Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015 Nordic Football Championship & Convention matters

Hello all

I hope I find you all well and your respective clubs are taking a well-earned break from all the activity of a long and tough  season.Even though one season has finished , there is another one shortly around the corner.The winter break wont seem that long until we are all ready to go again.

To this end,I feel it would be no harm to prepare ourselves for next year in terms of planning of tournaments and how we can all accomodate and help each other.As a ECB board member,there is a huge amount of logistical planning that goes into co-ordinating the fixture list for a whole continent across four grades.
Our region has steadily expanded over the last 2/3 years and I welcome our new and not so new teams from Helsinki,Oulu,Jyvaskula along with our establised teams of Gothenburg,Malmo,Stockholm,Copenhagen,Tailinn.Moscow GAA maybe on the horizon soon also.

Therefore,we had operated a round-robin system of hosting of events / rounds of the Ladies & Mens Football championship.As new teams have come on board,this needs to be reviewed so teams get a chance to host if they so wish.So basically what I am asking at this early stage is for declarations of intent to host.we usually have 3 rounds of the Nordic championship and last year Oslo,Helsinki and Copenhagen hosted.On behalf of Gothenburg GAA club,we would love to host a round next year as a means of developing the work we have put in down here to attract non-native players.
The ECB fixture list has to be completed by early Feb 2015 so if we have our dates and venues agreed before then ,it  will aid us greatly to obtain more suitable dates in May,July and August .
Therefore,please send in your declaration of intent to host in 2015.,, thank you !!!

One other matter is that the Euro GAA convention is on the end of November in Belgium.Put simply, is there any motions or considerations that we need to consider as a region which will be of benefit to us all? Are we all happy with the current format - does it need to be restructured? Do you want changes made to the organisation as a whole.? We are a strong region but have huge logistical and cost issues in playing our games that other regions dont have to consider.
Is there something you would like to see on this point.? Coaching considerations maybe?Combination teams at tournaments? Representative sides ?

all suggestions / viewpoints welcome and remember,we are all in this region together so any motions have to be of benefit to all of us!!

And finally,as the Euro Hurling officer, i would actively encourage hurlers in your clubs to come out of the woodwork and get involved with the Viking Gaels in 2015.we had a hugely successful 2014 and I am strongly pursuing that a Nordic city host a round of the hurling championship in 2015.We are entitled to as we attended two rounds of the Euro championship in 2014... I know ye are there so come on !!!!!

is mise le meas

Billy Finn

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