Thursday, March 8, 2012

Training - 9th March

There is a session booked for March 9th at 7pm to 8:30 pm in Valhamra Stativshall.
Please try and attend so Kevin can do some proper drills and routines.

For those of you going to training tomorrow night here are some directions.
The hall is near the Vallhamra ishall (Vallhamra ishall, Vallhamrav, 433 64 Sävedalen). Hopefully this link will work... In the map picture it is the building/hall with the red'ish roof alongside the running track.
The nearest buss stop is Bockemossen - bus routes 512 & 515 from the center of Göteborg stop there. I will leave it to yourselves to find/get time tables from the website.

See you there tomorrow,

St. Paddy's Fundraiser - Fri 16th March - Update

Ok Guys
Time to get the finger out. Turns out tickets are selling like hot-cakes, so it's looking like it'll be a cracking night. If you've already sold some tickets, can you please bring the money on Friday evening to training. If you haven't sold any WHY NOT??? There are still some available, Billy will have them on Friday night at training.

I've had a few replies re food for the night, but the last thing we want is not to have enough. However, its understandable that its not possible for everyone to cook/bake something. What would work is if those of you who aren't actually preparing something beforehand, could bring ingredients for a stew, we could easily have this cooking away on a stove-top during the night.

The ingredients needed would be:
  • Beef
  • Onions & Celery & Parsley
  • Carrots & Parsnips
  • Streaky Bacon & Mushrooms
  • Flour/Butter/Oil/Stock
  • Potatoes (of course!!)
I need names and commitments to bring something. We'll need to start this around 6 in the evening. So if you can't get to the venue between 6 and 7 I'll arrange to meet you the night before to pick up stuff.

Thanks a lot & see you all Friday

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Training Update

Indoor training at Valhalla, C-hallen - Wednesday 18:00 until 19:30

Gbg GAA Mugs for sale

Gothenburg GAA is pleased to announce the sale of some special Mugs. These mugs come branded with the fantastic Gothenburg GAA logo and can be yours for the reasonable price of SEK 80. If you would like to purchase one of these, please get in contact.

2012 AGM minutes

Hello all
Please see attached minutes from our AGM last Thursday.Thanks to James Prentice for taking same .

St. Paddy's Fundraiser - Fri 16th March

Hi All

Just a reminder to put the 16th March in your diaries as we're having an "After-Work" / Fundraiser that night for the GAA. Tickets are 50 KR, there'll be music, dance, food, race night, a loads of fun by all. As its being held in the Portugese club there will also be some participation from their members.

I have already distributed tickets for sale amongst some of you. We'd like if every member, as well as buying one themselves would try and sell two more. Billy will have some on Wednesday night at training or else just mail me back and i'll get a few to you. The tickets for sale to the general public are white, the ones for the GAA members will be green, just so we can have an idea of how many we sell. Please get back to me with how many you've sold.

We also need a little input from GAA members to make sure the night goes well.
- First and foremost is showing up. It promises to be a great night and will be made all the better by a good turn-out.
- Second, we'll need a hand on Friday to set up. There are decorations to be put up, tables and chairs to put out, and the setting up of the food. As many hands as possible would be appreciated from about 5 or 6 o'clock onwards. During the night there will also be bits and pieces to be done. If everyone gives a hand it means that everyone gets to enjoy themselves.
- Third, myself and Billy are going to prepare some food, but in the interests of fairness we think everyone should try and contribute something. For example, scones, potato-bread, chicken drumsticks, even cheese and crackers (ICA Focus does Irish cheese) would be great. If anyone needs any ideas let me know.
- Fourth (and last), we need to clean up before we leave so again, a concerted effort by everyone so it's not left to two or three people, will make it a lot easier.

Thanks in advance for all your help


There is a session booked for March 2 at 7pm in Valhamra Stativshall.
Please try and attend so Kevin can do some proper drills and routines.

For those of you going to training tomorrow night here are some directions.

The hall is near the Vallhamra ishall (Vallhamra ishall, Vallhamrav, 433 64 Sävedalen). Hopefully this link will work... In the map picture it is the building/hall with the red'ish roof alongside the running track.

The nearest buss stop is Bockemossen - and I think bus routes 512 & 515 from the center of Göteborg stop there. I will leave it to yourselves to find/get time tables from the website.

See you there tomorrow,

Irish afterwork /Gothenburg GAA benefit night

Friday, 16 March 2012 - 19:30 until 00:30

Kick off St.Patricks Weekend with a special Irish afterwork/Gothenburg GAA benefit night !

Come along and enjoy the craic and be Irish for the night!!!!.We will have a tasty menu of hearty Irish music from local Gothenburg session musicians, a healthy serving of Irish set dancing rounded off with a fresh serving of fun games and a raffle to finish off the full Irish !!!

Talking of food,we will have lovely samples of Irish food on the night for you to savour and enjoy!!!

So,let's get in the spirit and join your Irish friends for the night!!

Tickets are 50 sek and all funds raised will go towards Gothenburg GAA ladies and mens teams as they embark on another adventure in the Scandinavian and European Gaelic Football championships.

Tickets available from Billy Finn ( 0733655196 ) or any Gothenburg GAA member or can be bought at the door on the night.

Beer prices on the night is 25 sek with wine also being available.!!!!

FB Event

Gothenburg GAA Posters - 2012


thank u so much david for doing this ...

all see the attached poster.print it out and stick it up whereever u can to get the word out......if every gaa member could bring 3 or more paying people to the night,then it would be a great success

see ye all on the night




Here is an updated poster with the correct address.
I also took some of the text from your Facebook event Billy, since I thought that was very good.

So, take a look, and if you are happy with it, you can send it around to the others.

all the best,



Sorry for the delay in getting posters ready this year.
Attached is a draft of one for the football.
I will send out one for the hurling and maybe a combined/hurling football next week.

Comments welcome!

Thanks for all the feedback.

I am attaching now 4 new posters.
- the football one with facebook and twitter details added
- a hurling one
- a combined football/hurling poster
- a swedish hurling poster (good idea Eoin - I went with Gaelisk Bandy, what do you think?)

I think a swedish football one would be good too, so that is next on the list!
I also should probably get the swedish text proofread by Malin when she comes home... !



Gothenburg GAA Newsletter February 2012

Hello all
Just a quick mail to tell you all about current events in Gothenburg GAA circles
Training continues with the Berserkers in Valhalla every Wednesday from 6pm.See Gothenburg GAA Facebook page for dates.We really need to start picking up the attendance at training.Next session is Wednesday 22 nd at 6pm and there is also a session booked for March 2 at 7pm in Valhamra Stativshall.Please try and attend so Kevin can do some proper drills and routines.
Outdoor interval training in Skattas / Slottskogen will commence in the first week of March.Keep an eye out for details -.
Scandinavian Championship
After tonights conference call, the provisional dates for the Scandinavian championship are as follows ;
May 12th or May 19th - Stockholm ( 90% sure it will be May 12th )
June 30th - Oslo
August 18th - Malmo
These dates are more or less confirmed.So we need to start getting ourselves sorted.As these are all venues manageable by car,perhaps for the first trip to Stockholm we could go by train to ease the burden on driving.If we book our tickets well in advance , they would be fairly cheap.
Also, there will be a fully fledged Ladies Championship this year.This was confirmed on the call tonight.There will be teams from Copenhagen and Stockholm and Estonia and hopefully a Malmo/Gothenburg team.Malmo are getting their numbers together so its up to us as well.
Another date to keep in mind is September 15th.This is the date for the Pan Euro in Copenhagen which we hope to attend.More discussions later.
Viking Gaels
It seems like the cross Nordic hurling team , the Viking Gaels are going to try and attend a tournament in Europe this year.It would be nice for the hurlers amongst us to give it a lash this year.Anybody seriously interested in going or wanting to start hurling this year,let me know.a few people have expressed interest already and the dates are below.
April 21st - Den Haag
May 12th - Zurich
June 9th - Luxembourg
July 14th - Thurles
June 9th might be the best date to go for.
might be another way of getting the natives involved as well... anyone fancy doing up a new poster ...?
Irish Afterwork March 16th
We have secured the venue of the Portugese Society in Ekeatregatan for March 16th.We now need to get cracking on organising the night as discussed at the AGM so it can be a great success for the club.Task lists includes
  • advertising the night
  • printing of tickets ( only way we'll guarantee revenue )
  • music and entertainment and food
  • spot prizes for the night,
other tasks will be sent out on mail shortly by the should be a cracking night if we put the hard work in before hand !!!
Also , there is to be an end of month afterwork this Friday 24th ,,,, Lokal is the venue from 8pm on ( or straight afterwork if you prefer ) new and old members all welcome !!!
is mise le meas
Billy Finn
Gothenburg GAA club ....


how do we feel about the below?we have 20 hurleys and a few sliotars .... is anybody seriously interested in going to one of the tournaments ? id be up for it and would take training etc.. let us know how u feel at the next training session ....
PS Finallygot Moses interview onTG4... the link is on the Gothenburg GAA facebook page...


THat's grand lads, I'll try to get as many as possible from here (f**ked my ankle playing soccer over the weekend though).

Would like to aim for the Hague and possibly Thurles too (should be in Ireland then), but the sooner the better!


Sorry about the delayed reply. We have 2 interested anyway. I know Copenhagen have a couple of lads, sure Kenny (secretary) is a former James Stephens man in Kilkenny. Spoke to 1 or 2 from Oslo too last year that are keen.
We've been trying to get this together now for a while so hopefully 2012 will be our year.
I was in contact with Brian the hurling officer so they are hoping to run 7s alongside the main tournament, and a few new hurling clubs are taking shape so the 7s is also an option.
From what I remeber last year France is now getting its hurling funding from HQ leaving more ECB hurling funds available for the rest of us :-)

The dates are as follows so from our perspective Den Haag is probably the easiest to get to with a direct flight though it is coming shortly.
Any thoughts on aiming for Thurles? Our Football calendar should be blank for July???
April 21st - Den Haag
May 12th - Zurich
June 9th - Luxembourg
July 14th - Thurles

Great too that Liam & Phil will be onboard.
Lads also to get the ball rolling and to make communication a bit easier I've created a mailing list for all who wish to be involved, hope thats alright??
This way everyone who wants to be involved will be able to receive all the updates etc.
I'll send a mail shortly inviting you to the group and then would be great if you forward it to all members. I'll send it on to the other clubs.
Ware the timber boys!


European County Board has a Youtube channel

For those of you interested. the European County Board has a Youtube channel.
Pan-European Gaelic Football Shield Championship, 3rd Round, Limerick. November 5, 2011

Training directions and other news

Hi all
Traning directions for tomorrow night...
Name :Valhamra Stativshall ( from ) 7pm to 8:30pm
Directions :There are a few busstops.ValhamraTorg is about 400 mts away .You will see Valhamra Ishall across the way slightly on a hill.Our training place is the hall behind this.It looks like an old red barn .Go behind the Ishall or walk through it to the athletics field on the other side,.walk slighty uphill past the first prefab building.Then walk down to the front of the red hall and go through the last door ( there should be people coming in and out anyway ) watch yourself going down the pathway.Pick any free dressing room.if u re there before me , just say its booked in my name through Partille Kulturum.
Buses : ( From town ) there a bus from Polhemplatsen ( lage b in front of Goteberg Posten ) at 18:26. its the 514 mot Partille Centrum via Östra Sjukhuset.Takes about 20 mins
( From Partille ) its the 514 mot Heden
Other news : Conference call was held last Monday evening to discuss dates and venues for the Scandinavian championship.The provisional dates and venues are the following ;
May 12 - Malmo
June 2 - Oslo
August 18 - Tailinn/ Stockholm
As it stands , Tailinn are almost certain they wont be able to hold the round.In that event, Stockholm will then host.As i said these dates / venues are subject to change pending next weeks second conference call.
Also, it looks very likely that there will be a Pan Euro round in the Nordics this year.Copenhagen and Stockholm have both bid and Northern europe is due a round.this will be confirmed within the next two weeks ...this will signicantly reduce travel costs if we intend to attend

Training Wednesday / Friday

Date: 30 January 2012 11:42
Subject: Training Wednesday / Friday

Hello all
Just a quick note about training this week.We are still due to train with Berserkers this Wednesday.However,ive managed to book an indoorhall all of our own for thisFriday.I know the time does nt suit well ... its from 7pm to 8.30 pm.I ve only booked it for this Friday( confirmed booking but we have the option of booking it at the same time up until costs 350 sek per hour so the more people that come, the cheaper it is.The location is Valhamra Ishall / Sportshall.. not too far from Partille centrum and its on a going to go up there today if i can and see is it OK....
The reason i booked it that the hall seemed a liitle cramped last wednesday with so many people in it.This way we can do our own thing.Let me know how you feel about.
Let me know if you still intend to go training wed night or wait until Friday night.
i have looked at other halls in Centrum and West and there is a good possibity we can get these too.(Påvelundsskolan and Askim Sportshall) but at a later date--

Tournament dates 2012

Hello all again
The 2012 ECB Calendar has just been released today.

In short , the available dates for the Scandinavian championship ( mens & ladies ) will be as follows :

Round 1 - 19 May
Round 2 - 16th or 30th June
Round 3 - 4th or 18th August

Venues and dates will be confirmed as per conference call with the rest of the Nordic reps next week ...we are keeping in mind the euro 2012 matches also!!( Ireland play Sunday June 10/June 14 / Monday June 18th)

Allied to this , the dates for the Pan-European championships have been confirmed.Venues will be decided and confirmed by the first week in February.The dates are
Pan Euro round 1 - 15 september
Pan Euro round 2 - 13 October
Pan Euro round 3 - 10 November
European 7 's hurling - 11 August
European 7's football - 25 August
The Hurling/Camogie rounds are as follows :
21 April / 12 May / 9 June..
The Euro 7's and hurling rounds dont really affect us unless we intend to put forward teams...
we can discuss more at training / meetings etc !
Billy Finn
Gothenburg GAA

Gotheburg GAA AGM January 19th 2012

Hello all
Just a quick note to thank those who attended the AGM last night.It was a very productive meeting and our plans and strategies for the coming year are now clearly laid out.
A new board has been elected and responsibilities for the coming year have been delegated.
Minutes of the meeting will be sent shortly.
We 'll have an introductory indoor training session/ meet & greet next Wednesday at 6pm in Valhalla ( look for Gothenburg berserkers hall number on the screen in reception )
Here's to a very successful and enjoyable 2012.!!!
Gothenburg Abu!!

Gothenburg GAA AGM January 19th

Hello all
Just to say that the AGM will now take place at Niall O Connor's gaff at 7pm on Thursday 19th Jan.Niall s address is Vasagatan 4 (just beside New Delhi Indian restaurant)..thanks to Niall for agreeing to hold it.
Some items for the agenda ( please add more if you so wish )
  1. Election of new board/captain/team manager
  2. Plans for 2012 ( Scandinavian championship/Pan-Euros/Viking Gaels)
  3. Fundraising ideas/plans/forum'
  4. Ladies GAA - plans & strategies / developments
  5. Financial statement 2011
  6. Gothenburg Irish Society : can be discussed at meeting or at seperate meeting
  7. AOB
Please forward to people I may have missed on mailing list ......

Gothenburg GAA Newsletter January 2012

Hello all and Happy new year to you all !!!
It was a successful year for the Gothenburg GAA club with our mens team competing in the Scandinavian championship
Just a quick few messages to remind ye all that the new season is just around the corner.There 's lots of work to be done in the meantime so lets get cracking and get prepared for the new year ...
As with any club , we need to hold our AGM to get things in order for the new year.We need to select a new board and delegate duties for the new year .How does everyone feel about January 19th ( Thursday ) ? This year ,instead of decisions getting lost in translation in a pub,let 's hold it in someone's house ? This year,Catherine has said she 'll host the meeting.Ill even make a bit of bacon and cabbage on the night....
ill be sending a list of motions/topics to be discussed over the next few days so get your thinking caps on.there 's a lot to talk about.
Current news
Among the items to be discussed at the AGM ( and just to inform you of current developments ) is the possible amalgamation of Gothenburg with Helsinki for the 2012 championship.This motion had a lukewarm reception from Helsinki and currently the decision lies with them.We should have news of their intentions before our AGM.
New players
We are delighted to say that we will new players with us for the new season .
Emmet Mulholland hails from Castledawson in Co.Derry and is an active member of St.Malachis GAC.He will be here for 6 months as a student and is moving here on 16th January.We look forward to his arrival and welcoming him to the Irish scene here in Gothenburg.
Paul Curley will be moving to us from Kalmar in March.He has played Junior football back home and has played some Aussie rules with Kalmar.Paul could be here for the long haul with his job so we wasted no time signing him up.
Another possible player we may have this year is Dag Magnusson.Dag has played pro soccer in the States and here in Sweden with Gais up to a few years ago..He will be attending training sessions over the next few weeks to test the waters of Gaelic football..
Ladies football
There 's been quite a few developments on the ladies football side in the Nordics so these will be discussed at the AGM.
Tournament schedule
The tournament schedule for the Nordics has nt been completed yet but the likely dates and venues are as follows
Oslo ( early May )
Malmo ( middle of June )
Helsinki or Stockholm (mid August )
The European GAA calendar has to be completed also and soon we will know where we have to travel to this year for the Pan-Europeans.
Looking forward to seeing ye all at the AGM and remember to spread the word to all or anyone who might be interested.

Is mise le meas
Liam o Finn
Gothenburg GAC