Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gbg GAA tournament in the Press

GAA is blossoming abroad

Gaels Beat Oslo in Scandinavian GAA Championship

So what did happen at those Scandinavian GAA Championships?

Copenhagen Info Pack

Hi all,
please find the Copenhagen Information pack attached. Note the cost for the complete day (including evening meal) has come down to 250 Kr after finalising everything. Just a reminder, can you please confirm numbers asap :)
Many thanks and looking forward to seeing you all,

Accomodation for June 11th

Hello all
Just to inform you that accomodation has been booked for the weekend of June 11th at the following

*Danhostel Copenhagen City in Copenhagen, Denmark

Its fairly central and seems to be of a good standard( not that we'll be staying there long anyway).As with all hostels,bring your own bed linen or you can get them down there at the desk for 60 dkk.Sleeping bags not allowed.
we 're booked in for arrival time 6pm but we'll have to see how the day goes..
I did nt order breakfast for us as im sure we'll be having a late breakfast anyway at Johnno's place.!!
Have a look at the website for yourself for further info.
The cost of the accomodation will be covered by Gothenburg GAA club.A breakdown of further costs will be sent in a mail this week.
As agreed , we will leave early on Saturday morning( probably 6.30pm ish-definitely not later than 7am)
I take it that all ( except David Burke ) will be staying here.Let me know if things are changing as 12 people are booked in for accomodation.

Billy, Dec, Niall, Adrian, Brendan, Stephen, Daniel, Jessica, kevin H, Noelie, Jakey, Greg

ps Remember training tonight Kviberg 6.30pm Monday
all the best

June 11th Copenhagen Tournament Update

Hey all, yes we will be going now. Thanks for all the positive input. Kev is dead right. Let's go down and have a blast. 10 players have confirmed they will travel. Just waiting on Stephen G, Jakey said he will travel as back-up and our star goalkeeper from last year, Phil Sprackers, has said he will be there. He just needs to confirm tonite. We also might have one or two berserkers travelling but they have not come back to me yet.

Players therefore are:
Billy/Dec/Brendan/Adrian/Kevin H/Niall/Daniel/David Burke/Greg/Noelie Maher/Jakey ...
Eoin cant make it due to work commitments.

I'll see how accomodation goes tonight when I look.

Hi all
Thank you all for your quick response.
Pending one confirmation, the most we will be travelling down with is 10 players. Unless we unearth a few players in the next 2 weeks. I will be talking to the Berserkers and see do they have anyone who wants to come down. Question is now -will we still go ahead and travel? I personally would still like to go even if it means we have to borrow players down there. The other teams plan to bring about the same amount of players to the CPH tournament.

Let me know your feelings and we'll go from there.Persons confirmed to travel :
Billy/Dec/Brendan/Adrian/Kevin H/Niall/Daniel/David Burke/Greg
All bar David will require accomodation.
Eoin cant make it due to work commitments

let us know. itll still be a great weekend.

Hi all
I know i asked you some weeks back about who is going to Copenhagen but can you re confirm again as the number keeps changing .

Plan is to drive down the morning of the tournament (more than likely a minibus and 1 car to save costs ). i nights accomodation.looking at hostels again but i need to know how many are travelling before i can book.

let me know by replying to this mail as soon as possible.i hope to book accomodation by sunday night ..

PS there is definitely a womens tournament in copenhagen


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gothenburg tournament - a word from the gaffer

Hi all ,
just a quick mail to say well done to everybody yesterday for the effort put in by players and the commitee Saturday. Everyone mucked in to make it a great day and all the visiting teams said they had a great day. Results did not go our way but that 's not the point. It was a great success.

The only thing left to do is put the crossbars back in their original position. Can one or two people help Monday evening from 17:00 on to help get them fixed. They have to be\done by Monday night.

As for training, rest week this week. I'll be jogging in Skatas around 19:30, if anyone is interested. We'll resume training next monday 23rd at 18:45 in Kviberg.

Well done again,

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gothenburg tournament - comments

Alrite ladies and gentlemen,
have to say I really enjoyed Saturday. I really appreciate all the work youse living up in the city put into making saturday such a success. There was great atmosphere all day long. Ok, results were a touch disappointing, but in periods we played some really nice football. I believe that if we polish up or even bear in mind a few simple things like: 1) having a routine or organising our kick outs 2) concentrating on keeping our shape which in turn makes us difficult to play against 3) Having a principle free / 45 kicker 4) getting the best out of the players we have regarding positions/ tactics, especially as we now know what the other teams offer in strenghts and weaknesses 5) Getting with the pace of the game from the beginning is vital - of which I completely misunderstood!

Given we were quite tight for players it was a real shame that our 'dynamo' billy and 'classy' adrain took heavy, heavy knocks. Its true, we can only get better. I fancy us for a few points in copenhagen.

Keep er lit folks
kevin higgins

Gothenburg tournament in the press

For those interested, I saw a write up on Saturday's tournament here:
...and here is another article from last week:

Thank you

Hello all,
on behalf of Gothenburg GAA, I just want to say a big thank you to all who attended the tournament on Saturday. It was a great success and we all appreciate the effort it takes to travel to these events.
Hope you all got home safely on Sunday and looking forward already to June 11th in copenhagen.
Is mise le meas
Billy Finn
Gothenburg GAA Club

Tournament Update

Well done to Stockholm Gaels who emerged victorious in a thrilling opening tournament in the Scandinavian Gaelic football championship on Saturday.
More information to follow later.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Round 1 of 2011 Scandinavian Football Championship kicks off in Gothenburg this weekend.

Training Week 19

Training this evening (Monday) at the utby pitches, near Kviberg, at 18:30.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 14th task list

Hello all,
I had a meeting with Spartacus last night and the following are action items that need to be considered and actioned. Actions that need volunteers are highlighted in bold and italic. They may be covered already on Dec 's action list.

a/GAA pitch markings will be done by the Kommun next Thursday night. Flags can be got from the Spartacus equipment container on the morning of match.

b/Goal crossbars will need to be lowered and nets installed . This can be done Thur night at the earliest but Friday night seems more preferable. Likewise, after the tournament, the crossbars need to be returned to original position by latest Monday night 16th May. We need volunteers .. any takers ?

c/Dressing rooms - 4 dressing rooms / 5 teams , we will just have to alternate on the day. Can someone make team signs for the doors ?

BBQ and Bar
a/We have use of both a gas and a charcoal BBQ. I think we'll be OK with the coal one. I think it needs a bit of a clean. Any volunteers? Likewise, the burgers/hot dogs will be put into the fridges on Friday night. We will need someone to run the BBQ saturday. Any food we do not sell is returned to Lerjedalen GC. Any takers for running the bbq ?

As for the bar, Spartacus will have someone all day the bar. It is their bar and any profit they make is theirs. If you are telling friends that are coming, it is imperative that you tell them not to bring beer or hard liquor of their own. If caught, they and Spartacus and us can get into serious crap. Its just not worth it.

b/Also, the PA system is good to go. We will need someone who is technically minded to set it up. We will need a copy of Amhran na bhFiann / some good rebel music CD' s. Who can take this action item?

c/We can get the tents / marquee on Friday night and have them already put up on Friday night. We wasted valuable time last year putting them up on the morning of the matches. Can we have some volunteers for doing this and the goalposts on Friday night.? We can put out the benches saturday morning.


a/I have confirmed numbers of 75 for the evening buffet at the Dubliners. I have asked all teams coming to break down who is staying on for dinner etc cos we have always had the case whereby teams have cancelled on the day. If they cancel on the day,they still pay for the food. No exceptions. Who can take the registration desk on the day and collect money if needed ?
PS If you have dietary requirements for your lunch pack or evening meal, please tell me by Thursday or Friday.

b/Can someone make out evening buffet tickets (dated) ideally with the gaa club logo?Make out 110 just to be safe .

c/The food for the lunch packs will be ready to be made on the Friday night as well. We can either make them in Lerjedalen Golf club or bring them to Spartacus clubhouse. Either way, we need volunteers for making the packs on the Friday - any takers ?

d/ Last thing, please confirm by text or mail soonest if you are attending the evening meal and if you want a lunch pack.

That s about it at the moment. Please look at Declans task list to see the current status of action items - they may be covered already or have ownership already


Training Update

Hi all, no training Wednesday in Kviberg. Training instead on Thursday 5th May in Slottskogen at 6.30pm-ready to go for 6.45pm. e-mail on tournament task list to follow. Regds, /Billy.