Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Laserdome - food & other

Hello all
Daniel has booked the Laserdome for 7pm for up to 20 people .need to know asap to confirm if you are coming.
Cost is 150 sek for the hour.

People who have confirmed so far :
Daniel / Jessica / Moses / Josefin / Billy / Niall / Henrike / Mal Magee /
Please let us know by today if you are coming.

Also, if we are eating at this place,we need to let them know at least 2 weeks in advance.
See below the menus  Please let us know if you want food there also .. we have to be a minimum of 15 to order the buffe

  • Pytt i panna m ägg & rödbetor 120:- / person
  • Fläskniosette med potatis gratäng och championsås 149:- / person
  • Kycklingfilé n klyftpotatis och bearnaissås 160:- / person
  • Fiskgratäng m potatistoppar 169:- / person

Standard buffé 139:- / person

  • Skinka, potatis, sallad, pickles, rostad lök, oliver, syltlök, pepperoni, sparris, smör & bröd.

Italiensk Buffé 149:-/ person

  • Parmaskinka med melon, rosmaringrillad kotlettrad, kycklingfillé
  • Salamikorv & ölkorv.
  • 2 st Italienska pastasallader á la penne.
  • Svarta & gröna oliver.
  • Mozzarella med tomat & basilika.
  • Soltorkade tomater.
  • Lök & tomatsallad.
  • Lollo rosso-sallad med gurka & Italiensk dressing.
  • Bröd & smör.

Grekisk Buffé 179:- / person

  • Grekisk pastasallad & Grekisk potatissallad (vitlök).
  • Kycklingfilé, kalkon & marinerad biffrad med oregano.
  • Grekisk sallad med fetaost, tomat, lök och oliver.
  • Tonfisksallad.
  • Kryddstarka chips med tzatziki.
  • Vitlöksoliver, svarta oliver och gröna oliver.
  • Chillimarinerad vitlök.
  • Smör & bröd.

Stora festbuffén 189:- / person

  • Gravad lax med hovmästarsås.
  • Ägghalvor med topping.
  • Kalkonbröst.
  • Kallrökt skinka med melon.
  • Rostbiff.
  • Mimosasallad.
  • Traditionell potatissallad.
  • Tysk potatissallad.
  • Grönsallad.
  • Smör & bröd.

Also, I have had some questions as regards the silent pig award.This will be given to the person who has quietly gone about their business either in a playing or background capacity, has never looked for attention but puts in a shift when called upon.

Keep those votes coming in .Jakey has reported very few mails so far !!!!!



Laserdome update & General Info

Hello all again
The following people have confirmed their intention to go to Laserdome.
Daniel / Jessica/ Billy / Niall / Jakey / Aidan / Eoin / Josefin / Henrike/ Paul / Stina / Clive / Moises / Mal Magee /
Please let us know by end of week if ye intend to eat there ( either by ordering off small menu or having buffe ( need 15 minimum for buffe ) .
Remember to bring change of clothes as it will be warm and there is shower facilities there , i think ? ( check the website )
if ye are not going to the Laserdome,we will meet from 9.30pm on in Jarntörget Brygghus in Jarntötget ( used to be stars and bars ) ... hopefully, if we are in early enough , we can get seats together ....

In other news, congrats to David Burke and his missus on the birth of their lovely daughter ,Emma !!!
Keep those votes coming in for players of the year etc ....
Bootcamp training contines every wed at 6pm in Slottskogen with Caz.. great first session last week.... !!!

Laserdome night out..

Hello all
A suggestion for Laserdome has been put forward for our night out..
Think its a great one and we can go out straight after...
Let me know by latest tomorrow if u intend to go as we need to book by friday...
Think its cheap enough...!!

Gothenburg GAA Newsletter November 2013

Hello all and welcome to this months newsletter for all the happenings in Gothenburg GAA circles !!!
Lets see what is happening this month !
Malmo Review
Ladies and mens teams last weekend joined forces with Copenhagen and played Malmo in a very friendly down in Malmo.Great day was had by all and it proved a fitting end to this years action.The ladies proved worthy opponents against a classy Malmo ladies outfit and the lads and Cph easily brushed aside the Malmo challenge.A great night was had by all !

Winter Training
In order we keep sharp and in condition over the winter period , from Nov 6 th on, Caz , our previous personal trainer, will take a bootcamp session in Slottskogen every Wednesday evening at 6pm.Meeting place will be the normal Belparc car park.This is open to all and its a great way to keep fit over the winter.we want to hit the ground running next year and we 'll be working out a ballwork and skills session when we organise an indoor hall in the New Year.
Send me a mail or text if u are attending next week so i can let Caz know of numbers .....

New Players
Next year we will be welcoming the following new players to the male squad.All of the boys are on Erasmus placements and will be with us until the end or the start of June so hopefully we will be getting one or two tournaments next year.
Kyle O Dhugaill
Hugh Henry
Aidan Hannigan
Re tournaments next year , the hosts will be ( as its their turn ) Oslo,Copenhgen,Stockholm.
so start planning and putting a few kronor away for this.Dates are to be confirmed but itll probably  be May ( Stockholm ) , Copenhagen ( June ) ,Oslo ( August ) ... Meeting with all the rest of clubs in January to organise dates....

Christmas Night out / Awards Night
Our Christams night out this year is set for Dec 7th ( Saturday night ) Josefin to provide details as to what we re doing but all come up with some suggestions fairly lively.

Bee for Battens !! - as part of this night we ve been asked by Oslo GAA to hold a Santa / Christmas themed party to raise some money for Bee For Battens .This is a charity that Oslo GAA run to support one of their members whose family suffer from this heartbreaking childrens disease.I ll be getting literature from Oslo over the next few days but if we can think about things we can do on the night to raise funds ( 10 sek for a kiss from Santa and his little helper or something like that ... who wants to dress up ? !!!!! All suggestion welcome ( eg 12 pubs of xmas ) ???

We are also having our yearly awards ceremony on this night and your nominations for the below categories are to be sent to ( in private )  jakeyprentice@gmail.com by Dec 1st .....
Categories for this year are

Best Male Player -
Best Female Player -
Most improved Male Player -
Most improved Female Player -
Silent Pig Award  -
Newcomer of the Year award -

AGM Jan 2014
AGM will take place in Jan 2014... great idea to have it like last year in someones house.Niall held it last year .. this year can someone else have it in their place ? Tae and hang sandwiches will be provided !!!!

Club Membership
Need to have focus on this for next year..Not alot of people paid their fees last year so we will have to be firm on this for next year as it looks like we will be without our title sponsor !!!!
Other news
Catherine Hayes returns to our shores for the month of Decemeber and David Burke is due to be a father for the second time very soon or is already !!!!!!

Have a great month!!!


Quizmaster needed

Hello all
Last year , i was the quizmaster every wed night during the winter at the American SportsBar in Viktoriagatan .This year I cannot due it and i'm looking for someone to replace me
questions are in English : general knowledge but a few Swedish ones as well.30 questions.I have loads of questions on backlog so no issues there or you can create your own.Need to br able to handle a crowd of stubborn swedes in a pub setting !!!!!its good fun though !!!
if you yourself are interested or you know someone who is ,let me know by mail or text so we can discuss terms ..
eoin, will u put it on the GIG group as well

Santa Ski Run

Bee for Battens info ... review and put forward suggestions as to see what we can do ....
Hi Lads.
Can I just send you the link to the event website. Www.oslosantaskirun.com
If you guys run another Santa fundraising event of any kind we can post the photos up on all the websites and Facebook pages. Create a bit of off season banter. Ideally we are looking for a sponsor to agree to giving 5 or 10 euro to the fundraiser for each Santa that appears with a bee for battens logo in the picture.

Thanks for the help guys.

> Hi Paul,
> Could you send on those details of the Santa Ski run? We've got a committee meeting next week and our AGM on the following Monday so it's a good opportunity to put the idea forward and get volunteers.
> Cheers,
> Colin

Training and Oct 26th Malmo

Hello all
Just a quick one.Training tonight.its dark by 7.30pm so lets be there for 5.45pm.. ready to go for 6pm ..
Oct26th has been set as challenge match vs Malmo.They will organise accomodation for us if we tell them early enough.Let me or Paul Curley know what your intentions are.See the FB invitation from noel grehan for further details .Niall/Paul, will u do up a doodle doc.
please forward to anyone i may have missed ( ie new players over the last few weeks ) 

GAA Mouthguard Information

PLEASE SEE IMPORTANT NOTICE BELOW regarding mouthguards (gum shields) whoch must be worn by every player from January 2014.

Tom: Please notify referees as players may be sent off for not wearing same
Thank you!
Do: Gach Rúnaí Contae

A chara,

As you are aware, since January 1st 2013, it has been mandatory for players in Grades up to and including Minor to use a mouthguard in all Football Games and Practice Football Sessions. (Riail 4.3, T.O. Part 2, 2012).  From January 1st 2014, it will be mandatory for all players to use a mouthguard.

The attached document has been compiled to assist GAA Clubs, players, parents, coaches and referees in complying with the provisions of the rule.

I’d be grateful if you would circulate this information to your Clubs / County team management personnel and place an emphasis on the following key points:
Gaelic footballers in all age grades must wear a mouthguard from January 1st 2014
A properly fitted mouthguard is the best available protective device for reducing the incidence and severity of sports-related dental injuries
Players can be sent-off in a game for not wearing a mouthguard
Players will not be covered under the GAA player injury scheme if they don’t comply with the mouthguard rule

Is mise, le meas, 

Ruairí Ó hAirmhí | Ruairí Harvey
Rannóg na gCluichí

Celtic Halloween Party in Musikenshus in Majorna

Hej All,

just a note to say that you are all invited to party this Thursday as well, which is halloween. GIG the Irish society in town, and TIMSIG the Irish music society are holding a Celtic Halloween Party in Musikenshus in Majorna. It is part of the Planeta Festival. See here:


The guy in the photo is actually Brian Burns who plays for Stockholm. He is a musician by day and footballer by (weekend?).

On the Musikenshus website scroll down to 31 Oktober to see photos of the Catherine Hayes band and Francie Conway, two more of the acts.


Catherine played GAA for us once upon a time!

Anyway it will be a great fun night so come along. Bring your friends if you want to impress them, but most of all bring yourself :)

Vi ses,

Christmas/End of year Night out

Hello all
Just a quick date to put in your diary ( Saturday Dec 7th from 6pm onwards)
December 7th has been decided that we will have our yearly bash this
year.This year we will do something different.
Josefin will be organising a lokal just for us in the city centre so there
will be more information in the next few weeks as to how the night will be
organised etc.
Please forward to people not on the maiing list ..

7s match report - w3

Some big hitters were missing from tonights third and final round of the Gothenburg GAA interprovincials, and Munster made their experienced team count to drag themselves back into contention for the overall title.
They were fast out of the blocks against Leinster, racking up a huge win 3-10 to 0-5, a fourteen point difference. Connacht had four players who never played the game before, and couldn't put it up to the southerners, running out losers 4-2 to 1-1.
At the end of this game, that left the standing at Leinster and Munster with three wins each and Connacht on two. Munsters scoring difference was +23 points, Leinsters was -18 and Connachts was -8. That meant that Connacht were effectively out unless they won by 31 points, but still had a lot to say about wher the title would go in the final match.
In the end Leinster combined more clinical finishing with cynical fouling to run out 2-5 to 1-2 winners, taking the overall title.
Congratulations to Leinster on the title, thanks to everyone who showed up so we could get three teams out each night, and welcome back to all those players who tried the sport for the first time. What a great way to cap the year, and we'll definitely be doing this again at the start of next season. We can't leave Leinster on top for long.
Thanks Eoin Ó Broin for the idea and the drive to realise it.

7s match report - w1

Connacht ran into an early lead at the Gothenburg GAA Inter-provincial seven-a-side this evening. In the first match they took on favourites Leinster and the goals just flowed. The end score was 6-4 to 3-6 in favour of the westerners.
Next up was a tight, low-scoring affair against Munster, with a one point victory 6 points to five. Neither team had their scoring boots, but Connacht dominated possession.
Leinster took the spoils in the last game of the evening. 2-7 to 1-09 was the final score here, Munster going down by one point once more.
The victorious Connacht team was Adrian Kelly, Bradley Crane, Daniel Buschor, Moises Rodriguez, Paul Curley, Madeleine Mann and Erik Wargh.
Next week the action will hotten up, when round two of three will take place at Kviberg.
Up the West and feck the rest!

Challenge match?

Hi Noel
What dates were ye thinking of for the challenge match ? How about the following and let me know which suits better ...would the girls be interested in a 7 a side  as id say thats the most ladies that would travel from here match....
October 26th
October 15th
Nov 2nd
Anything later, we might run into pitch difficulties .October 26th seemed to suit most people when asked at training last night


The girls are itching for matches.
We re starting our own 7s tournament tomorrow night and need challenge matches to keep things going.

Ill have a chat to all at training tomorrow night and see what dates suit,,,,




Hi billy,
> Hope ye had a good one in Tallinn. I was wondering if gothenburgs men's are women's team would be interested in coming down to Malmo for a challenge match before the end if the year. We are just looking for something to look forward to and a goal for keeping training. Let me know what you think.
> Noel grehan

Some dates to think of

Hello all
Here s some dates to consider and plan for over the nexr few weeks / months

September 12th ( Kviberg pitch 18)
Last round of gothenburg 7's tournament
6pm ... Matches down for decision to decide destiny of the Sevens Cup
Leinster vs Connacht
Munster vs Connacht
Leinster vs Munster

September 28th ( 12.05pm - 9pm )
Gothenburg GAA Golf Classic -Lerjedalen GK Gunnilse

Malmo ( Ladies and Mens challenge matches in Malmo )
Proposed dates - October 19th / October 26th / Nov 2nd
October 26th seems to suit people better ... Malmo to revert

End of season party/social

Proposed dates are Nov 22nd or Nov 29th ( Let us know which one suits)

Christmas Drinks
December 13th or December 20th  ( Let us know which suits )

please pass onto anyone who may not be on this mailing list

Stockholm 14th sept

Hi all,

Just a quick mail to put the feelers out there to see who would be interested in this tournament in Stockholm weekend of 14th sept.

Billy was informing us that it's Stockholm and Malmö that  are playing. I personally would love to get a Gothenburg team up there to finish the season off. 

Regarding the Ladies, I'm sure there is a ladies game planned up there and if we can get our girls up to either join in with them or on the unlikely event that we get a full ladies team to travel, they could make a team to play in their own tournament . 

To cut to the chase, I'm tryin to find out who'd be willin to travel up. No point going with 4 or 5 people. But if we got 10/11 it'd be worth the trip. 

If billy can find out what the exact running order is up there, and get back to me. 

It's only 3 weekends away so people would have to make a commitment in the next week at the latest, in order to book hostels,  transport and the like.

I'll leave it with yee.
Billy might shed a bit more light on it over the weekend.

Later guys 


P.s. anyone not on this email list, spread the word!

Gothenburg Gaa Newsletter August. 2013

Hello all and welcome to the August edition .

Summer is almost done and after a period of inactivity,we can now
concentrate on the remainder of the autumn schedule.

Tailinn 3rd round football championship

This weekend we see 6 players from Gothenburg competing on the
combination Gotslohagen team in the 3rd round and final rd of the
Scandinavian championship.(eoin,moses,paul,
in the cship,a good run of results will see us claim 2nd spot from
Promises to be a great weekend and we ll tell u all about it!!

StreetGames 18 aug

As part of idrottallians and Kulturkalaset Gothenburg Gaa club are
invited to showcase our game this weekend in the city.this is a great
way of contacting and recruiting new players for mens and ladies so
for further information contact Joel Sprang or Niall O Connor

Gothenburg 7 's tournament

As part of a great initiative by Eoin O Broin ,he is in the process of
organising a sevens series based on korpen format for both mens and
ladies of Gothenburg Gaa.team captains have been appointed and they
will be in contact with you over the next few days to talk about
availability and schedule of games.great way to stay fit and

Viking Gaels 2013/14

Viking gaels hurling club held their first successful training session
last month in Gothenburg.the seeds have been sown and once the 2014
schedule is known,it is the intention of the club to attend one of the
European tournaments next year..so calling all you Gothenburg to come
out and join us.there will be one more training session before year
end(probably in Malmo)..so lets get involved.

Also congratulations to Malachy Magee of gothenburg GAA club who was
been picked on the European panel to play in the Aer Lingus Gathering
World International Hurling tournament in Galway in September.16 teams
from all over the world will compete with the finals being broadcast
live on TG4 from Pearse Stadium on September 21st....!!!!

Stockholm Grading tournament 15 sept 2013

Stockholm have asked us re our intention to travel up for this .this
is the last official tournament of the year and would be a great way
to finish off our playing year.a doodle doc will be created to see who
is intent on travelling.i will also ask Liam and stockolm ladies if
theyd ve up for a challenge match vs Gothenburg ladies that weekend.

All-ireland tickets

As a paid up member of Ecb this year,the club is entitled to be in the
draw with other clubs in Europe for tickets for both hurling and
football finals...more news to follow.

Gothenburg Gaa Golf classic Sept 28 2013

Our yearly golf classic and fundraiser takes place again this year at
Lerjedalen GK in Gunnilse on Sept 28th at 12 midday.We ve had a great
response on facebok and on invitations so it promises to be a great
day as usual as golfers compete for the Paul McCreevy memorial trophy.
Cost is 400 sek for greenfees and dinner afterwards so please tell
your golfing friends that we still have a few spots available.Even if
you are not playing the golf, come out for the evening.its a saturday
evening and if the musicians among ye come out , it'll be a right good
night with music and drink and a review of the year.Come on out and
support us and look up the Gothenburg gaa facebook page and invite for
details.( if golfing, you will have to be able to play and have played
before - golf club rules !!)
Also, if you can ask your company or workplace for little spot prizes
, that would be great..... just ask nicely !!!!!!!we need spotprizes

Social event
We now need to get our heads together and see what year end social we
are going to have.The Portugese club really want us to hold something
again before year end ..what are our thoughts on a Halloween or
Christmas party ? Or a year end dinner dance ? Any suggestions
gratefully accepted.

There will be a light session this Thursday night( 15th Sept )  in
Kviberg pitch 18 at 7pm... just a little preparation for Estonia and
to start getting ready for Stockholm if you are going.I have only one
football so others must have the rest.

Congratulations to former Gothenburg GAA club member and current RTE
journalist Micil Glennon who tied the knot recently with Emma Norberg
in Skelleftea! Heard from the lads that went it was a mighty wedding

is mise le meas
Billy Finn

Tallinn tournament details

Hi all,
Please find attached all the information you need regarding our tournament (NB! We will send the draw next week.). 
We are so happy that all the Scandinavian clubs are presented in our tournament.
Please let us know by the 12.08.2013 how many of you want lunch (specify how many vegetarians) and dinner (specify how many vegetarians). Please fill the sheet about the lunch, dinner etc  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmIj8LH4vFWYdHRxdmU4cVRiR0J4UHF2MFYwSzc3WWc&usp=sharing
The registration fee is 28 euros. We appreciate if you do the payments by 14.08.2013. Account details are in our information pack. We kindly ask you to make all payments directly to our bank account. We prefer not take cash on tournament day.
Tournament lists- Please send pre - tournament official team lists to Tony Bass (secretary.europe@gaa.ie) and to us. You have to do it from GAA Management System!
Team Disclaimer form- please let everyone sign this on the tournament day and give it to registration desk then. (Please find disclaimer form attached)
Team sheet- Give it to referee before the games. NB! Print sufficent team sheets from GAA Management System. Before each game, please enter player shirt number and add names/club of any weekend players or players borrowed from another club.
Both pitches are with artificial grass!
If you have any questions please don´t hesitate to ask :)
Looking forward to see you all soon!
BW, Siret

Training Thursday (August)

Hello all
As below,training has been booked for thur ,we might as well use it.
I can make training after all.

Draw for ladies and men - estonia

Hi all,
Please find attached draw for ladies and men.
Regarding men Copenhagen made suggestion to shorten games as playing
so many games it might be tiring.
I discussed it with Colin (CCO) and Shay (ref) and we could reduce
time for quarter and semi finals to 10 min a side if you all agree.
(A-B group games will be 12,5min a side and finals 15 min) If you
don´t agree then we can have changes on that on Saturday morning.
Anyway timeschedule won´t change.
Please notice that both football pitches are with artificial grass.
Pitch dimensions for men is 90 x 45m. So it is not that perfect as we
wanted but we hope that the size of the pitch doesn´t make the games
and tournament less enjoyable.
If you want to order taxi to get to the pitch then here is the webpage
that has all the offical taxis and their pricelists
And please take some cash if you want to use sauna and swimming pool
on Saturday. Entrance to swimming pool and sauna costs 4 euros.
If you have any questions or thoughts ask it or share it :)
Otherwise see you on Friday evening or on Saturday morning.
BW, Siret