Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Other info

Other info to consider .

We need to establish a tournament organising committee for the hosting of round 4 of the Scandinavian Football Championship here in Gothenburg on August 15th. There is a lot of stuff to do to co-ordinate and we want to keep the standards we set last year. I suggest we hold a meeting in the next two weeks to discuss this and other items like sponsorship/fund-raising/future plans ...all date suggestions welcome !!

On other news, Declan Redmond has agreed to take over the duties of secretary of the club from Karol Mullally who has moved to Stockholm. Thanks Karol for all your hard work !!!

Malmö Tournament June 19th

As round 2 is not very far away , it would be appreciated it if you could let it be known as soon as possible of your intention to travel to the tournament. We need a bigger travelling squad as last Saturday illustrated. Hope to book accomodation soon and if anyone has no objections, I will see can I book the place we stayed in last year. I would suggest we travel down early on the Saturday morning this time and stay the Saturday night. We could leave around 07:00 and be there for 10:00.

Likewise, we need to get more girls out training and learning the game. Its a great chance to play two tournaments in the near future and keeping fit. We need at least 5 or 6 girls from Gothenburg GAA to field a combined Scandinavian team .... lets go, girls !!!!


No time to rest now though. Our stamina really kicked in in Match 3 and 4. We need to kick on from here and work even more on stamina . Therefore, I really would appreciate it now that as many people as possible attend training Tuesdays in Slottskogen (18:30 meet - 18:45 start as usual) to continue with our fitness. Malmö is less than 4 weeks away and all teams will be working now on their stamina. Football practice continues as normal on Thursday nights at 19:00 in Spartacus Rugby pitch .

Tournament Update

Want to say a big thank you to all the guys and girl who travelled for the 1st round of the Scandinavian Football Championship in Copenhagen last weekend. In a scorching hot day in energy-sapping conditions, we performed very well in 3 of our 4 games. For those who weren't there, the scores were as follows :

Match 1 - Gothenburg 1-6 Oslo 0-0
Match 2 - Gothenburg 0-2 Copenhagen 2-7
Match 3 - Gothenburg 0-4 Malmö 0-5
Match 4 - Gothenburg 1-1 Stockholm 1-8 .

We just didn't play for match 2 but overall, we put up a great show against eventual winners Malmö and Stockholm considering we had just 7 regular players and an Aussie who never played the game before!!

Full marks to Mia Bira who represented Gothenburg with pride in a Copenhagen -v- Gothenburg/Stockholm friendly match on the day. I also want to remind people of Catherine Hayes disappointment that she could not attend the tournament at the weekend. She sustained a heavy knock to the head in training last Thursday night and thank God, after a visit to the hospital, she was released and is now recovering.Hurry back ,Catherine !!

Full match reports will be put up shortly on the website!!

Is mise le meas
Liam O Finn
Gothenburg Cumainn Luachas Gaiel

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tournament Results

Well done to Copenhagen GAA on organising a good tournament and congratulations to Malmö GAA on winning the 1st round of the Scandinavian GAA Football Championship 2010. Here are the (provisional) results:

Malmö 0-05 - 0-04 Copenhagen
Gothenburg 1-06 - 0-00 Oslo
Stockholm 1-06 - 1-03 Malmö
Copenhagen 3-07 - 0-01 Gothenburg
Oslo 0-01 - 1-07 Stockholm
Malmö 0-5 - 0-4 Gothenburg
Copenhagen 3-04 - 0-00 Oslo
Gothenburg 1-01 - 1-09 Stockholm
Oslo 0-01 - 0-07 Malmö
Stockholm 0-06 - 0-03 Copenhagen
Malmö 0-06 - 0-02 Stockholm

Copenhagen Ladies 5-05 - 1-02 Sweden Ladies

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Training Update

Training continues outdoors Thursdays at Spartacus Rugby Pitch in Melbyfjaltet in Partille at 19:00 sharp. We need to be on the pitch ready to go for 19:00. The no 59 leaves from Nils Ericson Terminalen at 18.15 and gets to Fjällbo at 18.37 get this one if you can.

Avgång Ankomst Restid Trafikslag
17:44 18:07 00:23 Buss 59
18:15 18:37 00:22 Buss 59
18:45 19:07 00:22 Buss 59

Tournament Update

Hello all,
the tournament is finally upon us. Here below are the general details as regards the days events and other info.

Declan/Adrian/Keith/Stephen/Eoin/Victor/Billy/Ryan/Mia/Catherine/Jakey/Marcus is provisionally coming but wont know until tomorrow afternoon

We have the following accommodation booked for the Friday night only -
Hotel Jorgensen
Roemersgade 11
1362 Copenhagen

The accomodation works out thus:
3 double rooms with private/shower and toilet - 800 DKK per room (1000 SEK)
1 double room with extra bed private shower and toilet : 1000 DKK (1300 SEK)
1 triple room with external shower and toilet : 900 DKK (1170 SEK)

Other costs :
The Euro registration fee per person for the tournament is 260 SEK (as included in the attached file, this fee covers registration costs water, lunch - sandwich and drink & evening meal. The evening meal is set for 18:00 to 18:30, please advise by tomorrow evening if you won't stay for the meal. This will mean a reduction in costs per person.

Other costs to include unfortunately are the bridge (100 SEK per person one way so 200 SEK for the trip). This is based on 3 cars with 4 occupants - cost of the bridge is 400 SEK per car one way. Petrol costs per car also, I would say 200 SEK to be given to the driver before the trip commences.

The GAA club will attempt to subsidise some part of the trip either the registration fee or accomodation .

Other information :
Please note that we need to pay for the accomodation the morning after. Everyone pays per room so please note what room you are staying in. We had fierce problems last year with this hotel with people not paying and others were saddled with the debt. So, please pay the morning after.

We will leave Friday evening as soon as possible after 17:30 ( no later than 6pm)We will meet at/outside The Dubliner and proceed from there.

The pitch we are playing at is located in at
Arsenalvej 2
Holmens Idraet
1436 Kobenhavn K

It is very central and close to Kristiana (so stay off the spliffs) otherwise, lets HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND and Lets Compete !!!!!
PS Catherine and Mia , the ladies match is Gothenburg/Stockholm versus Copenhagen ....!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Copenhagen Tournament

The Copenhagen tournament is upcoming on 22nd May. Pending names, we need to book accommodation very soon. Suggestion is to stay in the same place (Hotel Jorgensen) as we did last year. However, due to financial constraints it now looks more likely we will travel down on the Friday night and just stay one night. We will leave then directly after the meal on Saturday evening. This is of course up to you. Pending conversations from Stockholm, the following people are more or less committed to travel:
Male : Billy/Declan/Keith/Adrian Kelly/Eoin O Broin/Victor/Stephen Gorman
Female : Mia/Catherine Hayes (possibly)

As you can see, we are struggling for numbers this season. For those of you who have not been around so far, please advise of your willingness or otherwise to attend. For the new guys, thanks so much for showing up.

On the ladies front, the good news is that there will definitely be a combined Nordics team in Copenhagen so there will be a separate ladies tournament. So come on ladies, what better motivation than your own tournament? We will go through basic skills and rules when you attend but now we need you to be there!!!

The fee for the tournament is expected to be around 30 Euro per person but this is subject to confirmation. This fee includes registration fee, isotonic drink, fruit and your evening meal. Will confirm when Copenhagen pass on the final details.

Membership Fees

Guys and gals, very few people have paid their membership so far this year. If you have not, please do so immediately. May 15th is now the deadline. Please pay as soon as you can. Bank details are on the website so please use this avenue and your name as reference so we can see who has paid. We need to pay Spartacus for use of their facilities this year out of the membership fee hence the urgency for payment.

Compromised Rules Match

There will be a compromised rules match against the Berserkers very soon. Details are being finalised but this will be a fund raising event also. The match will either be in Slottskogen or Partille so keep an eye out for details.

Training Update

Training recommences outdoors next Thursday 6th May at Spartacus Rugby Pitch in Melbyfjaltet in Partille at 19:00 sharp. We need to be on the pitch ready to go for 19:00. The no 59 leaves from Nils Ericson Terminalen at 18.15 and gets to Fjällbo at 18.37 get this one if you can.

Avgång Ankomst Restid Trafikslag
17:44 18:07 00:23 Buss 59
18:15 18:37 00:22 Buss 59
18:45 19:07 00:22 Buss 59

Physical Training

There is physical training tonight with Caz at 18.30 in Slottskogen. Meeting @ 18.30 and ready to go for 18.45.Your attendance is requested.