Monday, August 29, 2011

Updated Albums on Picasa

Updated Albums on Picasa
Gothenburg v Malmo
Jessica - Ladies Match (Stockholm)
Warm Ups
Gothenburg v Oslo
Gothenburg v Stockholm

EGM /Stockholm review/Future plans

Well all

Just a quick mail to give you all a heads up on latest news in Gothenburg GAA Circles

Stockholm tournament review :

Gothenbburg GAA were in attendance for the last round of the Scandinavian championship.On a dank,horrible,rainy afternoon ,Gotheburg once again punched above their weight and performed with distinction.

First game versus Malmo saw the conditions deteriorating steadily but we got off to a good start and points from Adrian and Shane kept us in touch with Malmo at the break.However,Malmo got the upper hand in the second half with some well-taken points from their free-running forwards and although we pulled a goal back , there was just 2 points in it at the end .Great displays once again all round the pitch with Kevin and Adrian controlling midfield , David and Eoin sturdy in defence and Brendan mopping up and providing link play with Greg and Daniel , we fought as always to the end.( Malmo 0-7 Gothenburg 1-1 )

Next match up was Oslo and this turned out to be a surprise fixture in more ways than one.With a great start whereby we took the lead from the off ,Gothenburg put some great link play together and managed to go in at half-time all square with our Norweigan opponents.However, things went rapidly downhill after the break with some incredulous refereeing decisions giving Oslo some handy points.Added to this ,over-zealous tackling from Oslo resulted in Billy being cleaved by an Oslo player whilst trying to clear .Well,that was the signal for Brendan "everybody was Kung-fu fighting " O Driscoll to come in swinging to save the day.Although he got a beautiful left hook square to his jaw, he left his mark on a couple of Oslo players .The match peetered out after that with Oslo keeping the Got attack at bay .( Oslo 0-8 Gothenburg 0-4 )

Last match of the day saw Gothenburg taking on their new rivals and kingpins Stockholm.This turned out to be Gothenburgs best performance of the day who were right in it up until the final whistle.Some early points and some brilliant link play,movement and running from Adrian ,Steve ,Shane,David and Brendan meant that we shell-shocked Stockholm who responded with a poxy rebound goal.This gave them a lift and they went into the break two points up.Gothenburg tore into them again after the break and although we enjoyed the lions share of possession we just could nt translate this into scores,.Stockholm scored a late goal to seal the deal but we finished the tournament on a high nonetheless. ( Gothenburg 0-5 Stockholm 2-4 )

Also, a big shout out to Jessica Dahlman who played her first ever Gaelic football match and tournament.She played on the Stockholm team versus Talinn and I think now that she has gotten the Gaelic bug,she 's now a fixture.Well done ,Jessica !!!!!

Big thanks to Greg for coming up to Stockholm for the tournament !!thanks again ,big man !!

Gothenburg 's Player of the tournament - Without doubt ,David Burke .Tenacious defending all-day by the teak-tough Corkman .Consistent all day and doled out the hits when they needed to be given.!!good man,david.!!!

Best "Ultimate cage fighter " impression - Brendan O Driscoll ( see above )

Best " Person who kept everybody else awake on Friday night due to his snoring " - Jakey ( thanks again ) !!

So where to next ..........?

Well next port of call is the last round of the Pan-Euros in Limerick on Nov 5th.We need to decide finally if we are attending or not.I think we should go.. as simple as that.However, there really is no point going if we only go with 5 or 6.So, in order to arrange and discuss, a meeting ( EGM ) should be called to see what the story is.. i put forward Friday 9th September ( time and location to be decided ) for an EGM ... any other suggestions for dates which are more suitable ,just put them forward.we can discuss fundraising etc if the plan is to go ahead....

PS ,,, Catherine took a load of pictures.Can someone download them from Dropbox and put on the GAA website.Picasso

Is mise le meas

Billy Finn
Gothenburg GAA club

Monday, August 15, 2011

Gothenburg GAA Newsletter August 2011 Update

Hello all

Just a quick mail about this weekend ...

1.We will have a quick training session Thursday at 7pm in Slottskogen .Meet at the usual place .

2. We have now 11 travelling from Gothenburg.( 1 mini-bus plus 1 car)We will meet at 5.45pm on Friday at the Shell petrol station ( beside the Ullevi tennis hall across from Heden Catholic Church. - the Kalaset is on so town will be packed ) .leaving no later than 6pm.

3.Can someone print out directions to hostel from Gothenburg ( we got lost the last time ) and from hostel to pitch etc ( 2 copies)?

4.For your info , the meal/presentations etc are all taking place out at the pitch in Arsta.Afterwards,they have then organised a bus back into the Dubliners ( which is grand as hostel is close to there).there is quite a crowd of players so dont know how that's going to work but i would say bring your glad rags with you just in case)

5.The cost of the mini-bus will be covered by the club but we will need a contribution of 150 sek per person for petrol.If there is any money left over,we 'll throw it into a drinks kitty.Cost for accomodation is 500 sek for the 2 nights and reg fee fortournament is 250 sek.

see ye all soon

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gothenburg GAA Newsletter August 2011

Hello all
See below the latest news in Gothenburg GAA circles :

Stockholm tournament
The last round of the Scandinavian championship is fast approaching. On the training front, can we all make an effort to attend training next Thursday 11th August @ 19:15 in Slottskogen and see how fit we are! Logistics wise, the following people have confirmed they are going (i.e. travelling up with arranged transport and staying at the hostel):

Kevin is travelling up and down same day by train. David and Brendan have their own transport and accomodation organised. That means we have 10 male players and 2 female players (Jakey, you're not playing no matter how much you plead!). Also,we will only have 9 people travelling back as Catherine is staying in Stockholm. Therefore, I need to know people's opinions about hiring a minibus, is it worth it or will we just take 3 cars?

If people have made alternative travel plans, let me know immediately as i need to book the 9 seater by latest Thursday or otherwise. The cost as stated earlier will be 500 sek for the 2 nights accomodation and 300 sek for tournament fee etc. The matches are taking place in Arsta.

For the tournament itself, there will actually be teams from Helsinki and Tailinn there. They will not be in our championship but are just playing some games to get introduced. All of this information is on the Stockholm GAA facebook invitation so have a look etc.

By the way, can someone print out driving instructions to the pitch and pitch to hostel and hostel to venue etc. (3 copies of each).

Gothenburg GAA Golf Classic
As a fundraiser, we have gotten in conjunction with Lerjedalens GK in Gunnilse , a date to hold a GAA golf fundraising event in either of the last 2 weekends of September. It will more than likely be on a Sunday. We have gotten 6 tee times which means we need 24 people or more to attend. Please let me know if you or someone you know who golfs would like to attend. Green fee and meal will be around 400 sek but i cant finalise final cost unless we know how many people will attend. Let 's get cracking!!!! Indeed, even if you dont golf, you can attend on the day and have a bit of fun.... Facebook invitation will be going up shortly!!

Training and other news - 20 July 2011

Hello all,
just a quick update on things happening in Gothenburg GAA circles

For the time being,we wont have any more sessions until the 1st Thursday in August (the 4th) at 7 p.m. in Slottskogen. Too many people away on hols etc. Please make sure ye do ye're own bit, a few LSR's combined with some interval training - need to build up the stamina for next month.

Stockholm tournament
Going to confirm figures for going by 1st August but if you haven't confirmed that you are going by now, please do so. Also, just learned this week that Copenhagen are not travelling. This will mean less matches and the chance that we may travel up the morning of the tournament if we have a later start... We might even take the train if its cheaper but otherwise take it that we are still taking the minibus and travelling up the friday night. We still need one volunteer car though, who is willing?
Based on current costs itll be 300 sek reg fee and 500 sek for the 2 nights accomodation. I know it seems expensive but this leads to my next point.

After a very productive meeting with the mgt of the Dubliner pub, they have agreed to sponsor us this year to the tune of 10000SEK. The main reason cited for sponsorship was the extreme cost of travelling to tournaments as well as the upcoming trip to Ireland for the Euro finals.

However, this is not enough on its own. With a breakdown of the costs for the Ireland trip, it turns out at around 2500 sek per person to travel/30000 sek for everything. The sponsorship will lessen the blow somewhat but if we could get more money together, this would considerably lessen the financial burden on people travelling. Therefore we need fundraising ideas and here are some that Declan came up with.

Pub quiz - have the hold this in August before our trip to Stockholm. One good turnout for this and we '' ll be good for Stockholm..possibly the 16th of August in the old Dubs.if we confirm the date with the Dubliner, we have to bring the people in and this will affect the sponsorship.are we agreed?please let me know by return of mail who would attend and how many people they could bring.

Sponsored parachute jump - i m booked to do a tandem parachute jump before the summer ends. I'm trying to see can i sort out the sponsorship end and not be hit with a tax bill of some sort at year end.if i get the green light, will ye sponsor me ? Jaysus,im jumping out of a plane for God s sake.

Irish trad night - have to have some sort of trad night for the GAA club before November.can discuss this at a later date ....

is mise le meas
Liam O Finn
Gothenburg GAA club