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Gothenburg GAA Golf Classic 2013

Gothenburg GAA Golf Classic 2013
    Saturday, 28 September 2013
    13:00 until 23:00
    Its that time of year again to dust off the ould golf clubs and join us at the 3rd editon of the Gothenburg GAA golf classic.To celebrate a successful year for our mens and ladies teams, we want to get together with our golfing buddies and have a bit of fun and food at a fine and challenging golf course. The fee for the day is 400 sek and this will include green fee and post-golf dinner.

It promises to be a great day as always and as its a saturday, its a great oppurtunity to have a post-game drink and relax and re-live your wonderful golf.

If you intend to play, please send me your golf id ( if you have one ) or advise if you are a current or previous member of a golf club.This will help to organise fourballs for the day.Due to golf cliub restrictions amd requirements, there can be no first-time golfers .Send me all the details to

Tee times have been booked from 1.15 pm to 2.15pm but we may get more tee times depending on numbers .

Lycka till och fore !!!!!!

    Lerjedalens Golfklubb
    Kroksjövägen 1, 424 56 Göteborg, Sweden

Who is going to Tallinn (Estonia) and Stockholm?

Hi All,
I know the summer is here but there are a couple of important dates
coming up....
     Tailinn --- Saturday August 17
     Stockholm Grading tournament -- Saturday September 14 (No ladies matches)
I have created a couple of doodles - if you can fill them out that
would be great.
     Tailinn --- Saturday August 17 :

     Stockholm Grading tournament -- Saturday September 14 (No game
for the Ladies):

Also Jakie put the below together as a first pass for the Estonia trip
- there are 2 sheets – Boat and road trip & Flight - just to give you
an idea of the cost of the wknd.


Tournament in Tallinn - Accommodation and few questions

From: secretary.estonia europe
Date: Wednesday, 3 July 2013
Subject: Tournament in Tallinn - Accommodation and few questions

Hi all,

I know that most of you are having nice summer holiday. But only few
weeks left to Tallinn tournament and as we would like to offer you all
the good things that we have here we would like to get answers from
you to the following questions:

1) How many people (ladies and men) are coming to Tallinn?
2) Are you coming on Friday evening or on Saturday morning (could you
already specify time if possible)?

 Please reply to me latest on Monday 8.07.2013

Another thing is that this year we are still trying to get good
accommodation offers but due to Robbie Williams concert on 20th august
it is really hard although there are lot of places still available.
Just to be on the safe side please start looking accommodation. We
will come back to you next week, if we have something to offer you.

 If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask :)

BW, Siret

Text om Street Games för spridning via era kanaler


Har bifogat en text (i den bifogade filen) som vi skulle behöva er
hjälp med att sprida via era hemsidor, sociala medier, utskick mm så
snart ni kan och hinner.

Vi uppskattar verkligen hjälpen med att ni sprida informationen via
era kanalen. tillsammans kan vi göra detta till ett grymt event för
alla besökare.

Hör av er om ni undrar nåt.

Bästa hälsningar
Farhad, Emelie, Caroline och Victoria


Under den 16-18 augusti är vi en del av evenemanget Street Games som arrangeras på Heden. Mitt under ett kokande Kulturkalas!
Vi kommer finnas på plats och visa upp det bästa och det roligast från vår sport! I prova på ytan finns möjligheten att få grepp om regler, testa utrustning, trixa och test eller varför inte lira en spontan match? Mer information om evenemanget hittar ni här:

Ni kan även följa Street Games via Facebook och Instagram:

Tournament poster

Times from 10 am to 6pm..

Pitches 17&18 at kviberg sports complex

Add in
Round 2 of Scandinavian Football cship.come and support your local gaa club
and see mens and ladies teams from.....

Tks pal!!!!

> Lads,
> Here is the draft version of the poster.  I need to know the correct
> times and if you want to change anything - "Kviberg Sports Grounds"
> was best i could come up with
> //Jakey

Tallinn Trip Cost

Hi Guys,
I know the Gothenburg tournament is still a work in progress but
thought I throw this out as a first pass for the Estonia trip.

2 sheets – Boat and road trip & Flight

Only booked for 8 people as that is all websites would give me.  It
should scale normally.
Boat might be a limited offer as hotel cost is free (TBC).

World Mini Games GAA 7s - Cork, Ireland

Good Afternoon,

I hope preparations are going well for the tournaments this weekend!
It's our biggest weekend in terms of playing activity, and we have
already received media coverage in Ireland and locally.

Any photos from the weekend would be appreciated, please forward them
to our PRO Brian ( as some articles will be
appearing in National papers next week and we have been requested to
provide good quality shots. Please also provide us with scores and
results so they can be published ASAP.

As regards the forwarded mail below, clubs are invited to express
interest directly to the organisers. This event has no European GAA
input, so clubs enter on their own prerogative/expense.

Enjoy the weekend!

Is mise

Brian Sheehy
Chairperson of the European Board
Visit our Website / Twitter: @europegaa / Facebook

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: World Mini Games
Date: 12 June 2013 15:53
Subject: World Mini Games GAA 7s - Cork, Ireland

A chairde,

It is a pleasure to reach out to the pioneers of Gaelic Games in
Europe.  Being a Ballincollig GAA man myself, married to a Polish
woman, and with every possibility i might end over there someday, its
great to know that I can keep involved, though might have to set up
the first team in Poznan rather than regularly trekking over to Cumann

My name is James O'Reilly and I am the Chairperson of the World Mini
Games, which will take place in Cork from the 23rd to the 25th of
August.  The Games, as the title suggests, are based around the
reduced format versions of adult sports, so rugby 7s, hockey 8s,
football 5 a-side etc, and there are over 30 different sports involved
so far.  We are also delighted to be hosting a Gaelic Games 7s
competition, which will be aimed at Junior level adult teams (or
equivalent) only.

The Games have been developed to give the non-elites of the world the
opportunity to take part in a large, City-wide sports event, and to
give those taking part the feeling of taking part in an Olympics or a
World Championships.  In GAA terms we are delighted to have all the
relevant backing from the various Boards, and now it is time to drive
on with the invitations.

We have more visually appealing flyers to follow, but I was hoping you
might already spread the word that the Games are taking place as no
doubt people are already making travel plans for the summer and if at
all possible mark it in your calendar, as it is an event open to many
teams under the auspices of the European Board.

All the tournaments will take place on the Saturday and Sunday, split
between UCC, CIT and Ballincollig pitches.  There will round robin
games on the Saturday and all teams will go through to a knock-out
competition on the Sunday, the level depending on their league table
finish on the Saturday.  The tournaments will also be split into
Junior A, B and possibly C, to give all Clubs a genuine and
competitive opportunity of winning a World title.

Registration to take part in the Games can be done here: however, as this is the year
of the Gathering, indeed the Games are an official flagship Gather
Billy Finn
European Hurling Officer
Göteborg, Sweden

Info about Tournament - part 3

The draw.

Info about Tournament - part 2

Match Venue - Address :Kviberg Sports Complex (415 28 Goteborg,
Sweden), Pitches 17 and 18
Public Transport to the Venue
To get to the pitch:
•       Tram 6, 7 or 11 towards Kortedala/Bergsjön and get off at the stop Kviberg
•       Bus 58 towards Bergsjön and get off at Hindersmässogatan
•       Bus 59 towards Jonsered and get off at Brovägen.

Info about Tournament


Just a quick mail re 2moro at pitchside 9.20 at latest.please sort out money with jakey
before your 1st match.he has his two kids with him so he will be a
busy man.mens first match is 10 am .also when its our turn to
umpire,please dont be shy..copies of the schedule will be at reg
2.girls first match 11.30am.have asked malmo for an extra player but
dont seem too willing.
3.everything is pretty much done.tents and posts are arriving tonight
via jakey and paul.if u can help tonight. be at pitch round
6.30pm...more hands the merrier.seb and niall are doing lunch packs
4/the buffet- please be there on time (latest 7.45pm).if u bring
guests that me and jakey have nt been advises of,players will get
priority.buffet is booked for 90 people only.
5..after the final,we will need a few people to get tents down and put
away.dont leave it to a few..can even start taking stuff down a bit
earlier..need people to help with rubbish as well..have to leave it as
we find it..bring big refuse bags if u have one..

Otherwise lets have a great day..


Gothenburg Tournament results

Important Dates

Hello again
Just to remind you of some dates
Tailinn --- Saturday August 17
Stockholm Grading tournament -- Saturday September 14

Gothenburg Tournament---- thank you !!!

hello all

I just want to say a big thank you to all who made the tournament such
a success last weekend.we have been highly complimented by referees
and opposition as to the day and how much they all enjoyed the day and

I want to thank the following people:

Jakey and his work with all the financials,taking money on the
day,getting the tent and water,making the flags.he did trojan work the
weeks leading up to event with numerous other stuff so fair play to

Niall for his work with the team sheets ,paperwork and dressing rooms!

Paul for his work in getting the grill over and back,getting the beer
and other tent...thanks bud!

Maria and Vincent for taking care of the grill.

Stina mum for the 1st aid and Josfine and the ladies for making new
and opposition players feel so welcome...

No training this thursday due to midsummer but training next thursday
at 6.30pm so we can discuss our plans for stklm grading tournament and

Glad midsommar and thanks again!!

Street Games 16-18/8 - lite viktig info!

Hallå gänget!

Hoppas er sommar har börjat bra! Själv har mitt sommarlov börjat med
en lättare hjärnskakning då jag fick en ful tackling i ryggen under
Svenska cupen, men allt e ok och dags och börja träna stenhårt inför
kommande European Cup i Dublin i augusti.

Vill bara skicka ut lite info innan alla försvinner på semestrar och liknade.

Fångarna på Kviberg blev inställt. Synd för det hade vart skitskoj!

Däremot så kör vi nya tag inför Kulturkalaset och Street Games. Detta
är ett evenemang som kommer att vara på heden 2 16-18 augusti
kl.10-16. Det kommer att spelas cuper i streetfotboll, innebandy o
basket. Vi kommet att köra prova på verksamhet och vi kommer att dela
upp tiderna så att varje klubb får cirka en timma per dag. Men jag
räknar med att alla kan annars får ni höra av er snarast!

Något som alla bör göra är att lägga upp de banners som jag bifogar på
era hemsidor och på facebook etc. Vi behöver hjälpa till att sprida
ryktet om detta fräcka evenemang. Så var snälla och gör detta snarast.

Street Games undrar också om det är möjligt att kanske spela in ett
kort filmklipp från varje klubb, hör av er om detta skulle funka för

Kolla också in där era loggor
ligger uppe på deras sida.

Joel Språng

Göteborgs Idrottsallians
Vision; Kvibergs sportcenter - idrott för alla!