Monday, January 31, 2011

Scandinavian Championship

Hello all
Just a few points on items that were discussed and agreed on last Thursday 's conference call.

  • Billy Finn (Gothenburg GAA)
  • Joe Whelan (Malmo GAA)
  • Donie O Brien (Oslo GAA)
  • Philip O Connor (Stockholm GAA)
Copenhagen GAA apologised for their absence and their points were duly noted

The following hosts/dates/venues were provisionally agreed for the 2011 Scandinavian Championship
  • Round 1 -May 28th - Gothenburg (If Gothenburg cannot hold for whatever reason due: pitch unavailability etc.. the round will pass over to Oslo for the same date)
  • Round 2 -June 25th - Malmo (Copenhagen will be the sole bidder from the Nordics to host a Pan-Euro. If unsuccessful, Malmo are open to let Copenhagen host the 2nd round)
  • Round 3 -August 20th - Stockholm
Hosting is on a rotational basis with Oslo/Copenhagen/Helsinki due to host the 2012 rounds.

New tournament dates for Pan Euro rounds have been changed to the following
  • Round 1 July 30th (was Sept 10th)
  • Round 2 Sept 10th (was Oct 8th)
  • Round 3 October 8th (was Nov 5th)
Viking Gaels
It is the intention of the Viking Gaels to attend one round of the Hurling Championship this year. To which one has yet to be decided but it will probably be the round in July. Venue and location to be decided shortly by ECB.

Phil O'Connor from Stockholm has come forward with the possibility that there may be a sponsor for the 2011 Scandinavian Championship. Philip will update with news shortly.

Nations Cup
Participation in this competition will be discussed at a later date. No decision taken as of yet

Looking forward to a great 2011 season here in the Nordics

Is mise le meas
Billy Finn
Gothenburg GAA Club

Updated GAA Posters

Hi All,
now attaching 3 posters to complement the leaflets that were sent out earlier. It is probably good to have both since sometimes it can be tricky to find places for leaflets. Again, the wonderful art work is by Mia - so thanks for that Mia! As always, comments are welcome and it is fairly easy to make changes so get in contact if you want any changes made.
All the best,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gothenburg GAA Newsletter January 2011

Hello all and welcome to 2011

Here's looking to a fantastic year of GAA in Gothenburg. We just want to send out a mail to welcome our new and old members and to keep all informed of what's going on in Gothenburg GAA circles.

Training shall recommence very shortly, weather permitting of course. The first session will be on Monday 31st January. Meeting at the same place in Slottskogen at 18:15 (ready to go for 18:30). We will have a training schedule so people will know when and where training is on. Ballwork will commence once the weather allows us.

We may know very shortly whether we will be in a position to share a full-size Gaelic pitch of our own with the Goteberg berserkers. This pitch is in Utby and we dont know facilities or anything just yet. If this falls through, we will train once again with Spartaus out in Partille.

Scandinavian Championship 2011
The need for training to begin immediately is apparent now as the draft calender from the ECB GAA has been published. There was a request that our championship to begin in march but this was quickly rejected as no way would any pitch be ready in March. However we expect the first round to commence in late April early May. All the Nordic teams are having a conference call next week to see what the lay of the land is but in short it will be the following
  • 3 regional rounds this year (with a provision for a 4th if the championship is tied). It looks like the tournaments will be on a rotational basis with Copenhagen, Gothenburg & Stockholm holding the rounds this year and Malmo, Oslo, Helsinki holding the 2012 rounds. It looks very likely that Stockholm will be holding a Pan-Euro round this year so if this is the case, it will be a prime objective for Gothenburg to attend.
Viking Gaels
The Viking Gales hurling team has now been ratified for competition in 2011 hurling tournaments. As per the schedule, I think it should be a prime objective for representation from Gothenburg seeing as most of us are hurlers. More information to follow shortly in the next few weeks.

New Players
We welcome new players Colm Keller and Brendan O Driscoll to the ranks. Welcome guys. Brendan joins us from Stockholm so is a welcome addition to the squad. Welcome aboard guys !!!

Recruitment and advertising
Thanks to David and Mia for producing those wonderful posters advertising Gothenburg GAA. Please put them up in any clubs , offices, universities. We need to recruit more players again to the teams and all avenues must be explored. If you need a copy of the posters, please get in contact.

As always, fundraising is an ongoing matter. We will always need funds from outside sources so please lets get cracking on some ideas for the new year (Paddy's Day/6 Nations/Bingo/Table Quiz/etc.). Lets see who has any ideas.

Gothenburg GAA AGM will take place before February 18 (probably during week 7). We will probably have it in Dubliners Jarntorget but we will keep you posted on date and details.

Membership details
There is a new ECB requirement that all membership names and details are accessible on the GAA database. We are in the process of collation all the data but just to make sure all details are still correct, please send your name, address, DOB, phone number and e-mail addresses to either this mail address or the Gothenburg GAA website.

Also, the membership fee will be discussed at AGM but rates will probably be the same as last year (500 sek playing, 250 sek non-playing). The membership fee will have to be paid before Paddy's Day due to the proximity of the regional tournaments.

That 's the story for the moment. Keep an eye out on the website for updates and we'll be using facebook and twitter more this year.

I've attached the GAA posters and I will forward the Euro 2011 fixture list for your viewing shortly.

Billy Finn
Gothenburg GAA