning score for the Belgians despite valiant attempts to level matters by Adrian Keogh and Niall.
So our first match had ended in a loss but despite this being our first time all playing together,we showed that we can mix it with the best and with a little bit more composure,we could have recorded our first win of the day... but it was 'nt meant to be..
Final Score :Gothenburg 0-2 Belgium B - 0-3
Game 2.... Gothenburg vs Copenhagen
With Moises 's media commitments done with TG4 ( they only picked him because he had tanned legs ) , we regrouped and limbered up for our next match - another installment of our friendly rivalry with our Nordic neighbours,Copenhagen.Copenhagen had beaten us in every game this year in the Scandinavian championship and we were not going to have that case again.With the legs loosened, the mind and body prepared for a 20 minute tussle,we started the game with a great attitude and work rate.The two Adrians knocked over a few scores to settle the nerves and with the young buckos Shane and Ian commanding the half-back line,Copenhagen 's much vaunted full-forward line were nt getting a sniff.Roundy was holding his own, Moses was doing his soccer thing and Owen kept getting harsh treatment from the Copenhagen backs.Some lovely inter-play with the Gothenburg forwards resulted in a point for Adrian Keogh and Gothenburg went into the break 0-3 to 0-1 ahead.
As always,everybody gets to say their piece at half-time and the general consensus was we were not going to give this one away this time.With the fire in the bellies burning brightly,we pushed on again and took some early points to settle the team.Our short hand-passing game was suited to the playing surface and we opened up a four point lead with points from Adrian Keogh and Ian McLoughlin ( the two powerhouses of the team ).Copenhagen replied in kind with two points of their own but the matter was settled when a speculative ( he said he meant it ) lob by Niall O Connor found its way to the back of the Copenhagen net to give us an unassailable five point lead.Copenhagen effectively threw the kitchen sink at us and got two points but the Gothenburg defense held firm and Gothenburg registered their first win of the 2011 Shield championship.
Final score... Gothenburg 1-6 Copenhagen 0-6
Game 3 ..... Gothenburg vs Niort Gaels
And so,we entered our final group phase game with a good win under our belts and full of optimism for progression from our group.We had heard that Niort had been the whipping boys of the group thus far and we started off the game brightly with a couple of quick points from Adrian Keogh,Adrian Kelly and Ian McLoughlin.Our baby-faced assassin Shane got in on the act as well with a fine point from the half-back line.Five minutes in though,an incident happened that left an impact on the team for the rest of the day as well as a lasting impact on one of our team.Declan Redmond went down to pick up a ball around the square but as he did so,their French Canadian goalkeeper ( whose reputation we found out later was being a hard-man) tacked Declan with his two knees right into Declan 's side.Although not aware of the seriousness of the injurt until much later ,Declan could not carry on and was substituted.The game continued and with the win assured ,Gothenburg cut loose with Moses scoring a fine goal after a gift pass from Owen; Shane and Ian contributed with more mesmeric scores from defense.
After the match,with Declan in serious discomfort now,the medics were called and with them not being satisfied with his condition ,he was transferred to Limerick regional hospital where the full extent of his injuries became apparent throughout the evening.He was left with a fractured rib,partially collapsed lung and internal bleeding in the lung area.Those who visited him over the Saturday and Sunday got a serious shock as to his condition.Thankfully Declan is finally back in Sweden and is recovering slowly but surely.
Final score - Gothenburg 2-9 Niort 0-1
Game 4.... Quarter final Gothenburg vs Zurich St Gallen
With the group stages over ,our thoughts and efforts now switched to our quarter-final berth against the Swiss,Zurich St.Gallen.The team felt good and everyone had contributed in getting the team to this stage.As we met in the huddle,we promised to leave everything on the pitch and give it everything.Which is what each and every one of us did.From the off,we knew we were in a battle.Zurich were starting with the niggly stuff and after some uncompromising tackles on Ian,Adrian and Kelly, it was time to man up to these bolloxes.Afer their full-forward line drew some kicks on Paul and Billy, it was gloves off time and let 's get it on.All the time, the tight niggly affair was all square with 2 points apiece.However, late in the first half with Zurich bearing down on the Gothenburg goal , Ian did what was termed as a professional foul; a beautiful " Peter Stringer " hand trip.Well,it all kicked off with Ian doing his best ultimate fighter impression by throwing and punching anyone player in green in his vicinity.After the melee had calmed down,Ian received a very harsh straight red ( the second Limerick man to be sent off in a European shield tournament ).
Now it was all hands on deck as we went a point down at the break.With fire in our bellies and a belligerent crowd on the sidelines, we fought back to level matters with a great point from Eoin o Bhriain.However, the extra man they posessed turned out to be crucial as they always had the overlap and they scored the crucial goal with about four minutes to go.With the game almost gone,Gothenburg tried desperately to find a goal in reply with valiant attempts from Adrian and Niall and Owen.We could nt break them down and Zurich eventually wrapped up the game with two more points.
Final score .... Gothenburg 0-4 Zurich St.Gallen 1-4
All in all, it was a great tournament apart from Declan 's injury.The night out in Limerick turned into a right party with Eoin O Bhriain sampling the local Limerick delights at every oppurtunity with most people being seriously but deservedly inebriated after a long and tough day.A huge thanks to everybody for making the effort to be there... its a big sacrifice.!!
Lastly a big shout out to Gothenburg ladies Catherine ,Mia and Delia who played with the combination team Gothenburg/Niort/Copenhagen on the day.The girls said they had a great time throughout the day and now the hunger for more European games and tournaments is there..
Here 's looking forward to the start of next year's championship with Oslo in mid-may being our first port of call..( dates and venues to be decided in January )
Well done again and Gothenburg GAA abu !!!!!!

Media coverage about weekend in Limerick

Hi again
Local media coverage about the event next week.Moses, u get a mention.. gwan colombia!!!

Entertainment plans for the Limerick weekend and other news

Hi all
See below entertainment plans for the weekend .Basically ,reduced entry prices to Sin Bin and ClemSmith's bar......
I am emailing on behalf of Peter Clohessy's Bar, The Sin Bin Nightclub (at Clohessy's) and Clem Smiths Bar. We are on board as official partners to the European GAA Championships in Limerick next weekend.
We are looking forward to welcoming all the teams from around Europe to Limerick, the European Capital of Sport 2011.
You have a great weekend ahead of ye in sport and we're hoping to add to the weekend with your apres football events!!
Peter Clohessy's Bar & The Sin Bin Nightclub is Munster's top sporting venue, owned and run by Munster and Ireland legend Peter Clohessy, this is the hub of all sporting occasions in Limerick. The bar will be showing all live sports on that weekend (including the Leinster v Munster match on Friday 4th live from the Aviva Stadium).
The Sin Bin Nightclub, at Clohessy's will be open on both Friday and Saturday night and special concession wristbands will be dropped to each team in your hotel. Great fun will be had as the Ireland international Rugby League team will be playing France in Thomond Park on the Saturday night and both teams are expected back in The Sin Bin Nightclub to join the European Gaels!
Clem Smith's Bar is Limerick's No. 1 GAA Bar, owned and run by Limerick hurling hero Clem Smith.
Clem welcomes all of the European Gaels to the sporting capital of Ireland!! Clem Smith's Bar... for the best value but most of all the best craic!!
Shuttle buses will be run between Peter Clohessy's Bar,The Sin Bin and Clem Smiths for your convenience.
We really are looking forward to a fantastic weekend of GAA and the craic afterwards too! We hope to meet each team at your hotel upon arrival in Limerick to give ye all a pack with all the information
Other news :
We'llhave one more session tomorrow evening in Slottskogen at 6.30pm.Just a light session and we'll train over by the athlethic tracks if lights arent on.Please try and attend as i want to give you your gear and collect the reg money if you have nt already given it to me.
TV appearance
Catherine Hayes of Gothenburg GAA will appear with Phillip O Connor of Stockholm Gaels on RTE's The Brendan O Connor show on Saturday night to help promote the Irish scene in Gothenburg/Stockholm as well as trying to organise future sponsorship and investment.She is giving up her night in Limerick to go back up to Dublin after the match and do the above.Im her agent so all further interviews through me !!!! Gwan Catherine !!!!!Make Gort proud!!!
Travel Plans
The draw for the matches is not done yet.Irrespective of the draw,( and I know how much troube ye've all gone to ) its going to be an early start so please try and make it to Limerick as early as you can Saturday morning.first match is probably 9.30am and as they will be sticking rigidly to the timetable ,if we re not ready for our first match,we'll have to give a walkover.after all the efforts,that would be a shame.For those travelling Saturday morning,best to go to the hotel if you have time or just go straight to the pitch complex at UL.Ring me if you need directions ....