Wednesday, December 8, 2010

GAA Christmas Night Out - 18th December - Update

Hello again
just to let you know that beach volleyball has been booked for the 18th December between 16:00 & 18:00. We have booked 2 courts for 2 hours. Most of the cost will be covered by the club so the more people that come, the cheaper it is. So please let me know if you are coming. Need to tell them the day before if we have to cancel.
A few bevvies, a good workout, then straight onto a session.
Details on where it is ( in Hogsbo ) to follow later

Monday, December 6, 2010

GAA Christmas Night Out - 18th December

Hey all,
just a quick one to say that Christmas GAA night out is planned for 18th December - most people went for this date. How about playing beach volleyball in the afternoon followed by a themed night of " The 12 pubs of Christmas " ..let me know soonest if you are interested in the volleyball .... any other suggestions? Please let other people know that i may have missed on the mailing list

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gothenburg GAA Newsletter November 2010

Hello all
Just a quick update on current GAA happenings and other stuff :

Guys and gals - I know it is cold but training continues in Slottskogen every Tuesday evening with Caz. Meeting at car park at 6:15 p.m.. There are a few things are in the pipelines for training in January and February: a boot camp weekend to build up our fitness. We will resume our timed runs like last year when we resume training in Skatas in the New Year.

Euro GAA Convention
The Euro GAA convention is on in Stockholm on Dec 4th. Before that there will be a conference call with all the Nordic clubs to see what agenda items can be put forward which are in the best interests of Scandinavian GAA. Likewise, it would be great if we had Gothenburg GAA represented at the conference. I need to submit names by next Wed as to who or how many are going (its usually 2 per club). Let me know if you 'd like to go. If you feel like adding an agenda item, please feel free

GAA Christmas night out
Its that time of year again. Our annual Christmas night out. There was not much of a turn out for the last one so lets have a bit of a hooly for this one. The suggested dates are Dec 3rd or 4th or Dec 17/18. Dec 10th/11th seem to be a no-go for some people. Let us know what dates suit and we'll go with the one that suits best .

New members
Gotheburg GAA would like to welcome new member Colm Keller to the Club. A native of Westport, Mayo. Colm has played inter-county hurling for Mayo so will be a great addition to the proposed Viking Gaels panel for next year as well as the football panel. Welcome, big man!

Irish Society
We are still looking for a venue for the Irish Society but in the meantime, we should appoint an Irish society committee and see will how we propose to get things off the ground. We have musicians, we have the GAA and we have Paddy's Day next year. Wouldn't that be a great day to launch the society. Lets see if its something we can work on, get our heads together and see what we can come up with - any dates for a planned meeting? Lets have something before we all break for the Christmas.

Is mise le meas
Billy Finn
Gothenburg GAA club

Monthly Gothenburg GAA Newsletter - Oct 2010

Just a quick newsflash on current happenings going on in the world of Gothneburg GAA.

ECB Convention 2010
Tomorrow Monday we will know whether we have been awarded the convention for European GAA this year. If we have been, it will mean help with some volunteers on the weekend of Dec 4th and 5th. This will mean all European GAA officials will visit our city. A great showcase for Nordic GAA.Fingers crossed!

Maastricht Championship Nov 6th 2010
The final Pan-European shield competition takes place in Maastricht on Nov 6th. This promises to be a huge affair with action taking place over 6 pitches on Maastrichts own GAA pitch complex. The president of the GAA will also be in attendance. As we did not attend Budapest, are we in a position to attend Maastricht? If we did attend we would fly to Amsterdam and drive down to Maastricht. Let us know what you think and then we can make a decision.

Physical training will continue with Caz every Tuesday. Time is dependent on Caz so contact her directly if attending. This is not part of Gothenburg GAA, just for people who want to get fit and stay fit.

However, we will have hurling training this thursday evening at 6:15 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. out in Partille or if it is more convenient we can meet in Slottskogen in the big green area for 6 p.m.. I'll bring the hurleys. Let me know who wants to attend!

New club in Scandinavia
Its looking very likely now that there will be a new club joining the Scandinavian championship next year. Helsinki look set to join the fray. All going well they will be set to be ratified at the ECB convention. Another place to visit!

Annual Scandinavian championship
With the onset of more clubs now in Scandinavia , it has been decided that there there will be a trophy for the Scandinavian championship that we can all play for every year. Gothenburg GAA will contribute to the cost of the trophy and as the idea was mooted by Stockholm GAA, a decision was taken to call it the Aherne trophy, in memory of John Aherne.

John passed away tragically whilst visiting his friend and Stockholm Gaels corner-back Karl Lambert in Stockholm around St Patrick’s Day 2008. They have contacted his family and they are delighted that we would choose to remember John in this way.

Stockholm Hurling exhibition
Gothenburg GAA are also planning to close out the season in style and introduce the game of hurling to the unsuspecting Stockholm public on October 30th at Östermalms IP. As is normal in Europe, we will play 11 v 11, most likely a Gaels side taking on a Rest of Scandinavia XI. If there is enough interest from the ladies sections, there will also be an exhibition game for them at half-time.

This will be hopefully be followed by a reception hosted by the Ambassador to Sweden Mr Donal Hamill. The reception is planned for the new embassy here in Stockholm, should that not be available, alternative arrangements will be made. At the reception, Mr Hamill will present the medals and trophies for the Scandinavian Championship and the Ambassador Cup.

Stockholm GAA have also said that if cost is an issue for anyone , their members will provide a couch or spare bed for those travelling. Otherwise, we can stay in the hostel that we stayed in last time.

Please let me know ASAP whether you intend to go or not so we can make arrangements. For those travelling , we have loads of hurleys to break.

Alliance with Swedish Landhockey Federation
Gothenburg GAA is pleased to announce an alliance with the Swedish Ladies Landhockey association. This is part of the Idrottsforbundet and as an affiliation to them, it increases both our chances and their chances for getting funding from the government for our respective organisations. It also opens up the avenue for both them and us to try our respective sports.

Other events
If you would like to contribute with any news or other social events that you think members of Gothenburg GAA would like to know about, please let me or Declan know and we can include in the monthly newsletter

Thanking you
Billy Finn
Gothenburg GAA Club