Saturday, December 21, 2013

{Viking Gaels Hurling} Viking Gaels --- hurling out look 2014 - update

At the moment we re concentrating on the hurling..when things are up and running ,ill turn attention to camogie.
There is a new camogie officer so ill be working with her to raise the profile of camogie in the nordics
If u have players there though and they are willing to travel to get game time,ill make sure they will be accomodated on teams on tournament day....
Schedule for tournaments going out soon for 2014..


Hi Billy,
One of the girls here was asking me at the weekend there if there were any similar plans in place for Camogie?
I guess there's not?  One thing at a time I suppose and everything I've seen so far has mentioned hurling only ...

{Viking Gaels Hurling} Viking Gaels --- hurling out look 2014

Hello all
After a very successful convention last week, the path is now set for the Viking Gaels to make their introduction to European hurling championship.
I have fought hard on the behalf of everybody and have instigated the introduction of a B championship next year.This will mean the first round of the hurling championship ( which has been provisionally marked down for April 12 2014 in The Hague in Holland) will be a developmental concept with the following :
a)Teams like Dresden,Cologne,Dussledorf,Rome and the Viking Gaels playing in their own championship with either a 7's or 9 a side format )
b)there will be a foundation level skills coaching course ( given by myself or a marquee Leinster  GAA coach ) that weekend so the fundamentals and basic skills of the game can be learned
c) Depending on its success , the following round could see the introduction of a developmental side into the A championship.

So start planning.... The Hague is a definite first location ,, just the date in April needs to be confirmed ..
I have also created a European hurling equipment fund.On Viking gaels behalf, I have provisionally requested 5 helmets which will be given to the team for nothing or at a very reduced price.
Please come back to me soonest as i dont want the lack of helmets to be a roadblock to our development.
Cmon the Hurlers in the nordics !!!
Lets start pulling hard !!!
Billy Finn
Euro Hurling Officer

Bootcamp training 2013

Hello all
Due to personal circumstances,Caz has had to go back to Aussie.therefore the bootcamp training is temporarily postponed until the first week in the new year.
Has anybody had any luck with finding an indoor hall for 2014?
We can discuss more saturday

Gothenburg GAA Newsletter November 2013 - update

Hello all again
The following people have confirmed their intention to go to Laserdome.
Daniel / Jessica/ Billy / Niall / Jakey / Aidan / Eoin / Josefin / Henrike/ Paul / Stina / Clive / Moises / Mal Magee /
Please let us know by end of week if ye intend to eat there ( either by ordering off small menu or having buffe ( need 15 minimum for buffe ) .
Remember to bring change of clothes as it will be warm and there is shower facilities there , i think ? ( check the website )
if ye are not going to the Laserdome,we will meet from 9.30pm on in Jarntörget Brygghus in Jarntötget ( used to be stars and bars ) ... hopefully, if we are in early enough , we can get seats together ....
In other news, congrats to David Burke and his missus on the birth of their lovely daughter ,Emma !!!
Keep those votes coming in for players of the year etc ....
Bootcamp training contines every wed at 6pm in Slottskogen with Caz.. great first session last week.... !!!


Hello all
A suggestion for Laserdome has been put forward for our night out..
Think its a great one and we can go out straight after...
Let me know by latest tomorrow if u intend to go as we need to book by friday...
Think its cheap enough...!!

Rule Changes (Men's football)

A chara

From January 1st, 2014, a range of new, and/or amended, rules will apply in all football games.

Players, managers, coaches and others should familiarise themselves with these changes. A useful video explaining these changes is available here:

The changes are also outlined on the GAA Learning & Development portal, here:

Referees will be supplied with additional training and information in coming weeks.

Is mise le meas

Tony Bass 
Secretary, Europe GAA

Concussion Guidelines

The nature of Gaelic games is such that occasionally players receive injuries which may lead to concussion. In recent times, the medical profession has learned that concussion is a much more serious injury, with potential long-term effects, than has often been realised.
The GAA has now adopted new guidelines on handling suspected cases of concussion or indeed any head injury. These guidelines are available here: along with a range of other resources such as a poster which can be printed out and used in dressingrooms and club facilities.

Please bring these guidelines to the attention of players, managers, coaches and first aid personnel in your club.

Is mise le meas

Tony Bass 
Secretary, Europe GAA

Review of year / convention outcomes / finances /AGM

Hello all
As we look forward to our end of year festivities , we can look back on a proud and eventful 2013 and we look forward to the challenges ahead for 2014.
Convention Outcomes
Last weekend I attended the Euro GAA convention in belgium.the motions and changes to european  competition will be sent in the next week or so but what it will mean is no change to our current Scandinavian cship for mens and Ladies but there will be a Nordic Open ( basically a shield championship with teams from all over Europe - due to be held in late August for both men and women..) There will be no Ireland based competitions next year.
For the ladies, there will be a representative Europe side so i strongly advise our ladies to keep this in mind.I will have more updates at the AGM in January so keep this in mind....
I have dealt with hurling developments in a different mail .....

I know this should be covered at the AGM in January and as such timing is everything but there is an issue which needs to be addressed.Out of the 30 registered club members, only 10 have paid membership this year.This has left a huge shortfall in our finances and as a result,we have a substantial bill still outstanding from one of our suppliers.This has given me such sleepless nights that the club may have to take out a short term loan to remedy this situation.I am saying at this stage that we need a treasurer to be appointed for 2014 soonest... its too much on its own and ive tried to manage as best i can.( my own fault but we are where we are! )
Allied to this , it looks like we wont have a title sponsor next year either.This really leaves us in a quandry.Therefore, I am in the process of having a meeting with Estrella Sverige with a view to sponsoring both us and the Nordic Championship next year.This hopefully will take place before christmas.I will keep you updated .
To be held in mid-January.Date and venue and agenda to come later .
Looking forward to seeing you all Saturday night !!!