Saturday, January 17, 2015

October 25th and End of year Party

Hello all

Just a quick mail to ask you about two things

October 25th ----Malmo are willing to hold an Interpros series on October 25th for men's and ladies.Copenhagen have said they ll come across as well.Who would be interested in going down on the Saturday?option is to come back or stay down that night.
Nice way to finish the year
Paul ,can u do a doodle to see who s interested?

 November 15th ---- End of year party in Alingsas

Mal and Josefine have come up with an idea to have the end of year party /training dag in Alingsas this year .November 15 would be the date.
The plan would be as follows:

Training - 10 am to 12am
Shower/lunch etc - 1pm to 3pm
Celebrations - 4pm to 5pm
Dinner - 7pm
bowling - 9pm

Josefin said if people want to stay over ,she has some room in her house.

So,who is up for it?think it would be a great end to year and something different as well.
Paul , could you set up a quick doodle to get names and lists going.

Lastly,this is nomination list for The 2015 player of The year awards.

Mens player of The year
Ladies Player of The year
Mens most Improved player of The year
Lades most Improved player of The year

Send your nominations only to jakey and winners to be announced at our end of year party ,,,,!



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