Friday, July 13, 2012

More Updates.

A huge congratulations to our ladies team who beat Malmo in their first competitive game two weeks ago!! Big thanks to all the ladies and to Declan & Daniel for helping with the organisation and being referee It is very much appreciated.

Also, well done to the four lads who competed in Oslo on the same day. We secured vital championship points which could be critical towards season end.

Last but not least, a big farewell to Catherine Hayes who returns to Ireland for 6 months on work placement. Catherine defines the spirit of the club with her drive and energy and she was hugely influential in not only recruiting members but contributed massively to our hugely successful Irish night and other fundraisers. See you soon Catherine and have a great time in Ireland !!!

Billy Finn
Gothenburg GAA

Malmo Tournament August 18th (Accomodation & Details)

Hello all
Greetings from the scorching US mid-west ! Hope you are all having a great summer. The Malmo tournament is not for away and we need to get ourselves sorted for that weekend. As is stands, the following people are provisionally going to travel (based on replies to original mail). I will break it down by playing and non-playing.

Playing and travelling and requiring accomodation
  1. Eoin
  2. Billy
  3. Adrian
  4. Micil Glennon
  5. Daniel
  6. Paul
  7. Moses
  8. Mal ( needs to confirm if travelling and playing)
  9. Tom ( needs to confirm if travelling and playing)
  10. David ( needs to confirm if travelling and playing)
  11. Niall
  12. Peter ( needs to confirm if travelling & playing)
  13. Jessica
  14. Mia
  15. Madde

Travelling and requiring accomodation but non-playing 
   16. Kevin H ( injured )
   17.Declan R ( mgt )
   18 Jakey ( mgt )

Travelling and playing and not requiring accomodation 
   20. Ossian ( injured but yet still may play )

The following people need to let me know as soon as possible whether they are travelling or not 
Therese Nordberg / Maria / Delia / Nika / Stephen Gorman / Patrik / Mehdi/ Dan Erik / Patrik Karlsson/ Magnus .

Of course, if I've let any of the newcomers out, please pass on the request as to their intentions to travel. Even based on the above numbers, this looks like one of the strongest panels we'll have ever assembled at a tournament. Absolutely brilliant stuff..

Based on the above numbers, I've made a request for accomodation at Rut och Ragnars hostel on Spannehusvagen 77. We have stayed there before and the prices are reasonable and its fine and basic. I've made a provisional request for 16 people staying 2 nights so if your plans are different, please let me know soonest.

As for transport down, it looks like we may need drivers to volunteer but we ll know more as the numbers get confirmed.!!

Let 's get it on !!!!
Billy Finn
Gothenburg GAA

Are ya strugglin to motivate your attendence in Malmö at next round of GAA Champtionship in August

Tks for the below Eoin
Talking of the Malmo tournament. We need to know who is travelling so we can book accomodation. We'll be travelling down on the Friday night and coming back Sunday afternoon. Also, let us know if you intend to travel to the Pan Euros on Sept 15th in Copenhagen as well. Might as well start booking accomodation.
Let me know as soon as you know and what your arrangments are ...
Eoin Ó Broin wrote:
Worry no more ´cos the same weekend there is a massive festival there!! See:
We can start the games at 6am on saturday so we can have a good day at the festival ;-)

A Warm Welcome to Oslo

Looking forward to seeing you in Oslo Lads,
Should be good times.
If you have any questions get back to me I will be happy to help
Paul (secretary.oslo.europe)
Oslo Info