Sunday, June 29, 2014

Copenhagen Details

See attached amended draw .. note change of match times

On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 2:20 PM, :
Anyone fancy a spin out to beautiful Alingsås  tomorrow morning to pick me up. Public trains don't leave until 6.10am...
We are meeting at that time in central!
I'm a bit stuck..

On 10 Jun 2014, at 09:59,:
Just to confirm
all cars leaving Saturday morning... 6.15am at new spot.... Car park behind Centralstation ... Nils Ericsson Terminalen

On Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 8:31 AM,:

Hello all
We finally got some information about this weekend ... see below ..

Here are the teams:
·       Men: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Malmö, Gothenburg
·       Ladies: Copenhagen, Malmö, Stockholm, Gothenburg/Tallinn.

The fee for the day is 250DKK, this includes registration+lunch @ 150DKK and the dinner @ 100DKK.

As it stands , here are the transport details looks like now we will need an extra car so Paul / Seb , can ye confirm which one of ye will provide the extra car ? Seb says he can so Paul , its up to you if you want to get a car from Volvo.
Car 1 - Jakey /Dec /Adrian / Stephen/Billy
Car 2 - Daniel ,Mal ,Kevin.Niall
Car 3 - Josefin , Madde,Linn,Maja
Car 4 - Seb,Paul
An extra car is needed as Josefin is coming back same day-Maja had originally booked on train but there is a train strike this weekend.
The club will contribute costs towards something ( petrol , bridge fee,) but once we have finalised things after training tonight , ill provide details.
ill be taking your lunch and dinner preferences as per the Doodle doc.
Jessica, can you confrm with Elin an Jimmy what their preferences are as regards lunch / dinner ?
Still dont have their emails


Results from the day

Results from Copenhagen:

Copenhagen tournament

Date: 15 June 2014 23:29
Subject: Copenhagen tournament

Hi all,

Just a quick mail speaking from a captain point of view.  was a pleasure playin with all you lads this weekend. Fantastic effort, skill and commitment shown by everyone involved. Very unlucky not to have gone further in the tournament. 
The ladies did themselves proud against very tough opponents. So well done.

But just wanted to wish both Aidan and Hugh all the best traveling home. Thanks to them for their efforts for the team this year. Will be hard to replace. 

Lastly, if anyone has photos of the tournament can they email them to me as @grassrootsgaa want to do a bit of an article on the Nordic championship.



Copenhagen June 14th

Date: 21 May 2014 09:14
Subject: Re: Copenhagen June 14th

If you want accomodation for CPH,please email Daniel Buschor by this sat at the very latest and specify whether u require accomodation for fri night or sat night or both .
Any later than sat with the reply,you ll have to sort yourself out(sorry)!
Daniel,i need accomodation just for sat
Btw what is the general opinion of everybody?to travel fri night or sat morning?

Sent from my iPhone
> On 20 maj 2014, at 09:44
> All
> We need to finalise our numbers for Copenhagen.accomodation is going fast ;otherwise we ll have to sort out our indivudual accomodation.
> Paul ,can u do up a doodle doc like before?(travel,food,staying what nights etc)
> Please update the doodle doc or reply to this mail.
> Ps me and daniel and jessica will be going the morning of the tournament
> Tks
> Billy

training and updates

Date: 20 May 2014 07:39
Subject: training and updates


there is training tonight at .6.30pm in Kiviberg.I cannot attend due to clashes with school meetings but training pitch is booked.

i will try to get to the end of the session to provide updates for saturdays tournaments.
there may be a challenge match vs the Aussies boys on saturday ( compromise rules ) but we 'll know today

There is also a session for 7pm in Slottskogen ( meeting at Villa Belparc car park at 7pm.)light training session for the ladies before the tournament sat
Mens kit has finally arrived !!

talk later


draw for saturday

Date: 8 May 2014 14:08
Subject: draw for saturday

Round 1 - Copenhagen vs Oslo @ 10am  ( Umpires Malmo)
                - Stockholm vs Gothenburg   @10.40 ( Umpires Oslo)
                - Malmo Bye 

Round 2 - Oslo vs Malmo  @ 11.20  ( Umpires Stockholm )
                -Stockholm vs Copenhagen@ 12.00 ( Umpires Oslo )
                -Gothenburg  Bye 

Round 3 - Malmo vs Gothenburg @ 12.40 ( Umpires Copenhagen)
                - Oslo vs Stockholm  @ 13.20 ( Umpires Gothenburg )
                - Copenhagen  Bye 
Lunch - 13.15 to 14.00

Round 4 - Gothenburg vs Copenhagen@ 13.45 (Umpires Stockholm )
                - Stockholm vs Malmo @ 14.20 ( Umpires Copenhagen )
                 Oslo  Bye 

Round 5 - Gothenburg vs Oslo @ 15:00 ( Umpires Malmo )
                - Copenhagen vs Malmo  @ 15.30 ( Umpires Gothenburg
                  Stockholm  Bye 

4.15 pm  3rd vs 4th Match 
4.50pm  Final 

Trainings this week and other news

Date: 5 May 2014 08:52
Subject: Trainings this week and other news

Hello all
we will have one training session tomorrow at 6.30pm in Kviberg-if possible,could the team make it out for tomorrow night so we can plan properly )?
Dag , i know u cant make it .. Adrian, any chance you can make it ?

( light run out / tactics talk/team discussion )
Going forward,we will have training the following days every tuesday evening in kviberg.We will review our days after the summer break
Niall , can you confirm the boolking of the following !!

May 6th
Week 20 - we will have a light training jog in Slottskogen on Thur May 15 at 7pm to recover from Oslo.Ladies will have a session in Slottskogen that same evening while others run.
May 20th
May 27th
June 3rd
June 10th
Week 25- week before summer break.we will just meet for a run to discuss summer plans and strategies
Week 26 to week 31 summer break - no training
July 29th - first session back ..

As per Oslo , the draw will be done by CCO Philip o Toole on Thursday.Regardless of the draw, we will still have to leave latest 6.45am.We will meet at our usual place, the Shell petrol station by Gamla Ullevi / Heden Kryka.

talk later


Transport details for Oslo and other info

hello all
we need to sort out travel details for Oslo for next week.
the following people wish to go up and down same day
( Billy/Mal/Stephen/Sebastian/Niall / Dag/Daniel /Jessica/Stephen)Orla , will you be travelling for the day ? great ould day !!!
The following people are staying overnight ( Adrian /Aidan/Hugh/Declan/Paul   -- have you your accomodation sorted ? )

So far the only car confirmed is mine with the following occupants ( Mal/Niall/Stephen/Kevin Higgins - Kevin is still unsure whether he is going or not to Oslo- more than likely not.
Dag has his car full already as he is taking his family for a day trip.
so we need at least 2 to 3 other cars.If you drive a contribution will be made to petrol costs from the club.

please let us know we can sort it out at training tonight.
I have asked Donie for cost breakdown and what time dinner is planned.if its early enough,we'll stay on for dinner but if not,we 'll leave pretty much after the matches on the road back to Gothenburg.Also based on the Doodle Doc , this is the breakdown as per lunches etc
13 travelling
11 playing ( not including Aidan who yet my play but is still injured )
11 for lunch ( Jessica and Daniel organising own lunch due to dietary requirments)
5 for dinner ( based on what time the meal is planned for )
5 staying overnight

weather forecaat for next week in Oslo is to be dry and overcast and around 18 degrees.Please note the pitch we are playing on is astroturf so use proper boots --
talk later



Hurling Tournament April 26th

Hey lads

See below a link to pics taken on Saturday..some nice ones in there!!


Guys please see link below from Saturday by someone who took photos not our Medic who also will drop me a CD of photos.  See he would like  payment to also support a good cause - some good ones....

Thanks to all of you for supporting our tournament!!! Small numbers but I think because of that all players got plenty of hurling which is nice for the lads that usually would stand on the sideline. 

I really always love the hurling/camogie tournaments - so much more relaxed and better sporting atmosphere than the BIG football rounds...

See you all again soon PG.  I'm off to Eire for a few days after I finish work tomorrow.

Kind regards,


Yesterday I made some pics from the tournament.
The photoshop-photo is with a fictitious name of course.
Jeroen Tibbe

Oslo numbers May 10 th from Gothenburg

hello all
as per Mal the driving has been sorted now
Car 1 - Paul / Aidan / Adrian / Hugh
Car 2 - Billy / Stephen / Niall / Kevin ( if going )
Car 3 - Mal / Jessica / Daniel / Seb
Car 4 - Dag ( plus family )
Car 5 - Declan ( plus Liam )

As per the fee, its 150 NOK ( lunch and play only ) 250 NOK if you are staying for dinner.i say we just wait and pay on the day, i will see the state of club finances and see can we take care of some of the reg fee.
The club will pay a portion of the fee - just need to work out how much it is.
Drivers will get some petrol money from club but all donations to driver for petrol gratefully received

Also, the jerseys are going to be shipped today in time for next week !!!


one more thing
dinner is set for 7.30 pm with awards at 8.30pm.ive told donie that there are only 6 for dinner ( Liam incl).I take it that people who are Gothenburg bound will want to leave after matches.Please let me know what your intentions are ( ie if ye want to wait for dinner and awards and then head away back to gothenburg ) i just spoke on behalf of everybody !!
tell me asap  as i need to tell oslo today


Gothenburg GAA Newsletter April 2014 - todo list

Hello All,
Attched is the link to the ToDo List in excel.





The GAA today (Tuesday 1 April, 2014) announced that RTÉ has retained the rights for comprehensive GAA Championship coverage across RTÉ’s television, radio, and online  (Island of Ireland) services for the next three seasons, guaranteeing quality free-to-air coverage to audiences in Ireland up to and including 2017.

RTÉ has secured:
·       4 live television packages for the GAA Championships
·       3 live radio packages – One GAA Championships and two National League
·       The Sunday night television highlights package

Today’s announcement means that RTÉ over the next three years will deliver:
  • Live coverage of the All-Ireland Finals, Semi-Finals and Provincial Finals on RTÉ Television, RTÉ Player and RTÉ.ie (IOI live and on demand)
  • Over 31 live Championship games on RTÉ Television, RTÉ Player and RTÉ.ie (IOI live and on demand).
·       First-choice radio-broadcast rights for the GAA Championships ensuring that RTÉ Radio 1 emerge with the first-choice of games on both Saturdays and Sundays throughout the Championships and exclusive live coverage of the National Leagues
·       Championship highlights and analysis each week on RTÉ Television’s The Sunday Game
·       Weekly GAA Championship TV magazine programme
  • Weekly GAA Championship radio magazine programme
  • Live coverage on RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta
  • Extensive RTÉ News coverage on RTÉ One and RTÉ Two television, RTÉ Radio 1, RTÉ 2fm, RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta
·       Weekly National League highlights programme on RTÉ Two

Ryle Nugent, Group Head of Sport, RTÉ, said, In an increasingly competitive market, we are delighted to retain these television and radio rights on behalf of the Irish public ensuring that coverage of Gaelic games is delivered free-to-air to Irish audiences until 2017. We in RTÉ Sport are conscious of our long standing heritage with the GAA while also being passionate about constantly evolving our coverage. Year-on-year increases for RTÉ’s GAA Championship content across all platforms underlines the fact that the Irish public are fully engaged with our comprehensive coverage. Given the financial challenges that RTÉ faces, we have had to prioritise our investment in securing sports rights to deliver coverage of our national teams, national games and major events and we are delighted to retain these rights and to continue sharing this major Irish sporting and cultural experience with the Irish public”.

Following a separate process, the GAA and RTÉ are to launch an online international paid-for service offering Gaelic games to audiences worldwide. Beginning during the All-Ireland Senior Championships 2014, this new service will enable fans around the world to experience the unique excitement of the GAA Championships on their personal device live or later, whenever and wherever they want. 

Games will be streamed in high-quality HD and will include full commentary, scores, and studio programming as broadcast to audiences in Ireland. The online service will enable users to watch the games on iPad or Android tablet, laptop, PC, Smart TV, or on mobile phone.

Múirne Laffan, MD RTÉ Digital, said: “We have listened to our audience, throughout the world. I’m delighted that this innovative collaboration between RTÉ & the GAA to create an online international paid for service will now enable us to deliver and showcase Gaelic games across the world and to serve a need which we know has existed for a long time. This is in line with RTÉ's strategy to meet the demands of our international audience and to build new business opportunities, which will in turn support the range of public services that RTÉ delivers." 

Further details on this international online service will be announced at a launch this month.

Engaging the Audience
RTÉ’s GAA Championship coverage received increased audiences across all platforms last season. RTÉ Two’s The Sunday Game Live saw a series average increase of 4,500 viewers year-on-year*, while RTÉ Radio 1’s Saturday Sport and Sunday Sport saw listenership increases of 43,000*** and 34,000**** respectively year-on-year. Last year’s All Ireland Senior Football Championship Final on RTÉ Television also attracted the highest ever viewership for an All Ireland Football Final, peaking at over 1.3 million viewers in the final minute of the match when Dublin won out against Mayo. 

There were 1.08m***** streams served of RTÉ’s GAA Championship coverage on RTÉ Player and RTÉ.ie last season representing a 46% growth on 2012.

There were a total of 11.9m****** page views of GAA content on RTÉ.ie from May to September 2013 up 63% on the same period of 2012. 


Sharon Brady, Senior Communications Manager, RTÉ Television & RTÉ Digital.  087 6858975.

Note to Editors:
n  Audience Data
*The Sunday Game Live 2013 -series average viewership was 390,400 and a 42.86% audience share
The Sunday Game Live 2012- series average viewership was 385,900 and a 41.14%% audience share
** One-minute peak viewership, Live + VOSDAL

Data Source for Television Viewership: TAM Ireland/Nielsen


hello all (2nd April)

just in case ye missed it.
we have outdoor training in Skatas tonight at 6pm.meeting at clock at 6m .bring runners and boots.
also,we may be able to get on pitch in kviberg within the next weeks .. updates to follow

Training times for the next while

See below the training times for the next few weeks

Wed 12 March - 18.00 to 19.30( Valhalla Hall C-- look at the screens when you go in .take the long hall down and then take the first left for the dressing rooms.think we can pick any ones that are there,For the newbies ,Valhalla is beside Scandinavium.Make sure not to go into the swimming pool area.

Friday 21 st March - 18.00 to 19.00 (Valhalla Hall C)

Wednesday 26 March - 18.00 to 20.00 Lisebergshallen

We ll be doing weekend practices in Slottskogen if the weather holds up and there is a chance we could get on the pitch in Kviberg earlier than expected .

see ye tomorrow evening


Nordic Championship Dates 2014

Hi Folks,

The dates and venues for the 2014 Nordic Championship have been set as follows:

10th May - Oslo
14th June - Copenhagen
23rd August - Helsinki

Note, the dates apply to both Mens and Ladies. Looking forward to a great year where hopefully we will have more teams than ever taking part!

Also, a heads up that the implementation of the black card for 2014 was agreed at the CCC meeting a couple of weeks ago. It will be implemented as follows (it only applies to the  mens):

- If a player receives a black card he will miss the rest of the game and the next game - even if the next game is not in the same tournament.
- A team is allowed to replace the first player in a game to receive a black card. A team is not allowed to replace any further players in a game that receive black cards.
- If a player receives a second black card he will miss the rest of the tournament and will be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

Let me know if you have any questions about it.

Best regards,

Gothenburg GAA AGM 2014

See agenda attached ... seems there is an issue with the format from my apple mac .I will bring copies on the night

Gothenburg GAA Annual General Meeting

Date:     January 23rd,2014                 

1) Welcome / Introductions ( new members etc )
2) minutes from last AGM in 2013
3) Election of committee for 2014
2) Review Financial statement of 2013 - Financial Position / Outlook 
3) Player list/registration and membership - new developments
4) 2014 calendar (Scandinavian Championship / Grading Tournaments and Euro Finals/ Gathering/Representative sides)
5) Gothenburg GAA Ladies - plans & strategy
6) Training / fitness
7) Fundraising  (membership fees/ strategy/B2B sponsorship)
8) Gothenburg Irish Group 2014 --- how can we help each other 
9) European GAA Games Development 5 year vision ( contributions to same)
10) Göteberg Idrott Sportsalliance - rental of pitch /
11)Viking Gaels Hurling - vision and development

{Viking Gaels Hurling} Re: 2014 European Hurling and Camogie championship - Information and bids for Hosting.

Great stuff Kenny

Ill copy them on the mail today...

Yah ive really been pushing the developing region side.championship has been dominated for years by 2 or 3 teams..bout time there is some competition ..

Ill know more about venues in the next couple of days...

Thanks again

Hi Lads

See below mail i have sent to all Euro clubs its time to kick things off for the Viking gaels.!

As we said before,one tournament for us to attend this year is a must.bids are due in this week but it seems that cities to host this year will include paris,lux,hague or belgium.we are perfectly to bid and host.What if we did?never a more favourable time has there been as  i/ they really want to encourage developing regions...

So what are your thoughts?who do we have?i know im missing some email addresses so joe,could u pass onto dancer and philip o toole and kenny,could u pass onto the boys down there with you in Copenhagen.

Looking forward to hearing from you all....


Hello all and welcome to this year Hurling and Camogie championship.!

After a very positive and fruitful discussion and planning session at Convention last Decemeber, the dates for the 2014 Hurling and Camogie championship can now be revealed, discussed and planned for.The dates are

April 26th
May 24th
June 28th
August 2nd

It is envisaged that on April 26th that a camogie workshop may take place in the morning with championship games taking place in the afternoon.If successful,it may be run at another round of the camogie championship.The workshop if run will take place in conjunction with Camogie Ireland and the European GAA Tutor network whereby a skills coaching course will take place that morning and in the afternoon,Camogie Ireland coaches will be the designated team managers for participating teams in ..This is an exciting development for Camogie within Europe and is hoped to be just the start of a series of coaching and games developments for the game itself in Europe.Details are still to be worked out and we'll keep you informed.

Also this year , we hope to incorporate a B or Junior league into the Hurling championship so developing or emerging teams can be introduced to competitive action at a suitable level....this is all dependent on participating teams and the willingness of you to get involved.,...

As per  that and the rest of the dates, it is hoped that a developing region may wish to host this year.This will hopefully increase the awareness of both codes within that region and kickstart its development for the future.

Some clubs have already expressed an interest to host but of course for any successful bids the minimum criteria applies ( 2/3 playing pitches minimum, adequate facilities,coverage of food and accomodation expenses for refereees.) Please ask me for any further information if you need it to clarify (as per hosting guidelines)

Please let me know as soon as possible of your intention to host or otherwise.We will need to discuss and I'm sure we can all come to an agreement as regards dates and locations which suit everybody

thanks and regards


Dates and Venues for this year s Nordic Championship

Howya lads
Just off the Nordic conference call.dates and venues are as follows
May 10 Oslo
June 14 Malmo
August 23rd Helsinki
Grading tournament Sep 13 - Stockholm

Will send out a longer mail soon to all

Nordic Football Championship dates 2014 ( Mens and Ladies )

Hello and Happy New Year to you all !!
I hope I find you all well and I'm sure we are all looking forward to another season of GAA in the Nordics.
As per the ECB conference call which I attended last night , the following are the suggested dates
on which to hold this years championship rounds.These are not fixed but due to the congested nature of the fixture list , we dont have much room for change .

10 May
14 Jun
23 August

As per the previous round robin procedure , the hosts are given their turn every year.
This years hosts will be Oslo ,Stockholm or Helsinki ,Malmo or Copenhagen.Of course with new clubs coming on board, this can also be discussed in an open forum if clubs do or do not wish to host .
Perhaps a conference call can be arranged ( via Skype or Lync ) so that these dates and venues can be arranged .ECB hope to confirm master fixture list by end of February so maybe a call with all clubs should take place in in the next two weeks? I can arrange ..

thanks and regards
PS Joe , any word on other start-up Swedish or Nordic clubs which may want to take part ?

Billy Finn

Possible dates for Nordic Mens and Ladies cship 2014

Hello all
Below are the suggested dates for this years cship
Venues to be be decided between Oslo, Stklm or Helsinki,Malmo or Cph.

10 May
14 June
23 August

Dates to be finalised next week but
You can take it that these dates are the ones we ll go with

Also AGM has been set for 7pm thursday 23 rd jan at Nialls house on Vasagatan
Your attendance is greatly appreciated


Happy New Year --- lets go!

Hello all
Happy New Year to you all and all your famlies !!!
Now its time to get the year going again as it promises to be a very busy year indeed !
its time to get rid off the winter excess and get training .Thanks to Josefin who has booked the following dates at KvibergsNya  Pjäshallen B Hall  ( Thursdays )
Week 5 - 30/01 - 7pm to 8pm
week 6 - 06/02 - 7pm to 8pm
week 7 - 13/02 - 7pm to 8pm
week 8 - 20/02 - 7pm to 8pm
week 10 - 06/03 - 7pm to 8pm
Nordic Tournament  schedule
Today we are having an ECB conference call which will go to some way deciding the dates for all the ECB tournaments including the Nordics.I will keep u updated.
Membership / Registration
I today sent a mail about registration.i will further clarify this at our AGM
Niall , are we good to go again for your house again this year .How does Thursday 23rd Jan suit at 7pm ?

2014 Registrations and Important Information regarding competition entries, fees etc.

Dear all
First of all, on behalf of the European GAA Management Committee ("Board"), I would like to this opportunity to wish you and your club a Happy and Sporting 2014 and we look forward to seeing you on the playing fields of Europe and/or at other ECB events during the year. This year promises to be yet another great year for gaelic games in Europe with more clubs, more games and more activities than ever before.
However, increased activity levels also mean increased costs and a need to be stricter in our implementation of various rules and procedures. As in any membership based organisation, the GAA has various rules, procedures and deadlines. Details of membership registration, club affiliations, various fees and competition entry requirements are detailed below. 
Please read this email carefully and bring relevant items to the attention of your club officers and committee etc.
1. GAA members registration
The GAA membership year commences on January 1st each year. All details of club members currently on the GAA (Servasport) Online Membership System will be reset to "unregistered" on January 1st 2014. Existing members can be easily registered for 2014 by simply updating their membership status after January 1st. 
Please note that all members must be registered by March 31st. Only new members can be added after this date. Former members who wish to re-join a club must be treated as "new" members after this date. This entails extra administration and data entry. All players must be registered at least three days before playing for a club. This will be necessary in any case as teams must produce team lists from the membership system and hand to the referee before each game.
Only those members registered by March 31st are permitted to be members of club committees, vote at general meetings or be appointed as delegates to European Conventions or hold any office with the GAA, the LGFA or Camogie associations. In addition, only registered members may apply for, or be allocated, tickets for All Ireland finals.
The ECB also hopes to extend the benefits of GAA membership by year by arranging certain benefits/deals with various "commercial partners". These benefits may include special offers on products or services e.g. discounts with hotels, car rental companies, airline tickets, playing equipment, etc., but they will only be available to registered GAA members.
It is in everyone's interest, whether they are members, clubs or the ECB, to have members registered as early as possible and before other responsibilities and activities such as training, arranging travel to tournaments start to add to club officer's administrative burdens!!
2. GAA membership and ECB management fees
One key decision taken at the 2013 Annual Convention was to change the system for collecting various fees.  The former "ECB Management Fee" which was due from each club (based on numbers of members in "bands" of 1-50; 51-100 etc) along with the individual GAA membership fee has been replaced with a more equitable arrangement which combines both.
The new ECB management Fee will be €10.00 per adult member per year, (this applies to all adult members of the GAA whether players or not) and will be collected by clubs and payable to the ECB quarterly in arrears i.e. the first collection date will be March 31, with fees for additional members who join after that date, payable on June 30; September 30 and December 31st.
This fee which is payable by every member of a GAA club in Europe, without exception, will be allocated as follows:
- €2.00 to be forwarded to GAA H/Q as required by the Official Guide ("GAA Rule Book")
- €8.00 to be retained by ECB and/or recognised federations and subsidiary bodies.
The €8.00 retained by the ECB will then be distributed as follows:
- €2.00 to be forwarded to national (or multi-national) oganisations/federations (if such body exists and is recognised by ECB. The only current such federation is the FFG in France). The national federation will use this amount to fund their activities and those of subsidiary bodies.
- €2.00 to be forwarded by the national federation to other subsidiary bodies (if such body exists and is recognised by the ECB. Currently the ECB recognises two subsidiary bodies, the Ligue Breton in France and the Galician Federation in Spain).  If there is no national federation, the ECB will forward the €2.00 directly to the subsidiary body. 
- remainder retained by ECB ((replacing "old" management fee)
Some examples of how this work are as follows:-
A: A member renews his/her membership of the Rennes club in Bretagne in France in February and pays €10.00 (in addition to any club membership fee, insurance fees etc.). This amount will then be sent by the club to the FFG on March 31st. €2.00 is retained by the FFG to support their activities; and the FFG then sends €2.00 to the Ligue Breton to support local competitions etc. The FFG will then transmit the remaining €6.00  to the ECB. The ECB will send €2.00 to the GAA and retains €4.00 to fund the expenses of organising, administering and developing Gaelic games in Europe generally.
B: A new member joins the A Coruna club in Galicia in Spain in May and pays €10.00 (in addition to any club membership fee, insurance fees etc.). This amount will then be sent by the club to the ECB on June 30th. The ECB will send €2.00 to the GAA and as there is no recognised national federation, the ECB will send €2.00 to the Galician Federation to support their local leagues etc. The ECB retains €6.00 to fund the expenses of organising, administering and developing Gaelic games in the "Iberian region" and Europe generally.
C: A former member re-joins the Helsinki Harps club in Finland in August and pays €10.00 (in addition to any club membership fee, insurance fees etc.). This amount will then be sent by the club to the ECB on September 30th. The ECB will send €2.00 to the GAA and as there is no recognised national federation or subsidiary body, the ECB retains €8.00 to fund the expenses of organising, administering and developing Gaelic games in the "Nordic region" and Europe generally, this reflects the additional costs and operational requirements for the ECB where there is no national federation or other recognised body
The majority of clubs will pay their €10.00 per adult member direct to the ECB. Clubs in France will transmit the €10.00 to the FFG. 
Please note that the ECB receives details of each club's membership on a weekly basis. Invoices will be issued for clubs who have not returned their fees on time. However, as we are all volunteers, we would hope that clubs will assist the smooth operation of the system by transmitting their fees to the ECB bank account within TEN days of the end of each quarter, without having to be reminded!
3. GAA Club Affiliation fee
Every GAA club in the world is obliged to pay a €20.00 annual "club" affiliation fee before March 31st each year. The ECB has no discretion in this matter.
4. ECB Competition Entries & Fees
Every team is required to pay a €20.00 entry fee per competition to the ECB. This small fee helps to cover costs of running competitions such as referees travel. medals etc. Newly formed clubs, in their "foundation" year, may be allowed late entry to a competition and/or exempted from entry fees at the discretion of the ECB Management Committee.
Please note that the entry fee is "per team", not per club. Thus a club entering two teams (e.g. "A" and "B" teams) in a particular competition would be liable for €40.00 entry fees. 
The ECB plans to organise the following competitions in 2014:-

European Hurling Championship
European Camogie Championship
European Ladies football Championship 
European Ladies football Shield
European Premier football Championship (15-a-side)*
European Senior, Intermediate and Junior football Championships (11-a-side)
European Football 7's (To be confirmed)
* NB: Entry fee for this competition is €50.00 per team

Iberian Ladies football Championship 
Iberian Football Championship 

Benelux Ladies football Championship  
Benelux Football Championship  
Benelux Football Shield

Nordic Ladies football Championship 
Nordic Football Championship 

Central & East Ladies football Championship 
Central & East Football Championship 

Italy-Switzerland Ladies football Championship 
Italy-Switzerland Football Championship 

North-West (France & Channel Islands) Ladies football Championship 
North-West (France & Channel Islands) Football Championship (organised on a "conference" basis)

Clubs will also be sent a link to electronic entry form which is required to assist the Competitions Control Committee (CCC) in planning and organising the various competitions. 
The closing date for completing the 2014 ECB Official Competition Entry Form will be March 1st. 

Late Entries
Late entries (if permitted by the CCC) may incur an additional late entry fee of €30.00. 

Clubs will be refunded their entry fee for any team which officially withdraws from a competition provided that notice of the withdrawal is sent to the European Secretary at least 14 days prior to the date of the first round of a competition. 

NB: Due to the logistics involved in the organisation of the Premier (15-a-side) Football Championships, the date for withdrawals will be decided by the CCC but will be at least 30 days prior to the first round of fixtures.

5. Club & Officer Contact details
Every organisation needs to communicate with it's constituent units from time to time. The ECB regularly communicates with clubs via email and posts information to our website and Facebook page.

Whilst all official European GAA communications are conducted by email to official GAA email addresses, we are also required to hold on file, certain basic details in relation to each club and the club officers. An electronic form to collect this information will be issued shortly to all clubs. Completion of this form is mandatory and we request clubs to cooperate.

6. Affiliation & Entry forms
In order to assist both clubs and the ECB, and make the process easier for all, the 2014 ECB/GAA affiliation form will be shortly be issued as online form.

7. Failure to comply with regulations
In the GAA we are all volunteers and giving up our time to organise club and ECB activities and this includes administrative and financial matters. With almost 70 clubs in Europe, the ECB officers have a heavy workload and many are also active in their clubs as well. Therefore we appeal to all clubs to supply requested information and pay fees on time. 

We do understand that problems arise and clubs have difficulties too and we try to be as flexible as possible however clubs who have problems should alert us as soon as possible, outlining their situation. Unfortunately, we must advise that it is unlikely that we will be able to waive fees for clubs due to general economic conditions as almost all clubs are suffering to a greater, or lesser, degree in these difficult times.

However, in order to be fair to those who respect the rules, clubs who fail to supply requested information by the due date will be penalised by fines and/or other sanctions such as non-participation in development or coaching activities, not being allowed to host tournaments etc. Clubs who are in arrears in the payment of fees will NOT  be allowed to play in any competition or participate in other GAA activities until fees are paid. This requirement will be strictly implemented this year. Clubs are asked to bear this in mind when commencing activities for the season ahead, contacting members, collating contact details and collecting fees for the season and also when accepting new members. 

My apologies for such a long email and thank you for taking the time to read it and on behalf of the ECB, I again wish you a super 2014 season.
Kind regards
Tony Bass 
Secretary, Europe GAA