Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015 Nordic Football Championship & Convention matters II

Hi Billy,

Great to get the ball rolling early! We in would certainly be interested in hosting a round of the Nordic C'ship in Stockholm next year. 2012 was the last time we hosted and we have traveled to every tournament since.

Regarding issues for the region I think coaching and referees are two big areas that we need to focus on. I believe Donie made a great start in Oslo earlier this year with the coaching. I think it would be great to expand that out to the rest of the region and try to increase the amount of qualified coaches. It would be great to have a goal to get one person per club that is qualified to give coaching courses! I'm not sure if it's an issue for the convention but possibly just a coordination issue with the coaching officer of the ECB.

We have two people that have expressed interest in refereeing. We hope to send them on a refereeing course early next year.

Should we consider setting up our own formal organisational structure in the Nordics with the amount of teams we have now? It could also benefit us when trying to get pitches, funding etc if we have a formal organisation set up in the region. We could also market the Nordic C'ship and try to get sponsors on board that could subsidise the tournament costs - for example a hotel chain to help with accommodation. Lots of possibilities if we could get a few heads together.

Interested to hear your thoughts!


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