Monday, April 16, 2012

Gothenburg GAA Newsletter April 2012

Hello all,
hope I find you all well after the Easter break and life is treating you well.Just a quick mail to inform you of current going-ons in Gothenburg GAA circles.

There has been a marked improvement in the turnout to training sessions by our inspirational fitness coach Kevin Higgins.The list of sessions are now as follows :

Wednesday 18th April - Slottskogen 6.30pm
Sunday 22nd April - 7 a side training match Slottskogen 12am ( meet at gravel pitch where we normally train out the back )

Thereafer pending numbers , we will only have 7 a side training matches on the Sunday afternoons (Sunday 29th and May 6th ) in Slottskogen at the same times.

Training every Tuesday 6.30pm in Slottskogen with Paul/Billy - cmon ladies ,lets get out there !!!!

Stockholm May 12th
The following people have confirmed they are attending Stockholm tournament May 12th .The below people ( unless stated otherwise ) are travelling up by mini-bus / car on the Friday night and staying the 2 nights ( Friday and Saturday ) .Please tell me if your accomodation details are different as I have booked accomodation based on these numbers

Niall/Mike G/ Eoin / Paul / Adrian K / Stephen G / Kevin H / Noelie / Tom Lehane / Billy / Daniel / Ossian /Delia / Mia / Jessica
David Burke is travelling and staying independently.

People who may still travel and have yet to confirm
Mal / Catherine / Kevin Moorhouse / Jakey.

Please let me know if you have any special dietary requirements for the day...

Please remember that membership fees are past its due date.Please lodge to account when you get a chance.Any problems or under pressure, please talk to me or Jakey.

Is mise le meas 
Billy Finn
PS If any one knows someone who needs a ticket for the Gotebergsvarvet,let me know. I'm in group 9 and ill sell it at a good price.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Training Week 14 and 15

Hello all

Just a quick note to tell you all that training will take place on the following dates in Slottskogen ( usual meeting place at Slottskogen ) .Remember there are no changing facilities and we need to be ready to go for 6.30pm.Also, bring football boots and trainers and a spare towel...

Tuesday 3rd - Ladies training with Paul Curley
Wednesday 4th April - Mens training with Kevin Higgins

Tuesday 10th April - Ladies training
Wednesday 11th April - Mens training   ( all times 6.30 at Belparc carpark )

for next week, depending on numbers, we would hope to have a 7 a side mens training match.We really need to get the people who have nt turned up for training yet to get the lead out and turn up.we have about 5 weeks to the start of the championship and it would be great if we could all meet before then and get our stuff together


Stockholm trip May 12th - i really need to know the numbers for Stockholm and confirm them.i have booked 14 accomodation places only so i need to know asap if more people are expected.Please confirm by return of this mail or by telling me or Kevin at training

slan go foill

Billy Finn
Gothenburg GAA club

Take a moment

It is with great sadness that I report today the passing of a good friend to us here in the Irish community in Gothenburg ,our dear friend Paul McCreevy.Paul was a good friend not only to me but to all the ex-pat community here and his passing will be sorely missed.

Paul succumbed to the terrible disease that is lung cancer at the early age of 41 and he leaves behind his wife Daniella and his lovely son ,Cian.

Paul loved his family and his rugby and golf and took great pleasure in playing for the Irish team in our yearly Ryder Cup competition at the local golf club here in Gothenburg.

On behalf of Gothenburg GAA and the entire ex-pat community here in Gothenburg, I wish to pass on our sincerest condolances to his family in Sweden and in Dublin ...

Darbh bhreis ar a hainm..

Billy Finn
Gothenburg GAA

training 28th of april slottskogen - info

Hi there,
just a quick bit of information in relation to training. The nearest tram stop is Botaniska Trädgården - can also go to Linnéplatsen & have a warm up coming through the park. Trams that stop at Botaniska Trädgården are 1, 2, 7, 8 & 13. Can check timetables on Below is a link to the car park near Villa Belparc.

training 28th of april slottskogen

Alrite people,
hope youse are all enjoying the longer evenings and spell of sunny weather.
To be very clear and obvious about training tomorrow evening wednesday 28th of april:
Training begins at 6.30 sharpissshhhh, so we get the most of the daylight.
Meeting place is the car park beside the Villa Belparc restaurant Slottsskogen park.

There are no changing room facilities or shower so best to come in tracksuit over your training gear or whatever suits yourself. Bring boots and trainers with you so we can change depending on the ground.
I have been told trams 1,3,7 go this direction and the stop is the botanical garden. 
Training turnouts have been getting better and its often a case of average to healthy numbers. If we got everyone out who trains, intends to train or is playing member with the club on the same evening we would have between 15-20 at training. While I realistically don't expect this to happen every week, or possibly any week, it would be grand if we had a couple of good, tight sessions before the mid May tournament comes around. I swear we could get a win or two. Lets keep it lit and see where the season takes us.

All the best

May 12th Stockhom - update

good news - May 12th has now been confirmed as the date for Stockholm... no change to the original date. Some of us will miss the Varvet but whatever.....its all about the club !!!!
tks and hope this suits all. Accomodation has already been booked.details later
Pls pass on this info to anyone ive missed on the mailing list.there are some new members mails that i dont have

May 12th Stockhom

Hello all

Quick one.Copenhagen have asked again that the date for Stockhom tournament be changed from May 12th to May 19th.This is not official but more than likely will now be changed.I know this does nt suit everyone ( Niall , i know ) but how does the change suit everyone ? we will know by tonight whether it suits everyone

let me know if there is an issue as i ll take that a non-response means ye are ok with the date change ..

see ye all at training tomorrow night at 6.30pm in Slottskogen... good weather , no excuse


Gothenburg GAA website

Hi Lads,
just to say that the website is 99% done and in my book it is good enough to publish in its current condition. First things first, the website is now

Going forward

Hello all
I just want to send a quick message to all those who attended, helped out and generally enjoyed a cracking night last Friday night at the Gothenburg GAA/Irish night. It was a great night - so great in fact that we were at one stage close to exceeding the capacity of the building (150 people) ! It was a great turnout and people really showed up and contributed to one of our best nights ever.

A huge, huge thank you to Catherine and Kevin (for organising the food aided and abetted by the great Kevin Higgins whose correct assertation about the quantity of food meant he was cooking like a trooper for the whole day). Catherine whipped everyone in to shape on the night and helped in organising the music and clean up. Kevin did troajan work with the food and clean-up and making sure everything went smoothly. A special mention to Mia, David, Eoin (for the dancing) and Niall (for coming despite pneumonia).

If you have money from tickets sold,please bring it to training next Friday night. Lets build on this now and pit our heads together for our next social event ( we can discuss after training this Friday )

Training is booked next Friday night ( 23rd March ) from 7pm to 9pm in Valhamra Stativshall.Training with the Aussies on Wednesday is optional to you-theres no pressure to attend.This will be one of our last indoor sessions as the weather will now be good enough to train outside again.First outdoor cardio session will be in Slottskogen ( usual meeting place on Tuesday 26th March at 6.30pm.

New members
Great to see a few new members joining our ranks ( Ossian,Tavi,Aldo,PaulJonathan ) and ladies ( Priscilla,Madde,Lena) .. lets keep the interest and their interest going !!!