Saturday, January 17, 2015

GAA End of year Get-together Nov 22nd

Hello all

hope i find you all well.As previously advised , the date for the GAA end of year get together is now Nov 22nd.I ve taken the liberty of booking something for us that evening.
I have booked a 3-kamp at StarBowling on Odensgatan in Gothenburg  that evening.Please see below for details
Racecars/Shooting and Golf Simulator from 19.30 to 20.30
Thereafter I have booked places in the restaurant from 20.30 on.

Prices - per person the 3 kamp is 260 sek per person.However,I have asked for a reduced rate on this price as well as the food menu that we will be ordering from.I know its prices but
I ll do my best to get a reduced rate for both.I should know by today or tomorrow
i ve attached a menu so we can pre-order and not be waiting around for therefore at dinner, we can have a bit of craic and give out our awards for the year.

If you intend to be there and will be eating,please let me know asap that you will be attending and what you will be eating.the restaurant has provisionally booked us for 12 but if we will be more, I need to tell them in advance.If Paul or Niall can do up a doodle, fine but otherwise,please reply to this mail saying that you are doing 3-kamp and are having a meal.

keep sending in your votes for players of the year to Jakey.. there is still time !!!



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