Thursday, June 20, 2013

Team Photos From Göteborg wknd

News article from Göteborg wknd

Results From Göteborg

Mens Results:
 Ladies Results:

Results from Malmö


Group 1
Malmö 0-01 Stockholm 2-04
Copenhagen 0-02 Stockholm 2-06
Malmö 3-10 Copenhagen 1-06

Group 2
Ribban Rovers 0-01 Oslo 4-10
Gothenburg 1-07 Oslo 1-04
Gothenburg 2-12 Ribban Rovers 0-01

Semi Finals
Malmö 0-10 Gothenburg 1-09
Oslo 1-06 Stockholm 3-09

Ribban Rovers 1-01 Copenhagen 2-01

Malmö 3-2 Copenhagen 2-01

Stockholm 1-11 Gothenburg 0-03

1. Stockholm - 25pts
2. Gothenburg - 20pts
3. Malmö - 16 pts
4. Oslo - 13 pts
5. Copenhagen - 11pts
6. Ribban Rovers - 10 pts


Malmö 2-07 Copenhagen 0-04
Stockholm 6-05 Copenhagen 0-01
Malmö 3-07 Stockholm 0-01

Stockholm 2-04 Malmö 3-07

1. Malmö - 25pts
2. Stockholm - 20pts
3. Copenhagen - 16 pts

This week and other news

Hi all

Now that our bodies are beginning to recover from last weekend, I just
want to say what a privilege it was to be with and battled with you
all through the day,

It was one of the best weekends ever in our proud history and goes to
show what can be achieved with collective will.!!!!

However, we c'ant rest on our laurels.... we have our own tournament
coming up in the next few weeks with alot of work to be done.
Malmo ( mens & ladies ) / Stockholm ( mens and ladies ) / Oslo and
ourselves  ( mens and ladies ) have confirmed their attendance.
No show from Helsinki / Tailinn / Copenhagen this year ( although Cph
are still 50/50 as to whether they will send a mens or ladies team.

A file will be sent out with delegation of tasks but what needs to be
done asap and to draw a crowd is a poster advertising the day.Can
someone do up one quickly so we can put one up in both Dubs , other
pubs and sports halls ?

Otherwise, we will have training this Thursday at pitch 17 in Kviberg
at 6.30pm.we will have at least one new male and maybe a few new
females... its not long to go.Please try and come!

Gothenburg abu !!!!!


Training and general state of affairs

Hello all

Just a quick note to inform you of training next Sunday the 21st
midday at Slottskogen ( carpark by Belparc ) .Your attendance is
required  - its too close to cship to be fannying about and we need to
see who s serious about being in the team this year.........

We are just 5 weeks away from championship and to say we need to pull
the finger out is an understatement.Talking of Malmo, can you please
confirm your intention to travel or not asap by texting me or Paul or
Kevin or replying to this mail.Accomodation is still not booked as
only a few people have said they are.

Likewise, the ladies team this year , despite all good intentions at
the start of the year , is looking very likely not to be a goer this
year.Nobody is showing up for training ( except Madde ) and if we are
to get new players , we need to get them sharpish.Otherwise, we 'll
just join with Malmo / Cph which is what we do not want at all.....

Outdoor training starts week 18 in Kviberg  so please lets drive on , eh !!!!



Viking Gaels in 2013

Ok lads,

It's time to crap or get off the pot :-D

We are all well aware of the potential here in the Nordics for hurling, we have a handful of fellas, even ladies in every club so I guess our main issues have been logistics and in a way competition with football.

Myself and Billy have been discussing ideas about how to get it going so we've decided to plan a Scandinavian 7's tournament to be held in Gothenburg (mid to late July - possibly the weekend of the 20th/21st.)
This would be a great opportunity for us to properly get together over a weekend, the idea being we train/play together before heading to our first tournament, with the aim being the final round in Brussels on August 3rd.

We'll get back to you shortly with a confirmed date but we'll be aiming for the date above.
Naturally if there are Camogie players we'll certainly accommodate them too.

Any thoughts/preferences??

Club secretaries,

Please pass this on to all club members.......there might be a few more closet hurlers/camogie players in your ranks.

Na Lochlannaigh Abú

Is mise le meas
Joe Whelan

{Viking Gaels Hurling} Fwd: Aer Lingus Invitational Hurling Tournament Galway (Sept 18 - Sept 22 ) - Team Europe

Dear club officer

Please see email below from  Billy Finn (Hurling Officer) regarding the selection of players for two Europe teams competing in the Aer Lingus international hurling tournament which will take place in Galway in September.

Europe will send two teams:

1. Irish born players
2. Players born outside of Ireland

Please bring to attention of all hurlers in your your club.


Tony Bass 
Secretary, Europe GAA
Hello all
Just to remind you that due to promotional and committee requirements from the organisers , we were hoping to have some  names of attendees within the next 3 weeks.
So please get on to your members to declare their interest and intentions.This is a fabulous oppurtunity for us all involved in European  hurling.
 On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 9:25 PM, Hurling Officer Europe wrote:
Hello all
Hope I find you all well.
Recently I canvassed interest from all European clubs in declaring their interest to send non-Irish national members of their hurling clubs to the International Hurling tournament in Galway in September this year.The response was well-received and to date 18 players have indicated their interest and intention to travel to Ireland in September.
Now its the turn of our Irish nationals who play throughout Europe to declare their interest and intentions to participate in this fantastic tournament - a splendid chance to showcase to the world that hurling in Europe is vibrant and strong.
What we re looking for is Irish born members of all hurling clubs in Europe to nominate players from their club.The panel will be made up of 21 players With such a broad and varied pick of hurling members and clubs to chose from , a quota system per club may have to be put in place.However, this is all relavent to who and how many players declare their interest.Also, there will be a requirement to attend one mandatory training session at the last hurling round this year mainly to  a / establish the panel b/ inform players of the logistics involved.
The bonus for the players picked on the panel is an all - expenses paid trip ( flights and accomodation ) to Galway at the end of september and a chance to play against world opposition on a world stage.The format of the competition will be establised closer to the time with the finals being played in Pearse Stadium in Galway.
If you ve any questions , please let me know
Billy Finn
European Hurling Officer
Göteborg, Sweden

{Viking Gaels Hurling} Viking/Nordic Hurling in 2013

Happy New Year to ye all lads.

We return to the mission of forming our hurling team in 2013. I know we've talked about it a bit last year and got a bit of communication going, but I'd really like to give it another push in 2013.
On a whim the other day I made a last minute bid to host a round of the 2013 Hurling & Camogie Championships in Malmo in order to try and stimulate both our own and European focus on hurling in the region.
Whilst the bid was appreciated it was sadly shot down by the powers at be, due to the failure of the Budapest experiment a few years ago, as Budapest hosted a round but failed to turn up to any other rounds.
A new rule has now been put in place that potential hosts must play in 2 rounds of the previous years Championship, which personally I believe kills the whole impetus of what we are trying to do.
Nevertheless, I don't believe that will put a stop to us.
Billy Finn (Gothenburg) is the new European Hurling Officer so we have local support to get us off the ground in 2013.
Yes we are well aware of the time and money constraints involved in playing a second sport.
Most of our clubs have small numbers of hurlers or a number of small hurlers :-D and we have even found some non-club members willing to hurl.

So I'd like to ask the following of all clubs:
•Please forward this message to all your club members
•Club committees to consider allocating a small proportion of your budget to hurling in 2013 to help club members with expenses if possible.
•Any interested Hurlers AND Camogie players to contact me and we'll add them to the Viking Gaels mailing list.
•Join the Facebook group Viking Gaels
•Consider having some sort of Hurling meet in the region early in the season.
Billy is now also a Master Tutor so perhaps we could have a mini coaching/7's weekend.

When we have all interested players accounted for we'll create an equipment register to see what we have in regards to weaponry and helmets and possibly approach our good friend the Hurling Officer for a grant of some sorts.
Rumour also has it that Lahti Hurling Club in Finland are making a comeback so there is ample opportunity for us to make 2013 a successful launch of the Viking Gaels.

Please feel free to contact me
All the best

Joe Whelan