Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gothenburg GAA Newsletter March 2011

Hello all and welcome to the Gothenburg GAA newsletter March 2010
Just a few bits of news to keep all informed as to the current goings-on in Gothenburg GAA


Training attendances need to pick up. We had a better turnout last Wednesday but with only 8 weeks to the tournament, we need to ramp it up. If you are serious about the team this year, we need to start showing up. If you are bringing someone new, please bring them along.

Next week, we will train outdoors twice. On Monday, we will meet at Slottskogen at 18:30 at Belparc car park. Ready to go for 18:45. We will train again on Thursday in Skatas (ready to go at the clock for 19:00), your attendance is greatly required. I appreciate some people are training elsewhere but make it your aim to attend at least one of the sessions.

One more thing - we are just waiting the go-ahead from the Kommun as to when we can go on the new pitch in Kviberg. We will be "sharing" with the Berserkers. It is in their name.

May 14th tournment
We finally got confirmation that we can hold the 1st round of the Scandinavian championship on May 14th. A task list doc has been sent out by Declan - please review and confirm what you can do to help. We all need to chip in - not just the same few.

Likewise, if you could provisionally state whether you will be attending on this day would help us to plan, as you know, we need all the players we can get on the day.

Please note there is a new date for the 2nd round which takes place in Copenhagen. The new date is June 11th. If you could also provisionally state whether you will be going, we can start searching for accomodation etc and do a cost review.

Likewise, Stockholm will be travelling with a ladies team for the may 14th, so girls if you are serious about having a team, the time is now.


Lads and lassies, the turnout for the two fundraising events in Paddy's week were absolutely atrocious. This is the reason why tournaments are costing do much when we go. The club cannot function if everybody does not pull their weight and contribute. Please try and support our next event - please review the fundraising task list and please contribute with your own ideas as to how we can raise more money for the club..


Please pay your membership fee as soon as possible. Bank information is on the website .


A big congrats to Greg Lunny and his partner on the birth of their baby girl on St.Patrick's day.!!!! well done ...

Last word
I hope I d'ont sound too negative but its just that we have had a very successful club all along. The tournaments and crack that we've had have been amongst the best in the Nordic region. It would be great to keep this going as Gothenburg needs their GAA club. Appreciate everyone's effort and their input.

Is mise le meas

Liam O finn
Gothenburg CLG

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tournament task list May 2011

Hi all,
As it has now been confirmed that our tournament will definitely be on May 14th attached is a list of tasks that need to be done to ensure we have a successful event.
Not all tasks have been assigned a responsible person so if anyone feels they could take on a specific task let me or Billy know.
The more volunteers we have for this the better.

Membership fees 2011


we had a brief discussion after training last night and one point that was brought up was that membership fees for 2011 are due. The membership fees are the same as last year, i.e. 500 SEK for players and 250 for non-players.

Below are the bank details to pay it into.

Best regards,


Membership payments to:

SEB Bank

Kungsportsavenyn 20

405 04 Göteborg

Account No: 5011-33 005 30

IBAN: SE1950000000050113300530


**Mention your Full Name as reference**

Club Organization Number: 802428-2298

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Training update

Billy asked me to send this email to inform you there is no indoor training this evening (21st March) with the aussie rules guys.
Next training is on Wednesday evening (23rd March) in Skatås at 7pm.
We need everyone to be there on Wednesday night as the attendance has been very poor recently, with only 2 people training last week. Our tournament is only 8 weeks away so we really need to start training together if we are going to be serious contenders this year.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Table Quiz Info

We still need more spot prizes for next monday night. If you can get your companies to donate (even a bottle of wine will be grand) just something to generate the interest. Main prize so far is a 500 sek voucher from the Dubliner.
We will need some collectors on the night to collect the fees from the tables. Who 's up for it? I'll do it. Basically, as suggested, we wont give out an answer sheet until the fee has been paid. Could someone print out around 30 copies of the poster that David Burke and Mia created. These fold nicely into a brochure and we should have them on the tables as advertising on the night.

The Dubliner has also asked us to mention their sponsored 3 legged race starting from the new Dubs on St. Patricks Day. More will be disclosed on the night but if we could mention it to our facebook friends , it would be great ...

see ye next monday night with a load of people .

Training Update

Hi lads and ladies,
Billy asked me to send this email informing you that Training is Cancelled tonight, due to the bad weather conditions.
Next training, weather permitting, is planned for Skatas next Wednesday 16th at 19.00.
See you all at the Table Quiz on Monday night March 14th at 19.00 in New Dubliner (Järntorget). Please bring as many people as you can with you so we can get as many tables as possible filled to make some money for the club. Price will be 150 SEK per table.
There is also an invitation to it on Facebook so please share it with your 'friends'.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gothenburg GAA Benefit Table Quiz

Time: 14 March 19:00 - 21:00
Location: New Dubliners, Jarntorget
More info:
Gothenburg GAA will hold its first annual fundraiser on March 14th at the New Dubliners Jarntorget. What better way to start off St Patricks week than to have a bit of crack with your friends and at the same time helping the GAA club with some funds for their European Championship adventure this year. Straight after the quiz, there is an Open Mike show organised by the Dubliners themselves. Why not join in the fun and games? Price is 150 sek per table of 4. Cmon everybody and sure there might be a few spotprizes thrown in as well!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Training Update

Hi All,
for those of you going tomorrow (Monday) night - the entrance to the hall is on Valhallagatan, just next door to Scandinavium. Nearest tram stop is Scandinavium - if you get off the tram and walk towards Scandinavium - take the left onto Valhallagatan - walk past the McDonalds and it is the next building on your right (entrace is halfway down) - if you reach the entrance to the swimming pool you have gone to far. There is parking opposite the hall for those driving - but don't know how much it costs per hour. There are changing rooms and showers afterwards, just check the information board on the way in to see which is allocated to the Berserkers/Oz Rules. Remember to bring your indoor runners.

General Update

Hello all
Just a quick note on the training schedule for the next few weeks:

Monday 07/03 - Indoor ball training at Valhalla near Scandinavium (hall B ) at 18:00 - with the berserkers - 25 sek per person.

We will more than likely train wednesday night as well in Slottskogen - 18.30 ready to go for 18:45. No excuses now, the weather is grand!

Tuesday 15/03 - Outdoor training with Caz in Slottskogen at 18:30

Other news:
  1. Our AGM was held last Thursday - minutes,board and proposals to be sent out seperately.
  2. A GAA benefit table quiz will be held in the New Dubliners at 19:00 on Monday 14th March to raise funds for the club. This will be confirmed with them today. Can someone design a poster fairly sharpish and have them printed out. I will send the info (160 SEK per table of 4) to whoever can do it up ? There will be a Facebook invite too.
  3. The venues for the Pan-European have been decided .Guersnsey/Brussels and ......... Limerick. This will be the last round. We should try and get there this year. More details to follow.
Thanks and regards

Minutes From AGM

Attached are the minutes from last week's AGM.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Training Update

Monday 07/03 - Indoor ball training at Valhalla near Scandinavium (hall B ) at 18:00 (with the berserkers) - SEK 25 a head.